Auto Repair in Oklahoma City | Your Car is Your New Favorite Now

Do you need auto repair in Oklahoma City. Well the best place to get auto repair in Oklahoma City is a no brainer folks. Shepherd automotive where you’re going to get the most honest best service in the area with A.S.C. certified technicians on staff that can perform anything from an oil change or a battery change or headlight restoration all the way down to a full transmission service and full motor swap. We can do it all right here for you on anything from your little Daihatsu to a series of Chevrolet free fleet trucks. So please if you need any kind of auto service here no matter how big or small. No matter what type of vehicle whether it be a fleet of them or one please come down to. The great service specialist here Shepherd automotive where we’re making automotive customer service easier and better. Right here we’re the auto repair in Oklahoma City. Specialists are located at 72 10.

Broadway extension suite 101 Sheperd automotive. You can call make an appointment today at 405 four three eighty five hundred and see why everyone is loving the wonderful services they’re receiving right here at Shepherd and motive. You can also come in and receive free Wi-Fi and have a cover waiting room with after hour drop off and free shuttle back to work if you need to drop your car off and don’t have a way back. Also that headlight restoration is also a service here and you don’t know what the reason would be for the headlight oxidation is really a problem in modern cars and this reduces the effectiveness of your headlights reducing visibility as the main factor here and it also gives your car older more neglected look as well which can hurt the resale value so don’t replace your headlights. They’re expensive folks just let us groom them and have them in like new condition with expert restoration service right here at Sheperd automotive. Like I said the first oil change you’re going to receive here is only going to be one dollar so you know auto repair in Oklahoma City has never been made easier than it is right now by just having that comprehensive website cheaper element of dot com where you can go on and click one click and have your appointment made. Or just call our number here at 405 8 for 380 500 and you can you know utilize the autor apparent Oklahoma City that we offer that way as well folks.

No other apparent Oklahoma City is truly our passion and we want to express that to you through the great service that we’re going to offer you right here at Shepherd automotive. You’re going to get that 24000 mile 24 a month you know nationwide. Parts and labor warranty on everything that we do here even if it’s just an oil change. So please you know understand we are confident in the fact that we are going to give you the proper diagnosis the first time. We’re not going to beat around the bush and try to you know get you back in here with continuous problems we’re going to try to take care of you. Right the first time. That way you can leave here knowing that you received the best service possible for your vehicle the first time. Right here at Shepherd automotive. We don’t you know claim to be the cheapest in town we claim to be the best and most efficient. So if you want to get back on the road faster and you know keep from you know paying a little here a little there and keep trying it cheapskate your way into you know a better automotive experience. Skip all the hoopla and get down to Sheperd automotive right now today. And we can help you get back on the road faster. And you know with more. Confidence right now with the service you’re going to receive right now Sheperd automotive folks literally stop wasting time and money on these cut rate auto repair shops and come right now to shepherd automotive and see why all these people have these testimonials about how great the service was that they received and how it’s long lasting. Right here at Shepherd automotive where it’s not just a. Oil change in a dollar it’s a longtime relationship.