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Diesel pickup service we’re going to talk about tools and why is it important for a diesel mechanic to invest in tools and what type of investment is required to become a successful diesel mechanic technician, it’s a really good question and we’re going to get all the way Down to the bottom of it we’re going to talk about that top to bottom today, today’s diesel technician is required to invest heavily in tools, and there is a huge difference between someone who works on their vehicle on the weekends, it’s kind of a hobby, and then The person who works on a diesel pickup service every day and what what’s the difference? The difference is just the quality of the tool tomorrow. To talk on right now mainly about hand tools were talking about sockets and ratchets, and wrenches and Hammers and and all of these different hand, tools that are parks. There’S a myriad of specialty tools that are required who work on a diesel engine the. So you can go and we’re going to talk about basic brands used to you wouldn’t have a Time wanting a vehicle. Irs gives me a tool made in Taiwan. You had tools made in China, you have tools made in Germany, had tools made in the United States and some tools made in Canada and and now you have still have tools made in Taiwan on diesel pickup service. He still have tools made in China, but the tools made in the United States have nearly become completely extinct. There’S not that many tools made in the United States are very popular United States brand used to be a Craftsman. You could buy Craftsman tools at your Seer, local, Sears and Roebuck store, and they were a good, decent quality for the weekend. Repair technician on the guy who the guy or girl who worked on their vehicles on the weekends.

You know about the tools I personally started owning Craftsman tools and when I was very young, you, 8 9, 10 years old, I started using Craftsman tools. My my cousin used Snap-on a lot of my mentors on diesel pickup service with use Craftsman tools. Can I can remember the first time I saw pricing on a professional-grade toolset like a Snap-On or Matco work, Cornwell, run Mac and there’s others that are professional grade tools. Personally, I like Snap On in metco they’re, really good the, but they are literally no. They can be compared a socket set for Craftsman vs. Snap-on and it could literally be Channel 5 him for four to ten times as much money for that. Snap-On know why. Why would you pay on diesel pickup service in 10 times the amount for the same 19mm socket or half inch ratchet or 3/8 ratchet? Why would you pay so much more for a Snap-On tool and that’s a really good question? The answer is new. What are you doing with these tools now? Is this something that you go use on the weekends or are you using it all day? Every day there really is a huge difference in quality. You set the two side-by-side and they both do the same job. The same work that they do it very differently. Let’S talk about durability. Durability is huge when you’re working on something everyday, the diesel pickup service tools have to be tough. I have to be reliable and I have to be smooth-talking particular about a ratchet near the way. Their way around it clicks ratchets back and then grab the next to crabs and make another turn on the bolt. The way that action happens is important, and it says it can make a big difference in both in the sensitivity in the reliability of a huge difference. In the Snap-on versus a Craftsman or all the other, so many Brands now blows has the brand Home Depot has a brand new. Everybody has their own brand Harbor Freight

. In a lot of these guys on diesel pickup service, they have another brand of tools. O’Reilly’S has their brand Napa has a brand new, a lot of mermaid by the same people, but vastly different qualities. So the there are differences, even though in some of the professional Brands like between Snap-on and Matco Matco, has had a hard time getting some of their ratchets for a while in it’s just because of their some of their suppliers have not been able to get of The ratchets manufacturer soon and then it correctly and I’ve had some trouble and it’s been.. I’Ve been tough for them at coat independent Distributors to get ratchets. That’S just the way it’s been for a while, and it’s just the way it is in our world where manufacturing is getting fewer and in an enlarger. The diesel pickup service is just not like it used to be so so there’s one thing you know: there’s the quality and the other thing with. Let’S talk about convenience, you know what, when you have, you need a socket or something breaks. You break a tool, a Craftsman has a lifetime warranty on most holes, so does a Snap-On or Matco. They also have a lifetime warranty. Okay, so why should I pay for a snap on lifetime? Warranty, like you, just go back down to Sears and get my socket warranty now answer your question: do you have time for that? If you’re turning wrenches all day on diesel pickup service, do you have time to take off and go back and get that socket? Are you going to drive down there in the evenings? Are you going to try to get someone to go for you to go change that out? Are you and then another issue with Craftsman they’re, not in Sears stores, anymore, I mean Sears stores are becoming fewer and far between you can get them at Ace Hardware, but it’s still, you do not have the selection and that you used to have in a good Solid Sears store. I hate that for Sears that they’re having trouble and in losing market share cuz. I love Sears of I’ve always been a huge Sears fan, but unfortunately it’s not going well for them. So it’s hard to get those tools replaced inconvenience is a huge issue.

Time is money when you are a technician and you are making a living with something you needed to work and need to work now when you’re talking diesel pickup service, and so that’s another huge reason why it’s worth it to buy the snap on, because your tool, Man, usually to a man or woman, comes to your shop and they have what you need on their truck and they have it right now and if you break something, they normally have it on the truck, and so you can break it and get it exchanged immediately. The other huge convenience for Tool trucks, all the major professional Brands is they offer financing. Now you can buy that socket set and you can get it financed and that you know obviously you pay for that and you pay interest on it, but it still allows you to get a nice set of tools on diesel pickup service and get to work. And you can Finance toolbox you honestly when it comes to tool boxes. There is not huge, but there is differences, but then there’s not there’s a difference on some things, but then some things there’s not a huge difference as far as the quality in the way they operate. But the the ability to finance a toolbox is important, but you can you can tool boxes or the same as tools? Let me know that they can get a toolbox for a fraction of Harbor Freight in a Lowe’s or Home Depot. You can go to a good, solid toolbox that works. Cause has ball bearing rollers and guides in it. Diesel pickup service will do a good job. For you to be honest and you ain’t no problem, is it shouldn’t you’re, just not as cool with your buddies? If you don’t have that name brand, that name brand tool box to put your tools in so there are some differences and there are some differences in the quality people have it’s all about branding people have a certain feeling. You know when you, when you look at a Snap-On or Matco or a Mac or Cornwell tool box. I think, while man this this is quality. These guys do it right. So tools are really important to a diesel mechanic. When you’re doing diesel pickup service, diesel technicians need to have really good quality tools in order to make a living, repairing diesel pickup services.