Diesel Pickup Service | Drive by Wire

Today, on diesel pickup service, we’re going to talk about electronic controls and some of the changes that are coming and how your vehicle components operate. Originally everything was controlled mechanically and there were no electronic controls on your vehicle. This means that your throttle was controlled by a mechanical lever. The connect to the brake pedal to the throttle on the engine was all mechanical rods and levers same way. Trucks are still all staring is still all controlled on your diesel pickup service by mechanical, connecting steering wheel to the wheels are some of the automobiles are being built today. I already have electronic controls, there’s no direct mechanic connection between the steering wheel and the wheels. It’S all it’s done by electronic sensors and servos, and so it is with accelerators the accelerators have started to be What’s called the drive-by-wire. That means it’s. It’S electronic there’s, no mechanical connection between the accelerator pedal in the engine throttle body. It was always easier to do back in the day on your diesel pickup when everything was mechanical was very simple. Didn’T have all Electronics didn’t have all of the emission systems, so things were much different on the older vehicles when it came to diesel pickup service. But that’s all changing and you probably want to know why is it changing a? Why are we getting away from mechanical controls and everything being Electric? Let’S talk about the next Trend in a right now we have electronic throttles. We have electronic steering controls, talk about the next big thing, coming big change in the automotive world and that’s going to be Break by wire, meaning there is no direct mechanical connection between the brake pedal and the brake piston calipers caliper Pistons. So that’s going to be a huge change in the controls and diesel pickup service is going to reflect that it’s going to reflect that in the expense of brake repairs. It’S going to reflect on how they feel it’s going to change a lot of things plus talk about why that is happening.

Why are they changing the way things always were? I’M in a current braking system is connected by a hydraulic brake fluid. It is essentially an oil that connects the brake pedal, is connected all hydraulically to the brake pedal, the brake rotor, and when you push on the brake pedal, that applies transfers pressure all the way through the system to each wheel through the hydraulic fluid. But that’s changing. It’S going to be electronic as well on diesel pickup service. So why is that happening? Reason that is happening is because the increase in the computer’s ability to control more things, it’s necessary two make more things electronically controlled. So the computer can do more with your braking system. This has to do with stability. Pickups are easily RR more easily have rollover accidents because of the higher center of gravity so electronically being able to control very sensitive brake calipers. Do we already have analog brake systems, but the analog brake system on diesel pickup service is still controls is connected by hydraulic, fluid brake fluid that that’s going to change. It’S going to be all electronic and it’s going to be really different, be different in the way. The braking system feels going to be different, very different to service these systems going to be much more expensive, much more complicated systems to work on. Another reason why they’re doing this in the hybrid technology, I’m being able to regenerate power under braking is another reason why they’re going to that to be able to charge your batteries use that energy, when you need to slow down to charge the batteries so diesel pickup Service is going to reflect the changes in this technology, so let’s go back to electronic throttle controls. Why did that start? You know it was. I remember when the first systems came out, electronic drive-by-wire throttle controls and the brake pedal sensor.

When I go out or skis me, the accelerator pedal sensor would go out and it would cause the engine to stay at idle. You could not accelerate the engine, and so it was very frustrating and a lot of people didn’t know that the design change it happened and couldn’t figure out. You know why would you do that? Why would you place? Why would you remove a very reliable mechanical throttle control with an Electa bunch of electronic wiring and sensors in modules and actuators, and why would you do that on diesel pickup service? Another reason is these engines are so complicated all the mission systems, everything that is required to legally sell a vehicle in the United States, drastically increase the sophistication required on fuel controls. The way fuel is distributed, weight is introduced into the engine, and so it was required to be more versatile, more adaptable, and so, when you have multiple sensors, multiple inputs, the computer had to have more precise control over the throttle, and so that’s why throttle-by-wire was introduced. Many years ago now on diesel pickup service, so it is a technology-driven and Emissions requirements driven everything is driven by modern requirements on vehicles. So the first thing to go was your mechanical accelerator. The next thing is steering there still or not. Any diesel pickups produced that have electronic steering, they do have electronically assisted power steering, but there still is a mechanical connection between the steering wheel in the wheels assist assisted by electronics instead of a hydraulic system like power steering fluid. So there are already changes happening at steering on diesel pickups, but it is happening on diesel pickup service more in the automotive automobile is right now as far as steering by wire.

So but the next thing down the road is going to be brake by wire systems and that’s it will happen on diesel pickups. It will happen on cars, specially hybrids, but it’s a it’s a real game-changer. All of these were moving the mechanical and we feel more secure if there is a mechanical connection, because if all the electronics fail, you still have a mechanical connection to your brakes. You still have a mechanical connection to your steering. You still have a mechanical connection to your accelerator, so this is going to be a game-changer, and it’s going to have to go through lots of testing before it will be legal and manufacturers will be able to use it. It’S going to have to be proven to be bulletproof, and this is already happened in the aviation industry. The plans are drive-by-wire fly-by-wire if you will used to same thing, as happened to used, to have mechanical controls for flaps and ailerons, and in Call of Duty surfaces that control the flight. I used to be a mechanical control, but the plans have become so sophisticated and so large, that’s it’s impossible to control mechanical these modern jet planes with diesel pickup service, mechanical control. So that’s happening Aviation. It’S happening in the automotive industry transportation, so you were going from mechanical to electronic controls for accelerators for breaking for steering and other things that are completely electronic in the future. It’S a whole new world, that’s developing in the automotive industry because of all the requirements to make sitting, make these systems more accessible by the computers and in more delicately controlled by sensitive Electronics. So it will continue to develop continue to evolve, continue to mature. As time goes on and and become very reliable for all of these, and they will be safe when you can depend on them,