Diesel Repair | Number One Option

On diesel repair we’re going to talk about how you decide when to replace an engine when you have a truck you’ve worked it hard. It’S got over 100,000 miles on it. Usually Who develops an issue like a head? Gasket or let’s say perhaps an oil is in a oil pump. Quits, the engine oil pressure has decreased, it’s been run for a little bit without oil pressure, but yet it still seems to run okay, you bring it into our shop, we tear it down. We did say that you, your offer right as soon as broad head gaskets and you authorize head gasket replacement. We tear it down, we find other issues or with the oil pump, we tear it down and find other issues. You know there is a chance when I say other issues. Let me let me explain what I mean. For example, we had a Ford 6 liter diesel in here it had blown head gaskets customer authorized head gasket replacement, so we we tear it down and we find out that someone else has worked on this truck. They have resurfaced the block and it has not been done correctly, so you know we could put it back together. Nude pro review K4, you know, while for it would probably make it out of you know the warranty.. Well, no problems, but our goal is to repair a vehicle to where it will last I’ll, just make it through warranty. So the problem with this particular engine was the it it it. It developed some kind of an issue and one of the cylinders had a repair sleeve put into it, and the block had been resurfaced, but they had not finished the block properly. It did not have a smooth surface and is it we could tell it just was not going to seal properly because of the way the diesel repair was done on it previously. So we at that point stopped and suggested a complete engine replacement y’all too expensive. Yes, you could probably put that engine back together in it may get by for a while. But how are you going to feel if you end up in the same exact spot in one year, and you have to go through this all over again, it’s hard to it’s hard to come up with that money and you weren’t you were spent. You were planning on spending a certain amount. Can you go to come up with more money, and then you had planned on that? The hard part is you have to look at? That’S what we’re constantly doing is looking up a long-term when we were performing boost diesel repair.

Look at the long-term look at new year olds, my goals for the vehicle. If you’re just going to sell it, if you don’t tell heavily or working hard yeah, you might get by with just putting it back together like it is and the end putting on light duty. But if you were going to work it and work it hard, we have to go all the way. Take it all the way down to the foundation and rebuild it was something that we know is going to be reliable. In this particular case, it was a complete remanufactured engine and we can tell that this was not going to be reliable and our goal is reliability. Customer satisfaction for the long term, so the customer had a long-term Vision. They understood everything that had going on understood that there was no way we could have known that this issue was in the interim. The only choice pull it apart saw it. There was no way to tell that that someone had done a previous repair on it that have it and it been done improperly. So it was unfortunate that we already had time and money invested in this engine labor, but we sucked it up and did it right and took care of the customer and absorb a lot of that expense and put a new engine in it. So I just want to encourage you to have a long-term Vision when you are looking at repairs, especially diesel repair, you have to have a long-term vision and make to make decisions based on Yoda’s. Are your overall desired outcome for your vehicle for your business willing to invest more now to save money later, no he’s on his way to just have a short-term vision. We we save money in the long term, wound up spending in the long term. So it’s important to consider the long-term outcome be willing to invest more now and overall, look at your overall picture and spend money on the the long-term spend money spend fewer dollars long term end up with a better product. By doing it right now doing it correctly. Now the benefits to a complete rebuild engine is warranty and we’re able to put a very solid warranty. Cuz we have a reliable product.

We know we’re going to be able to depend on if we just passed, something that is not great. We don’t know the future. We’Re not God we can’t. We can’t know how that is going to operate. How long it’s going to operate. I’M going to talk about it. Another vehicle same engine, Ford, 6, liter diesel engine We performed it came in for a diesel repair and it had a low pressure problem and it had been previously that had blown head, gaskets who’s were repaired. It now it had a low oil pressure problem and the engine oil pump had failed, and these guys had we don’t know how long they had driven it, and we didn’t could not guarantee that replacing the oil pump was going to fix it. I couldn’t if it has other internal damage, you could put an oil pump in it and it’s still not build the proper oil pressure. We recommended replacing the engine customer declined so now I just want to put it well pump in it, and so that’s what we did and that one still iffy the customer. I was probably approximately a year ago the customer still has the truck still uses it for light-duty. I don’t use it heavy duty, but light-duty use and it it has done. Okay, so far with the adult enough oil pressure to run the engine safely. For the time being, but we recommended someone that vehicle and not continuing to operate it because, in our opinion, it’s an inevitable. If that engine is going to develop another problem, it’s going to fail and then it’s going to be looking at another expensive diesel repair. And that’s just not something that new we’re excited about as the repair shop here in Oklahoma city. Is it’s just hard to stand behind that product and in the psych ward? We just feel like, even though we’re communicating clearly with the customer. We feel like we’re, still responsible to a point, and we have done everything we can. Customer did not perform the recommended, repairs and there’s nothing we can do about it.

So we’re going to hope that that truck continues offering for the customer know. We we understand, saving money, we understand, and sometimes you have to take a risk opinion that risk was not worth taking, but so far it’s worked out or we’re glad that the customer has not had any more issues with that diesel repair so just want to enclosing. Just continue to encourage YouTube, stick to your goals and keep your long-term keep a long-term focus on making these types of decisions is. What is it going to cost me over the Long Haul? Do I want to keep this vehicle? Another hundred thousand miles? Is it for forming, isn’t meeting my needs and if it is meeting your needs, you’ve already got it outfitted with all of your tools and equipment. It’S worth going head. Investing in a quality, remanufactured engine and ending up with a quality product you can rely on depend on and make money with, long-term