Shepherd Automotive opened in January 2005.

Born out of a dream and passion of Guy Shepherd to provide a shop where people could send their mother and know that she is going to receive expert service, and be treated with respect and honesty. Guy was inspired by his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and spending summers at his grandfather’s auto repair shop. These men taught Guy to always treat people with respect, work hard and be excellent in all that you do. Never cheat and always treat people the way you would want to be treated. We work hard to earn your trust and will never do anything to damage that trust.  

Our goal is to give you an alternative to the dealership where you receive personalized service, tailored to your needs and goals for your vehicle. We believe a well maintained vehicle is a trouble free and reliable one. We especially enjoy working for those of you who would like to drive your car beyond 100,000 miles. The maintenance you do the first 100,000 determines your ownership cost the second or third 100,000. Maintaining and driving a car to 200,000 miles or more saves you thousands of dollars in purchase price, depreciation,  registration and tag renewal costs.

If you buy and maintain a well made car, you would be surprised at how low your cost of ownership would be over the life of your car.

Our shop currently owns 4 service vehicles which combined have nearly 1,000,000 miles on them. Our technicians keep them in top notch shape which means we are not afraid to hop in them and drive anywhere we need to, in our quest to provide you with stellar service.

Why you should choose us to be your car care professionals

To us, you’re not just a number. We understand that you have important things you’re trying to accomplish in your life and your transportation is a vital part of that. We understand you have a budget and need to spend your dollars wisely. That is why every time you come to Shepherd Automotive, you will get a complete and honest evaluation by a professional. You will be told what is important now and what can be put off until later. We won’t have the lowest price but we do have the best value in town. We charge what we need to in order to perform a quality service we can stand behind. We save you money by doing quality work, and then giving you a generous warranty. You can “save” money by going to a cheaper shop but it will cost you more when you have to get it done again because of an incorrect diagnosis, poor workmanship, part failure or they can’t afford to stand behind their work.

We want to do pre-purchase inspections if you’re buying a used car!  We want to help you make a wise vehicle decision. When you trust us to repair and maintain your vehicle, we consider ourselves to be a member of your team. We don’t want you to worry about your transportation. If you’re going to trust us to be your service provider, we are going to give you everything we have to make your transportation experience as trouble free as possible!
Our technicians get it right the first time, and on the rare occasions we don’t, we take responsibility for it and don’t make you pay for our mistakes. Yes mistakes happen in this business, we don’t care how good you are. All our staff are regularly investing in continuing education. To be the best, you have to always be improving your knowledge, skill and equipment.