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Play on diesel pickup service for going to talk about tire pressure, monitoring systems, some of your trucks will have them and some of them won’t. But what exactly is a tire pressure monitoring system and how does it work? I’M glad you asked the tire pressure monitoring systems or something that they government-mandated starting in 2007 for certain way trading vehicles in town. This mostly pertains to automobile wheels and 1/2 ton. Pickups you’ll see tire pressure monitoring system, sometimes on a 3/4 ton and larger truck, but they’re not mandated on the bigger trucks, but they are something that a lot of the manufacturers offer just because people have come to really want that feature on diesel pickup service. The tire pressure monitoring system does exactly what it says: it monitors the air pressure in your tires and alert you to a tire that has lost air and you can safely get to a service station and change it or fix it. The reason why this was mandated is because of all the accidents due to him under-inflated, tires and properly inflated, tires people driving on low, developing a leak and then continuing to drive until the tire blows out causing an accident people died. So sorry, in 2007 the government said any vehicle. I want to say it’s ,500 a thousand pounds. Gross vehicle weight rating and down has to have a tire pressure monitoring system on that diesel pickup service. So how do these systems work? Some of the early systems monitored calculated tire pressure through the analog brake wheel, speed sensors, if a wheel, one particular wheel, did fewer revolutions than the others at the light. This is not super accurate, but it did work. It was impressive how the computer could calculate wheel, rotations and alert the driver without a sensor in the tire the system was it work, but was not super accurate, so the systems that are in place today have a sensor on diesel pickup service inside the tire. The sensor has a battery in it and it sends it measures the tire pressure and it sends it to the.

There is an antenna on the vehicle and it communicates with the onboard computer. There is a specified range and acceptable range if you will, because tire pressure does fluctuate depending on temperature, so there’s usually about a 4425 PSI range acceptable range before the white. Okay go on and you’ll notice it, especially in as fall and winter come on. You will have to take your vehicle in on diesel pickup service to get the air pressure is checked and adjusted because generally out for summer driving and then you get into fall specially. If you haven’t had your vehicle serviced in awhile, the lights will start going, because the tire pressure drops out of the acceptable range Panda alerts indicates that there is a low pressure, there’s different different systems. Some systems will actually tell the driver each individual tire pressure. You can scroll through the screens on your dashboard and see each tires on a pressure and other systems. It suitable lights on, if there’s a low tire, and then you have to get out of figure out which one it is or the light is on or off. So, as long as the light is off system is functioning, diesel pickup service is talking about tire pressure systems. Today, TPMS is the abbreviation tire pressure monitoring system. I hear the term TPMS sensor, so the some of the import vehicles have an antenna on each wheel. Well, the interacts with the tire sensor: that’s usually just on some of the European vehicles are most domestic Vehicles, just have a single, Lantana and you’ll, never know where it is communicates with the vehicle on board computer system. So there’s a couple of different mountings of sensors inside the tires most of them are mounted on the end of the valve stem the valve stem where your ad pressure on diesel pickup service on the sensor is usually on the bottom of that inside the tire. Some of the Ford vehicles have a sensor that is actually banded around the rim in side will, if you prefer, and most the time it’s index to the opposite side, where the valve stem is so some we have to watch out for when mounting and balancing tires To make sure not to damage a tire pressure monitoring, sensor, TPMS tire pressure monitoring sensor. So what do you do when all your tire pressures are correct and the light is still on it’s a really good question diesel pickup service how’s, a computer that test each individual sensor and it will go through check the pressure and measure the sensor you can find. If a sensor has no reading and That’s essential has to be replaced, sometimes we can also read the battery life for the Lourdes to the battery level. Most of these sensors on the battery life is around five to six years after five to six years, the sensors discontinued to send a signal.

The computer TPMS malfunction light indicator will come on my lower you to the fact that the system is not working on diesel. Pickup service, let you know that you need to get that in and get it checked. People have been driving for a while are irritated by these systems and I think well, I’m I’m in the habit of checking my tire pressure. I always look at my tires when I come up to my vehicle. I keep a tire pressure gauge inside my car. I know how to check tire pressure. Why do I need this system? Why do we need to pay to fix this system? You know that’s true. You can check your tire pressure and that’s really something that you should do is going to be in the habit of checking tire pressure, but a lot of people are not in that habit, and this system really helps increase. Your tire wear keeps you safe out on the road a lot of times. You can’t most time. You can’t feel when you hit an email or something like that. You can’t feel when there is a leak in your diesel pickup service until it’s until the tire pressure is really low and by that time the tires off and ruined. Where is it? The light comes on an alert you hey. I’Ve got a problem. You can pull over before you go in the tire and off and get it repaired. Having to replace it. So it is a good system. It is sometimes can be expensive to maintain, but TPMS is hey. I really a good system to have and it it saves lives, Save Tires and creases fuel mileage keeps your if you’re paying attention and don’t ignore the light and keep your tire pressure at the correct level. It does save you a fuel as well increases your fuel economy, extends the life of your tires and keep you safe. So, what’s involved in replacing a sensor, that’s a good question. Diesel pickup service will remove the Wheel from the vehicle. Let the air out of the tire deflate Dismount the tire and then can I get access to the sensor to to put a new one in there, so replace the sensor with the tire back on her back up. I said it to the recommended air pressure and reinstall on the vehicle. The new sensor will have to be synced or programmed to the car that sometimes can be a process, especially if you don’t have the right scan tool. If you have the right tools, of course, it’s super simple. Another thing that has to be done is whenever the tires are rotated.

If it’s a vehicle that keeps track of the diesel pickup service, tire and wheel locations on the vehicle, I can, if you have a three-quarter ton or 1 ton truck the tire pressures, are different front and rear Tuesday, 80 psi in the back and 55 to 65. In the front, so if you rotate the tires – and you don’t tell the computer system inaccurate information, the so that’s another thing that you have to do when you rotate tires cold reading, learning the tire pressure sensor, positions so put the vehicle into learn mode. And then you with your skin till you go around to each sensor and it will alert the computer to the new locations of the tire pressure sensors. So that’s something that needs to be done every rotation and make sure your diesel pickup service is relearning. Tpms, sensors