We are an automotive company that cares about our customers. That’s why we encourage if you’re looking for the best mechanic near me to stop searching because you found just the right one. In fact, we are actually voted the best auto shop in Oklahoma City. We care so much that were even willing to offer you $25 off your first oil change. That’s right if you are in the Oklahoma City area and you are looking at an oil change he has never gotten one with us at Shepherd automotive that we suggest you get that scheduled because that’s an awesome deal you don’t want to miss out on.

Now let’s say you are having trouble with your brakes. Let’s just say you drove home yesterday and you heard a loud screeching noise in your super embarrassed. Well, sounds like you need some new brakes where you need brake fluid. So if you’re searching for the best mechanic near me for your brakes, then Shepherd automotive can help you out. We have so many different services we can offer you outside of gesture brakes such as a tuneup contract, transmission fluid or service, electrical system diagnostic, and so many other different things.

We believe that we are the best mechanic near me material. So you’re searching best mechanic near me why keep searching? The reason we are so confident at Shepherd automotive is that we have hired some of the best technicians in your area. We also know that we are a mechanic shop that has a wide selection of services that we can offer. We understand that not many automotive services can offer you so many different repair options. In fact, finding a mechanic that deals with electrical issues in your car can be even harder fine, but we even offer that.

We are not only a automotive shop that can offer you repairs and maintenance is but we also can offer you convenience. We now fresh and it can be to have to deal with a car breaking down we also know how annoying it can be have to depend on someone else to pick you up or drop you off. That is why we offer a free shuttle service within a reasonable distance for your convenience. We also offer you the option of after our drop-offs. We have a comfortable waiting room you can wait in as well and you’ll have free Wi-Fi for your leisure. We know how boring it could be to wait in a waiting room that is why we have free Wi-Fi for you to enjoy why you’re waiting on your car to be repaired.

We encourage you to check out our website at shepherdautomotive.com we have a list of all the different maintenance and repairs we could do for you. On there you can also sign up for your $25 offer that oil change or you can even call us at 405-843-8500 we have someone available Monday through Friday to answer your call and schedule in any service you may need.

Looking for the best mechanic near me because you need your car repaired? Has your car to give you so much trouble you’re tired of dealing with it? Leave it to the professional stop dealing with your car and creating all this stress and wasting time and wasting money. We want to help you with all of your needs. We believe that we are more than qualified to work on your vehicle. In fact, we are voted the best auto repair shop in Oklahoma City. So if you are in the Oklahoma City area and you’re looking for the best auto shop then we are exactly what you are looking for.

Did your AC just go out? Is it the middle of the summer? Well, I know how frustrating it could be to be in the hot summer with no air condition, you fill all sticky, you get frustrated easier, and you just feel miserable. Well, we at Shepherd automotive don’t want you to feel that way that’s why we encourage you to take your car in today. Don’t wait and suffer any longer. Regardless of what services you’re needing, we believe that we can offer you an affordable price. If it an AC system you need repairing or even something as simple as an oil change we can help you out. In fact, we are giving out $25 on your first oil change. So stop search for the best mechanic near me because you found it.

Stop searching for the best mechanic near me, because we are the mechanic you need. Funny, that rhymes doesn’t it? All jokes aside, we truly are an automotive shop that works hard to make sure you get reasonable prices, the honesty you desire, and the service that you need. We at Shepherd automotive are very proud and honored to be up to serve you. We believe to be the best we have to hire the best that is why we have hired some of the best technicians in your area to fix your car. We want you to have a car that is safe and fun to drive. We don’t want you to keep having issues over and over and with your vehicle.

Speaking on issues over and over again we understand that some automotive shops say they fix something but then you have to come back about the same thing over and over again. How annoying is that? We don’t want to do that here in fact we are confident that we can handle your car that we even guarantee our work by having a warranty to back us up. We can cover you with a warranty of 24 months or 24,000 miles. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the service and the repairs that you get with our company.

If you’re looking to get some repairs or need maintenance on your vehicle we suggest you go to our website at shepherdautomotive.com to find out more information about what we can offer you or you can call us at 405-843-8500 we have someone available Monday through Friday to answer your questions or concerns. You can also schedule your will change today as well. So what are you waiting for?