Find auto repair in Oklahoma City | What’s under your car

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

When you are trying to find auto repair in Oklahoma City, you don’t want to find a dingy, sketchy auto repair shop that is going to way overcharges for all their services. Want to work with a company who will be upfront about the services they provide, as well as the prices they charge. And so, if you are trying to find an auto repair shop to provide you with under car services, Shepherd Automotive is going to be the perfect company for you. In fact, before you even become one of their clients, they are ready to offer you $25. The $25 can be used towards your first or at next oil change with Shepherd Automotive.

They also offer other wonderful deals with such as a warranty. This warranty allows you to have confidence in knowing your vehicle efficient reliable for 24 months, or the first 24,000 miles you drive. That is why when you work with Shepherd Automotive, you find auto repair in Oklahoma City, that is better than any service provider you have ever worked with before. We have you in mind, which is why we always work hard to provide you with services of that you will love. Now, it’s time to get down to the main course, and discuss what wonderful services we can provide to you.

If you are looking for a complete tuneup for your vehicle Shepherd Automotive will be able to handle it. We can also provide wonderful services for underneath your car. When Richard everything is working properly such as were antilock brake system. The breaks are an important part of your vehicle. Whether you need to stop abruptly, over your gradually gonna slow yourself down to the smooth stop, or breaks need to work. They help you avoid accidents, and keep you in your family safe. When they were breaks are not working properly, it can instill fear in you every time you get on the road. Succeed notice that your brake pads are running then, or that something may not be connecting properly in your brake system contact Shepherd Automotive.

We hope you find auto repair in Oklahoma City use top priority is to keep you and your family safe, and provides you with with a safer and more reliable vehicle. Which is why we provide you with our complete brake system services. We want to a diagnosis of your breaks, and then we will also make sure that the brake pads are gonna and working properly. You are can receive some the wonderful customer service and you come here to Shepherd Automotive.

In fact, we have had many clients people wonderful reviews detailing their positive experience with Shepherd Automotive. They said that we truly have some of the most amazing customer service is ever experienced in the auto mechanic/car world. If you’d like to read these reviews for yourself, go online to This is for you will have access to those reviews, as well as many wonderful testimony videos. You may also gives the call at (405) 843-8500 if you have any further questions, or you would like some clarification regarding our services.

Find auto repair in Oklahoma City | Fleet service

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

Shepherd Automotive is able to help you find auto repair in Oklahoma City, we can provide any service for you or your vehicle. For instance, affinity, a client here, or even before you become a claim here we give you $25. $25 is worth your first oil change, because we all know how important oil is for your engine. It allows your engine to run smoothly, and actually increases for fuel efficiency. So, if you want the claim about $25 for your first oil change, go online to Shepherd Automotive’s website.

When you find auto repair in Oklahoma City, you only want to find a service technician our mechanic that can work on your vehicle. We also want them to be able to provide you with fleet services for your company. Now we provide many wonderful fleet services to help you, or repair any vehicle. We are able to service Ford vehicles as well Chevrolet, Dodge, even this printer gasoline and diesel vehicles. Regardless of what kind of fuel it takes, were what type or brand vehicle it is, we have experience technicians ready to help.

You will find that Shepherd Automotive have been able to provide Oklahoma City some of the most exceptional customer service around. From the very beginning, we offer you will wonderful services and affordable price. We make sure and ask questions three have all the needed information to get down to the root of the problem. We also keep you involved every step the way, that not only do you know what services we are providing you, but we want you to know how to repair or maintain your vehicle as time goes on.

So when you find auto repair in Oklahoma City, you will find that Shepherd Automotive is perfect for your fleet service. Because with our master technicians, they’ve mastered anything from being able to replace your oil, as well as completely repair, replace, or maintain your engine or transmission. We offer special pricing options or packages for your priority needs. So if you have some vehicles that need a it to enough, or need a complete oil change and then will find that Shepherd Automotive is able to provide you a great package deal for your entire fleet.

Shepherd Automotive is very helpful. We’ve been able to provide a lot of wonderful services for many clients not only in Oklahoma City, but broken arrow, Tulsa, and other surrounding cities. Because people will drive out for our services and that’s how amazing we are. However, you should always trusted yet verify, so I encourage you to go online to You may also contact Shepherd Automotive by calling the (405) 843-8500. After you dial that number, you will reach our wonderful receptionist. They can help answer any of your questions, you have before we provide you services, during, or even after. And if you would like to sign up for the 24,000 mile warranty you can do so while you are here in our office, or you can start the process by dialing our number.