Diesel pickup service | On Board Computers

Diesel pickup service requires a lot of fun board computers to do all the different things that you want done on your vehicle will talk about some of the reason why we have to have so many computers in our vehicles. Well, we’ve talked about the automatic braking. We talked about adaptive cruise control. We talked about. Landa Parks are also talk about some of the the other things that your vehicle does. That you’re not aware of our choir where’s the computer, and I can remember when the first time that you had a dome light that faded out it didn’t just shut off it. Actually, dimmed went from Bright to dim and I just kind of faded out kind of like you at you at your house when you have a fade switch or you can dim that light on diesel pickup service, and I was those one of the first things that Require the computer was not dimming an overhead lighting. The next thing that require the computer was Reserve accessory power on General Motors Vehicles, so you could shut the vehicle off and the radio you shut, the car off and you’re still in your stuff and you getting ready to get out of the vehicle. The radio would still play until you open the door, and that was our member first people. I thought me, and that is so neat another. Another reason why I have to have a computer is speeds volume controlled by speed. In other words, the computer in your stereo system keeps track of your speed on diesel pickup service and when you’re driving on the highway, it increases the volume to overcome the road noise. So that to your ears, whether you’re stopped or driving at highway speeds, it sounds like it’s at the same level. In other words, if it, if that the stereo actually stay at the same level, and you would you wouldn’t be able to hear as well because of all the road noise in other noises, when you’re going at higher speeds, and so you’d have to be continually adjusting Your volume and you moving it up, you want you turn it down when you get to the stop light turn it back up when you get back on the highway, it’s really annoying to have to do all that stuff, but speed, sensitive volume, control Eliminator that well, That required a computer because you’re not manually turning that knob, so diesel pickup service requires lots of modules, so another system that requires a computer is your your daytime running lights.

You know these days you have everything’s LED and when you, when you were looking at a vehicle at a diesel, pickup car and the daytime running lights are on. When you turn on the turn, signals and that daytime running light turns off on the outside of the car, the left or the right side of the car tuning on which direction you’re. Turning so that the daytime running light does not interfere with other driver’s ability to see your turn signal, so that’s another. That requires a whole nother computer system to turn off the daytime running light. You know blink the the blinker owner diesel pickup service and then you after you make the turn turn the daytime running. Light back on very complicated requires a computer to do that, and so it it’s pretty neat in any other. Really cool thing that requires less computers. Is on the the law enforcement application Vehicles? They are built with special computers that flash all the lights a certain way when we went to law enforcement puts a vehicle in Pursuit mode. It flashes all of the original Factory equipped lights, no tag, lights, tail lights, running lights, headlights turn signals it flashes them all and it at a different rate and adds to the visibility of that vehicle. Certainly, they still had additional Lighting on diesel pickup service, but it’s they also use it’s just amazing what they do with the factory lighting, to increase the visibility about for law enforcement, all the way down to being able to turn off, keep the dome lights turned off Or they can put it into stealth mode work. The outside lights, come on you, the brake lights, don’t work, nothing works if they’re, if they have it in stealth mode, blacked out and in the trying to do a covert operation. You sneak up on someone serve a warrant or something like that. So it’s just really cool what computers can do. They paddled a lot of complication to a vehicle onboard computer systems, but they’ll also increased greatly the amount of capability and visibility, especially when it comes to law enforcement on your diesel pickup service.

The other another feature that requires computer is seat heaters and see warmers in even the adjustment of your seat. Most modern vehicles have a electrically power, controlled seats and power windows and power door, locks and remote access. All of these things are required required computers. You you walk out to a car and you didn’t you, don’t even stick a key into it on the market, the car automatically unlocks when you walk up to it, because you have the key fob in your pocket as senses. Your your presence senses that key fob and unlock the doors for you. That’S another computer do automatic windows, you hit the auto button down and you don’t have to keep holding that button on diesel pickup service in automatically rolls the window all the way down. It knows when to stop the window so that it doesn’t burn up the motor when you’re ready to put the window up. He just flipped the button you don’t have to hold in a rolls all the way up and stops, and the computer keeps track of where that window is going up and down in it stopped in the right place, and it’s really really amazing same way with door Locks most remotes, he hit him once and it just unlocks the driver’s door you hit again and unlocks the rest of the doors. That’S another safety issue that the manufacturer, startup and built-in in you can decide you can set your preferences. Do you want all the doors to unlock the first time you hit the unlock button, or do you want just the driver’s door to unlock at that point that takes that requires an onboard computer on diesel pickup service to take care of that, and it’s the same Way with you, let’s say you drive a Suburban or a the Expedition, and you want the rear hatch to open. You just hit a button, and that thing opens automatically you’re carrying groceries and you hit a button on the rear. Hatch opens up so that you don’t have to use your your arms. You can you don’t have to set your load down your? What you’re carrying you could just open that remotely automatically opens on its own and that’s that’s a function of a on-board vehicle computer and same way with on a minivan. You have sliding doors. You had a button that controls that hole it unlocks the latch. It’S lies. The door open it stops the door when it’s all the way open on diesel pickup service and then, when you hit a button it closes and latches all by itself.

In the first time I saw that I thought wow that is really cool. That’S going to break you know it’s going to break, but most of them don’t know the Hondas are awesome, Hondas and Toyota automatic doors, and even most of the domestics, the very reliable that don’t break that, often and very good systems. The other thing that’s controlled by computer is the exterior lighting. You can hit a button and you can turn on your exterior lights and, while you’re walking out your vehicle at ads safety issues, some of the some of the lights that light up or like your reverse lights, no reverse lights are clear for 5 on diesel, pickup Service, a bright white light lights up the rear around your vehicle, and that’s that’s really neat turns on the headlights, turns on the reverse: lights turns on lights, on the side of the vehicle, mirror lights and in your vehicle is lit up all the way around at Night and increases the safety you manufacturers are very good at that keeping your safety in mind and programming it building these vehicles with your safety, not only in all of the systems that we’ve talked about in a breaking and in Landa Park, and all that, but also Just in the basic then, when you’re in and out of your vehicle they’re concerned about your safety and they do a great job of keeping you in mind and making it convenient, more convenient and more easy for you to access your vehicle and the people and the Possessions that you are transporting with that vehicle on diesel pickup service. Another really neat thing is power mirrors. You can adjust your mirrors from inside the vehicle, with the touch of a button used to never be able to do that. You roll down the window and adjust the mirror and then roll the window up and then get out go around to the passenger side. Adjust them go back in or help to have someone help you and it was a huge hassle to adjust your mirrors before there was an onboard computer that would electronically allow you to shut that mirror to your desired angle, so that you can see another safety issue Out of the left and the right side of your vehicle onboard computer, just simply for the mirror adjustment