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This content was written for Shepherd Automotive.

If you are trying to find auto repair in Oklahoma City that look no further than the outgoing professionals here at Shepherd Automotive. They began back in January 2005 they have been bringing the highest quality customer service and overall vehicle care to the community here in Oklahoma City. If you ask anyone who has ever dealt with Shepherd Automotive they will tell you the same thing, how respectful and honest their automotive shop and. And this speaks volumes because the owner and operator Guy Shepherd started be automotive shop and had been efficient of being a shop where people would feel comfortable sending their mother. As you know many automotive shops are not too keen on customer service were going above and beyond to see their customer’s expectations, but I guarantee you’ll have a wonderful experience here at Shepherd Automotive.

When you buy a car it is extremely important to take good care of it as proper service and maintenance will extend the life of the car many hundred thousand miles. So will if you are trying to find auto repair in Oklahoma City look no further than Shepherd Automotive. They truly are the best in the business and you will not regret working with their extremely friendly and outgoing technicians. Guy Shepherd got his entrepreneurial spirit from his grandpa as he learned a lot from his grandpa repair shop. They remained will call here at Shepherd company is to be an alternative to the dealership and you will receive the most personalized service that is extremely specialized your needs and goals for your own a vehicle. They believe maintaining your vehicle is extremely important as it will bring down the overall cost of.

Now that I’ve told you where to find auto repair in Oklahoma City I highly encourage you to reach out to Shepherd Automotive today. They should be your choice for your complete car care professionals. They actually own many of their own vehicles well beyond 100,000 miles and they are driving cars that have more than 200,000 and different services. See you can take their word as they know exactly what needs to happen in order to properly maintain your vehicle. And their shop actually owns for service vehicles right now on the profession have more than 1,000,000 miles on them will combined. So, yes they know a thing or two about properly maintaining vehicles.

If you apply maintain a vehicle you should not expect to pay too much in repair cost and maintenance. Without wires extremely important to keep up on your maintenance records. Some of the professionals here at Shepherd Automotive take care of you and they will keep you up-to-date on whenever you need another maintenance work. Here at Shepherd Automotive you are much more than just another number. You are currently valued at the customer and that is why they are doing so well here in Oklahoma City. Many of automotive repair and maintenance shops treat you like you’re nothing. Shepherd Automotive understands this and this is exactly why they go to such great lengths to treat their customer exactly how they deserve to be treated. Stop the insanity and come check out Shepherd Automotive to witness the difference for yourself.

Please visit their website at or give them a call today at (405) 843-8500 for more information.

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This content was written for Shepherd Automotive.

If you are trying to find auto repair in Oklahoma City I have the perfect suggestion for you. Their name is Shepherd Automotive and they have been a staple here in the OKC community for over 14 years. And since they began their operation back in January 2005 they have been changing the way that we perceive automotive repair shops. They truly care about you and is extremely evident once you begin working with these wonderful people at their shop. They will never make you feel like you are dumb or incompetent when you ask questions do a wonderful job of breaking down what needs to happen to your vehicle using layman terms.

Here at Shepherd Automotive they truly value your vehicle and your time and this is were you will find auto repair in Oklahoma City for the most competitive and highest quality service around. In my opinion No true competition is in the area as Shepherd Automotive stands out from the crowd and that is exactly what Guy Shepherd set out to do since they began back in 2005. After all, we have all had negative experiences with automotive repair shops. Many of them faux charge you for frivolous or fraudulent charges and add unruly labor costs to these in order to buffer their bottom line. But I sure you Shepherd Automotive is not like the other guys. They realized long ago that they must treat their customers with respect and dignity in order for them to continue and repeat customers.

Stop looking online, you now know where to find auto repair in Oklahoma City and that is here at Shepherd Automotive. You’ll be blown away by the level of expertise and repeat to their client. They are always going one step ahead of the competition and you will be forever grateful that you decided to work with these amazing technicians here at Shepherd Automotive. Shepherd Automotive strives to create long lasting relationships with their clients and they encourage you to be one of these long-lasting customers. They will keep you up-to-date on your latest service reminders and you will not have to worry about keeping up with your routine maintenance plans if they will are able to carry the log for you.

They work exclusively within your budget and will never pursue outside of your boundary and if it does succeed boundary they will be able to take care of the most important things first and after you save up little bit they will be able to finish the rest. You can tell a big difference from Shepherd Automotive and the competition as they are truly going above and beyond to deliver it must hands-on and reliable service in Oklahoma City today. You’ll absolutely love dealing with the professionals here and look no further than Shepherd automotive to give you a good night sleep knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of the professionals.

They even do something called prepurchase inspections, with a will be able to look at a used car for you and give you a prudent decision on what the and or workings of these vehicle look like. This is a huge benefit to those who want a second opinion on a car and and they give you the go-ahead to purchase a vehicle you know exactly where you’ll be taking it for services moving forward. Please visit Shepherd Automotive’s website at or give them a call today at (405) 843-8500.