Diesel Pickup Service | Truck mods wheels and lift

Today, on diesel pickup service, we’re going to talk about modifications that you can make to your diesel pickup. What are my options? Basically, the options are endless. You can do so many different things to your pick up. It’S going to depend a lot on your goals. How do you use your truck? What are your what’s your motivation for modifying your diesel pickup? Are you is your goal performance is your goal looks and you just wanted to look different to do you want it to to increase its capabilities and do you want to and you have to decide what are your goals for your truck on diesel pickup service when It comes to making decisions about modifications, we’re going to run through a list of many different things. This certainly is not complete. It is not a complete list, but it will be comprehensive on the different options. The first modification that a lot of people look to is a wheel and wheel and tire package even just larger tires. You may not have a big budget, your truck, maybe all stock, but you just want to want to make it look different. The very first thing you can do is you can change the tires and you can even do something as simple as change the tread pattern of the tire you can even stick with the same size, the factory size of tire and change, the tread design. You can go with a if you have street tires on your diesel pickups service. You can just put a all-terrain type tire. That means it’s going to have still be able to be driven on the highway. That’S going to have some off-road capability on off-road Time. Person of the or you can go more aggressive to a mud, type terrain, tire. It’S going to change. It’Ll have a huge effect on the look of your truck and the sound. The tires are going to be loud or sometimes, but sometimes that’s good for a truck loud tires. Can I give it more of that muscle feel to it that muscle attitude? The next thing you can do is change the size. You can go larger. You can increase the size of your your diesel pic diesel, pickup service, you can make them taller and wider, and often a factory suspension truck will allow you to increase the tire size a little bit and still not rub when you turn or hit bumps. That’S going to be your main concern when you start changing tire sizes. Is it going to rub when I hit.

Sir turn most trucks have plenty of additional Fender and suspension clearance when you can increase the size of a little bit? The next thing you can do is you can put custom wheels. You can still not even change the suspension on the rest of the truck, but you can change the wheels, and this has a dramatic effect on the vehicle. Putting custom wheels and tires on you can go wider taller, you can go from chrome to black or there’s almost an endless different options when it comes to the type of we can put on your diesel pickup service. So the next thing you can do is let say you want to go quite a bit taller on your wheels and tires. We are going to have to install a lift kit. You’Re going to have to go higher to create more clearance, will talk about the different options of how you can lift your vehicle. You can. The best way to lift your vehicle is a suspension lift. Usually this involves changing Springs and installing springs that are going to push the vehicle higher up off the ground in create more ground clearance on diesel pickup service. You can also do a body lift a body, lift changes, the distance between the body and the frame, and it’s simpler to do. You simply are unbolting the the body mounting bolts, installing spacers installing longer bolts and bolting it back together. This is a cheaper way to go, but it’s not necessarily recommended that you have to be careful with the wiring harnesses. You have to be careful with the steering linkage be careful with the bumpers. That’S going to change the way the bumpers and the body May so, not necessarily awesome, but if you just are looking for a small lift in a two to three in this is an option. I don’t recommend Oklahoma City diesel pickup service is there’s tons of options on suspension and body lifts, so those are a couple of options on lifting now you need to decide what how much, if I’m going to put a lift on. You know how much lift should I put on there a standard lift these days is going to be 6 in 4 to 6 inch or 8 inch 6 in is it’s going to have a drastic effect, and you can usually with most trucks you could put up To 37 36 37 inch tall tires on most pickups are going to have between 32 and 33 inch factory tires. So this is a increase in tire sizes for in may not sound like much, but it is a lot when you’re talking diesel pickup service, a 4-inch diameter change and tires is a lot. My personal preferences – I, like a 33 inch tall Tire 35 in at the max you could put 35s 35 – would fit really good on a 6 inch lift on nearly every truck, and they would look really good too.

So so what are the? What is the upside to installing a lift kit on your truck? Who works it’s going to give it a more muscular, look being higher off the ground going to create more ground clearance? If you like to go off-road, it’s going to give you more clearance. If you are trying to help some folks who were in a flood situation, that’s going to keep all the important components of your truck out of the water and allow you to go into deeper water. No more people, diesel, pickup service, lift kits on. There are a lot of options on those. Let’S talk about the downside of a lift kit. The downside of a lift kit is, you have to be more careful turning. It raises your center of gravity tint. It creates a greater risk of rollover. If you are on the highway and you’re making an evasive maneuver with a lifted truck, you have to really know what you’re doing, because you can create a rollover situation, it’s very dangerous and I a diesel pickup. So keep that in mind. The other saying is it’s hard to get in and out of, if you have people who fail and that’s going to make it harder for your kids partner, your significant other to get in and out of the truck you may have to install steps when you are Talking about doing this on diesel pickup service, so but overall, lift kits are very reliable there safe. They don’t create issues as long as you understand what you’re getting into they allow you, if you like, to go off-road, they allow you to drive over larger obstacles, create some more ground clearance, so that you’re, the important part to your vehicle are further away from rocks And sticks and, and things of this nature that could tear up your transmission cooler lines, your oil damage, your oil pan and transfer case and things of this nature.

So those are some things to consider when you’re talking about a lift kit thing you can do if you go off right a lot. As you can add, skid plates on diesel pickup service, you can install protective plates for the engine transmission transfer case. You can install skid plates and shields for the drive shaft. You can install Kit plates for the differentials, protect your differentials and drivetrain from rocks and also reinforces your axles and differentials. So that is important things to consider the other thing you can. You want to figure out on if you’re going, to buy, custom wheels and tires is doing to figure out what diameter rims you want to go with the. If you’re going to go off-road, I would keep the the diameter of small close to the stock size and create get a taller tire that way you have more sidewall on diesel pickup service to protect those rims and they also the flex of the tire. If you’re crawling over, rocks and stuff like that, a tire will Flex more and it will provide better traction on as the tire flexes and also in sand and and other types of soil off-road. The other thing it does is is helps with ride quality. You have taller tires, provide more of a cushion between you and the bumps in the road. If you have a very low profile Tire you you’re, still more susceptible to bumps running over rocks and stuff in the road, so you’ll see today, you’ll see