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Diesel pickup service, talking about types of smoke that you see coming out of a diesel powered vehicle. The first cause main causes normal engine operation under power, forcing additional Fuel and air through the engine to cause more power production. That’S a normal part of the combustion process with a diesel engine. So what’s a you are concerned because your vehicle is producing more smoke, then it used to and you have never installed any type of a performance. Improving computer program or any components, are injectors to produce more power, but you’re just noticing more smoke. What color is that smoke is it black? Is it kind of a bluish black, more of a blue or what white, what what color is a smoke? You may say: well it’s it’s mostly black, but it seems like there’s even a whitish bluish for kind of kind of vague, well diesel pickup service. That can be an indication of a fuel delivery problem, beginning you could have a injector malfunctioning, injectors Circle, injectors malfunctioning. Let’S say that you are producing a lot of smoke and idle, even just idling, it’s kind of a bluish whitish smoke and then, when you step on it when he accelerated it Puffs out a big puff of black smoke. Oh that’s indication of injector failure. The injectors are actually leaking additional fuel on diesel pickup service, putting more fuel, and it’s not atomized correctly, and it’s produces it. It’S Lee actually leaking more fuel than the computer is calling for and producing that smoke. So your question might be. What can I help on? Can I run my vehicle without type of an issue and what are the what’s the downside to running my vehicle? I know I have some leaking injectors, you know, can I continue to drive it? Will the answer is yes, you can continue to drive it. What is the downside? Well, first of all, your fuel mileage will decrease, power will decrease and you will have to be careful with your oil changes on diesel pickup service. You can actually be dumping, so much fuel in an engine. It’S washing past the Rings and actually getting diesel fuel into your crankcase, contaminating your engine.

Oil fuel gets in the engine, oil, it deletes it and it for quit doing an effective job at that point on lubricating your engine if it gets too much fuel in it. So I got to really watch that I’ve seen people drive continue to drive their vehicles in this condition for tens of thousands of miles and is trying to get further down the road. You know try to get to the point where you can afford to put injectors, replace the injectors in your diesel engine further down the road instead of right now and that’s understandable, because it’s very expensive to replace injectors in a diesel pickup service very expensive. So I don’t blame you for trying to get down the road further, but it will get to a point where it’s using so much fuel, it’s running poorly! It’S not making power that you’re going to have to replace the injectors. Well, let’s talk about another color smoke. What it, what if I get a really blue smoke when I accelerate or when I say I’m sitting at a stoplight on sitting there idling and then I take off. I get a big big thing of blue smoke now: what about then? What? What is that? That’S? That’S a really good question: blue blue is different than black or white, and that is an indication of oil consumption on diesel pickup service and that’s an indication that the Rings are giving up and they are allowing oil from the crankcase past the Rings and into the Combustion chamber and you’re going to notice that this is going on you’re going to notice oil consumption you’re going to have to be checking your oil more often you’re going to have to be adding oil. Just to be candid, if you have an engine that does not have a diesel particulate filter on it, it’s an older truck that does not have that filter. You can actually get by. You have an old tractor and it’s it’s burning a well, but it still runs. He can still use it. The honest truth is that you can get by for sometime like that on diesel pickup service, because a diesel engine does not have spark plugs. I, like a gasoline engine, does a gasoline engine that starts burning oil and it will foul the spark plug it will cause it to quit, firing correctly, cuz, there’s so much build-up of carbon on a spark plug from the oil that it will actually quit interrupt.

The ignition process that gasoline and air mixture will not fire if I plug become so gummed up, you cannot fire so, but that does not happen on a diesel engine. It’S kind of funny that actually, that additional will actually increases the lubrication on your engine, so it will ruin a diesel, particulate filter or a catalytic converter. If you, if your vehicle is equipped but other than that, I mean it really it doesn’t. On diesel pickup service. You can get by for some time without replacing that engine rebuilding an engine, so you just obviously have to check the wall more often keep it full of oil. It’S obviously super bad if you run it low on oil, especially if it’s one of the engines that uses the oil pressure to fire, the injectors, which is a lot of them, specially the Fords. So blue smoke is, if you’re looking at a vehicle and it is producing blue smoke. You need to be concerned. That is an indication of either of a lot of abuse and neglect on diesel, pickup service or an indication of a lot of miles for that engine is basically got a lot of wear on it. It could run a while or it may not. So do you have a diesel engine? That’S producing blue smoke, you’re really going to want to be careful about that, especially if you’re purchasing one, if you own it and you found it for a long time. You know the service history on it and it’s just started small and it’s getting slowly getting worse. You can probably get by for quite a while, like that. So especially if you keep the wall topped off, but a blue colored smoke is an indication of oil consumption. On your diesel engine, so keep your oil topped off. Keep it changed. Even if it’s burning oil on diesel pickup service, you can’t just not change the filter. I can just figure well, I’m I’m adding oil all the time anyway. I don’t need to change the oil answer is yes, you still need to change.

The oil you still need to put a new filter on it. Filter is still getting use, even though you’re constantly putting new oil in adding an all the time. You still need to change the filter at the normal mileage interval, so blue smoke indication of oil consumption, black smoke, indication of normal operation under power. If you’re building a white white as smoke, bluish white smoke at idle or under acceleration, the smoke is turning from black to more of a white Raven, a bluish-white. That’S indication on diesel pickup service of injector issues so both of those types of smoke we can talk up. Also, the only other color of smoke normally produced by a diesel engine is white smoke. So what is a white smoke caused by two really good question? White smoke is an indication of a cooling system malfunction where you’re, actually getting antifreeze or water into the combustion chamber, actually burning a little bit of water with the fuel mixture causing white smoke. If it’s really bad, it will, just you, won’t see any black it’ll all be white and it’ll it’ll act like one of the old steam engines were just blowing out white smoke. It’S that bad! It’S not going to run very long because you got a major diesel. Pickup service head gasket issue so sometimes when those are developing, you’ll notice it just on Startup or after it warms up or after driving it hard, sometimes it’ll, be catastrophic in the engine. Oil actually be getting so much antifreeze into the custom chamber, that’ll actually quit running. I cannot ignite when it’s not having that much water in the combustion chamber, so why smoke is indication of a major head, gasket issue or cracked head any rate. The bottom bottom line issue been getting antifreeze into the combustion chamber, fuel burning process and then it’ll start overheating. So white smoke is not good. You never want to see white smoke in your diesel pickup service.