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Power steering and and drive line differential services heating and air services clutch repair exhaust system services four wheel drive servicing complete anti-lock brakes system services.
We can do it all right here at Sheperd automotive So please if you haven’t had a chance to see why of Lahoma or auto repair Oklahoma City is really defined by the service of Sheperd automotive you really need to get down here and see because you can get that first oil change to shepherd automotive for just $1.

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Truly our passion folks to be able to give peace of mind to our customers. And you know treat them as we’d want to be treated because we know that in the end those are really the skills and E.A. values that were instilled in our founder Guy. Shepherd. So Guy it was passed down those by his father and grandfather in the shop that they owned. And so he has carried those values and presents with him today. And really you know he demonstrates those through the great customer service that he offers today. His car repair shops and is really willing to stand by his word by giving you that 24000 mile.

24 month warranty. And all your services. And that way when you leave and you know. That you’re not worried about whether or not this thing is going to start up and run the next day you know it will because you have that piece of mind from the great service mechanics right here that your specialists Shepherd automotive.
Where whereas not just a dream and a dollar. It’s a ride back and forth to work. And we know that. And so we see it we fix it. We get you back on the road quicker better or better peace of mind. Quicker. And. Faster. Right here Sheperd automotive 9:43 Broadway extension.