Are you frustrated because you have to repair your vehicle don’t worry we can take care of you and ease your frustration? We know that you are probably upset you have to repair your vehicle in the first place because it lets the real takes their car to the mechanic just for fun? Because we know that you are frustrated about having to take your vehicle mechanic in the first place we went offer you affordable pricing so be looking for the best mechanic near me, stop looking because you found it.

In fact, speaking about affordable we are willing to offer you $25 off your first oil change if you haven’t already gotten an oil change with us before. Does he get more affordable than that? We are also a company that strives for honesty. We know that in a lot of automotive shops that not every mechanic is as honest as they should be. They tell you that you need to pay for things you actually don’t need to pay for. We don’t want to be the automotive shop. We also know that a lot of automotive shops have guys that work for them that are not professional, they could be rude, or just an overall bad attitude, we at Shepherd automotive are always friendly. We like to keep a positive environment. So if you’re searching for the best mechanic near me, no need to look any further.

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We’ve hired some of the best technicians in your area to help fix your car. We believe that your safety is important to us that is I want to make sure your car is in the best condition. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services. In fact, if you don’t believe me check on our website at where we have testimonials customers have already use our services. That’s good for those of you that don’t want to buy his opinion but you’d rather have the customer’s perspective of our business. You can also go to Google and check out her over 100 Google reviews.

So if you are needing repairs done to your vehicle we encourage you to check out our website we have a breakdown of all the different options you have. You can also call us at 405-843-8500 we have someone available Monday through Friday to answer your questions and concerns. You can also call that number to schedule any your oil change that is $25 off.

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Looking for the best mechanic near me because you’re struggling with your air conditioner in your car is not working? Is it right in the middle of wintertime and you are suffering in the cold? We want to help you. We can service your heater or if it’s your AC we can do that for you as well. We know how frustrating that can be when you’re in air condition or your heater is not working on your vehicle. We also can offer you so many other different maintenance and repairs options all the way from the transmission to tires. Regardless of what it is you need me, we believe we are well-rounded and qualified to help fix your vehicle and get it up today.

For best mechanic near me because you are going on a road trip soon? We can help get your tires up today as well as getting your car tuned up. We know how exciting it is to go on a road trip but we also know how scary it can be when your car is not equipped to be on a long trip. We can assure you that you can trust in us for your vehicle. In fact, we even have a warranty to back our workup. We guarantee our work here at Shepherd automotive. We also believe that we have some of the best reasonable prices as well. We are mechanics that not only do the work but also stand by our work.

You go to our website at you can find out more about the different services that we can offer you. We are excited to work with you believe that you will be happy that you invested in our auto shop. Regardless if its repair, maintenance, or even just new tires we can do exactly what you need to be done. We want your car to be safe and fun to drive. We know how annoying it can be when your brakes go out where your transmission is working like that is why available to help you with those issues. We are open Monday through Friday here at Shepherd automotive. So get scheduled today.

So you are needing a repair on something major or something simple as changing your oil that we believe we are equipped to be able to help you out. You can call today at 405-843-8500 and benefit from $25 dollars off your first oil change. That’s right, you get to save $25 with us. So what are you waiting for?