Diesel Pickup Service | Truck mods, exterior paint, and wraps

Diesel pickup service, talking about exterior modifications on your truck, we haven’t talked about the paint and the finish on your truck I’ll talk a little bit about that. What are the options that you have on the exterior painted surfaces of your truck? There are many many options: we’re going to start with protection. Let’S say you don’t really want to change your truck, but you want to protect it from Rock chips and in things of this nature of the first basic thing you can do is what’s called a bug shield, you can put a it’s. Basically, a piece of plastic came out to the front of your hood on diesel pickup service, and you can get it in different colors at usually it’s curve to reflect the shape of your hood on the front of your vehicle. Must the time they’re in kind of a a dark smoked in a colored plastic, I’m out to the bottom of the hood and they deflect air off of the front of the hood, and they also help with protecting your windshield cuz. They will deflect Air instead of directly on your windshield can deflect air over over the top of the truck comes off the front in the first. Usually air is carrying the debris and intellectual carried over the top of the truck instead of hitting your windshield so serve Dual Purpose. It looks good, protects the paint on the front of your hood and also protect your windshield. No thing you can do is you can apply a clear plastic liner material to the front proximately 18 inch of your diesel pickup service truck. You can just clear you can’t even really see it once it’s a fly, that it protects the front front surfaces and then about 18 in back on each side and protects those from Rock surfaces, are rock beans and and sand and debris from hitting the paint. Pretty neat looks so you have a speaking in spray-on protection. Let’S say you have a older truck and the pain is not that great and you want to use it to run through the woods and four-wheel and you’re going to drive it hard and you’re going to abuse it and rip it along through the woods and stuff. Like that, and you want to protect it and make it look good at the same time, another thing you can do is you can actually spray bed liner material over on the paint service of your truck diesel.

Pickup service is another option. So how does that work? Well, it’s it’s not cheap, but it is. It does provide protection and durability that, second, to none, there’s no paint that you can put on your truck that will stand up to bed liner material and things about bed liner material is, they are becoming a lot of different colors. You can we very nearly Master factory paint, color and force boat, that the paint is going to be not shiny anymore, but more of a matte finish more of a rough finish gloss bed liner, but it’s not smooth like your paint services on diesel pickup service. It’S more of a matte finish: it’s rougher but stands up very well to tree branches, and it does not scratch and also covers very well very tough, very tough option for protecting the paint. Let’S say you don’t want to get that radical, you don’t want to change the look of your truck that much, but you do want to change the look of a mutant get Graphics. There are many different Graphics that you can put usually in a vinyl vinyl time. Material into a custom to fit your truck, so you want to put some racing stripes on it. Diesel pickup service, you can you put stripes on it and put on all time. Do camouflage Graphics, all kinds of different graphics and essentially have the same material is like a pinstripe, but obviously a lot bigger has to be applied by a professional. You can it’s a house, that’s very, very sophisticated installation process have to have someone that knows exactly what they’re doing, but lots of different graphic options you can put on the sides or the hood War when the back of your truck and change the look of it. Another really great new technology is a wrap or let’s say you are a business and you want to get your business logo on diesel pickup service on the side of your truck, so you can have a Graphics Company, design, a whole complete, wrap and it’ll.

Actually, it’s also a vinyl product that actually covers that can cover as little as or as much as the as you want to of the exterior painted surfaces in the truck. But it is amazing, but the change in the look that you can get. I mean you: can the options are endless as when you do a wrap put on your truck all kinds of Graphics in letters and logos and pictures and and end up with a few, have a white truck it up with a whole different color truck on diesel. Pickup service, so the disadvantages of a wrap, a just, be careful when you wash it and actually blow it off of there with the power washer. If you lift an edge, but if you’re careful with it and you wash it correctly, you can get several years of service out of a wrap and then, when you pull it off, you’ve got fresh clean, preserve Factory, original paint underneath. So that’s a great idea for companies to get their logo on their. I don’t want to spend time waxing their trucks. You can actually put a complete wrap on that truck run up for 6 years. Pull it off in the main is perfectly preserved. I usually run several thousand dollars to get it done right or you can do a partial rounds, personal graphics on diesel pickup service. That’S an option too. The only thing you can do is you can do a complete repaint or a partial paint. Let’S say you wanted to tone, you want to paint the bottom half of your truck. Let’S say it’s solid, solid, black and you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan you can paint the bottom half of your truck, yellow you can put yellow stripes on it. Painting is a lot more expensive and permanent and irreversible. Another thing that is not advisable is changing the color. You can change the color on your diesel pickup, but it’s not advisable because I just never is the same. I have to paint the door jambs pain inside the tailgate opening, essentially to do it right on diesel pickup service and it’s kind of like fixing up an old, hot rod. You need to remove all the trim, all the all the doors, everything you need to sand. Every door jamb every square inch and it’s not financially feasible to change the color.

If you want to change the color to a rap, nothing you can do to change. The look of your vehicle is at additional trim. You can, let’s say you’re concerned about door dings on your vehicle and doesn’t have any side body side moldings. You can add Tremor body side, moldings, different colors Chrome, different with different styles down the side and it protects you from door dings in a parking lot. When someone opens a door beside a vehicle, it will hit that trim instead of scratching and Denning your diesel pickup service. Another thing you can do to protect and say you’re pulling into the garage. You can add door Edge molding. These are a little u-shaped, rubber or plastic moldings that you slip over the edge of your door, and so, when you open your truck in the garage, you don’t damage your other vehicle or the wall and also protects the edge of your door from scratches and dents. And things of that nature – and that also comes in usually just black or Chrome – are your two options on that other another option you can do to change. The exterior of your truck makes it more functional is at mirrors. I want some trucks that say you want to add a turn signal mirror on diesel pickup service or you just got into Towing and you need your trailer mirrors, don’t stand, you can have trailer, towing, mirrors or signal mirrors, or you can add heated mirrors and say You live in a cold climate in your you’re, tired of your outside mirrors, frosting up and not being able to see anything. You can add heated mirrors turn on the heater. You can also have power mirrors that our power as well, so that’s another. A great option, especially on trailer towing, is at extendable, trailer, towing mirrors that that stick out further from the truck and give you a better vantage point of your trailer in your load with your tongue behind you. So, while there’s her up a few more exterior accessory options that you can modify your truck on diesel pickup service today,