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Put on diesel pickup service, when I talk about the quote on quote tune up, do you need to do a tune-up on your diesel? Pickup, like you did on your gas truck answer is yes, I know you know. I, like tune-up, was a regular maintenance service, usually tune up. Matt changing spark plugs some filters. If it’s a really old car set the points things of this nature. Of course, I diesel engine does not have spark plugs, it does not have points. Any modern car does not have points haven’t had Point since the 70s, so the ignition system on a diesel engine does not have an ignition system. The fuel and air combustion mixture Firebase on compression pressure, gets to a certain diesel pickup service pressure and it explodes. So what do you? What maintenance would you recommend on a diesel engine? That’S a good question course. Everybody knows you need to change your oil and we talked about that previously changing oil every 5000 miles of what other maintenance is there to do on your diesel? You need to service the injectors. You need to clean need to provide clean fuel to the engine. I need to add a fuel injector cleaner into the fuel tank and that will clean the tank clean. The injectors also need to hook a machine up to it run straight. Injector cleaner through the injectors is what happens on a diesel. Is the injector test become clogged and it no longer sprays a full pattern? The pattern gets smaller in and it doesn’t atomized the air Hershey’s me the fuel the way it should on diesel pickup service and your mileage and power decrease and then once the injectors start becoming clogged they damages them so shows of Full through on that they have To work harder to get the fuel into the cylinder to recommend a fuel injector service, every 15 to 20 thousand miles, depending on how you use the truck idle time and the type of fuel that you use and all that another service is a EGR exhaust gas. Recirculation cleaning service this service started out on the Ford 6 liter diesel pickup service. I needed to have an EGR service. What was happening was the age of our systems were plugging up with carbon. It was causing the trucks to fluctuate in power. Sometimes the idle would fluctuate, sometimes you’ll be sitting at a stoplight and all the sudden, the engine to rev up and cause the vehicle to alerts for it even cost some accidents. So it’s important to keep your EGR system clean. It’S it’s doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue on the newer trucks, but still something that needs to be done is clean. The fuel injectors and clean the EGR service. We may say well why? How does this happen? How is the service done?

We need to find a shop that uses BG chemicals and Equipment. Big is the industry leader, they’ve developed services, for even some of the manufacturers of the manufacturers have adopted on diesel pickup service. So we are recommend BG, chemicals and servicing processes. So what happens is on a EGR service? Is you hook a machine up to the where the air goes into the EGR system, usually like on the Ford 6 liter? You actually remove the EGR valve and plug it off and plug the hole, the menu for all? Your chemical in through the air intake where it goes into the HR System so and it fogs a special chemical in there – are the chemical breaks down the carbon buildup on diesel pickup service and it blows it out the exhaust. What this does is it breaks it that restores the engine to its original design as far as the way the air flows through it, and it builds more power bills, more consistent power, the idle doesn’t fluctuate, and it just runs a lot better. If, if we give us a truck in here – and it’s never been done, sometimes we have to do it a couple of times to get it all that build-up out of there, but usually will notice a big Improvement in performance and often and appointments Improvement in fuel Economy, so it’s really good service, it does contaminate the engine oil, so you do have to change the oil. After an exhaust gas recirculation system service will actually chemical and carbon will actually make it down into thing in the crankcase on diesel pickup service in containment. At the engine oil, so I will change my ass to the expense. So it’s best if you’re going to bring your truck in for an EGR service to wait until it’s due for an oil change anyway and then, when I’m duplicating labors and will cost so so an EGR service. It is something that you have to need to do regularly again. Every 20, every 20 to 30,000 miles is recommended recommendation on that. When the ambulance services used to run the Ford 6L years ago, they would do it every 15 to 20 thousand miles because of all of the hours and hours of idle time.

I’Ll time tends to build carbon up more in these is your systems and, if you’re running down the highway one of these, if you have a truck that idles a lot on diesel pickup service, it’s a good idea to go out and run it down. The highway run it hard and I regularly to blow the carbon out of those EGR system that will help keep that system. Clear, and I know I keep it cleaned out. So another maintenance issue on a diesel pickup is the diesel particulate filter. You have to service that filter, sometimes if it will no longer region, you have to take it off. This is not in. This does not have to be done very often, but take it off, take it down and have it baked and clean everything out. Ouija also makes a process for this cleaning out things, they hope to collect filters on diesel pickup service and it will clean that filter out, restore to original condition functionality and it will make the exhaust flow free R, give you better fuel economy. So it’s definitely worth the money to have her diesel particulate filter, serviced on a regular basis. The service interval on a diesel particulate filter is around 30,000 miles, so I know we’re talking about lots of different services that you’ve never heard of before, especially if you found a diesel pickup from the 90s and why shouldn’t? I have never done these things before and it’s the same thing with trance all these other services that we recommend these days, transmission, fluid Services, antifreeze flush, Airways, heard of antifreeze, coolant system flush, but nobody’s not. Many people have made a practice on diesel pickup service of flushing, the transmission fluid. That’S another maintenance issue that you need to do on that diesel pickup and another huge thing is that has an air filter replacing the air filter, because diesel engine runs two to three times as much air through it as a gasoline engine. Light filter gets dirty quicker and we’ve had some trucks, and here we’ve had to change the air filter. Every time we change the oil – and I know that seems excessive, but depending on how and where that vehicle is driven, that air filter can plug up quickly, especially on a diesel engine, and you don’t want to wait till the indicator is about time. That indicator goes off, I mean you, you have severe Air Flow Restriction and play on the corner of that air filter.

You could even be getting error, unfiltered air on diesel pickup service and to your engine, and that is a absolute killer. You cannot absolutely no way air filters are cheap, no, don’t skip on air filters. There’S no reason not to replace an air filter on a regular basis, keep keep falling freely into that engine. Dirty air filter also will decrease your fuel mileage and it also diesel engine has a mass airflow sensor on mess with that sensor. That sensor gets dirty. It’S not reading correctly. I can mess with that sensor, so you want to change air filters. Another issue you want to do is change the fuel filters. Diesel fuel can get really dirty and, and it also a fuel filter, get so restricted on diesel pickup service that it actually is not following the right amount of fuel. If you starve a high pressure fuel pump for fuel, you can actually burn it up and so fuel filters. Some of these trucks think they can be expensive. You can be to change fuel filters on some of these trucks, but it still worth it. You don’t want to keep those injectors and good shape. Keep that EGR system keep that engine oil and filter changed. If your air filter changed your diesel, particulate filter changed and keep the DF fluid tank full and wash the DF for cold-weather going to have a heater in that DF tank to keep that fluid from freezing. So that’s another thing that you need to watch out for in diesel. Pickup service is keep your vehicle fully serviced and keep it trouble free and fun to drive.