Find auto repair in Oklahoma City | convenient services for you

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

If you trying to find auto repair in Oklahoma City, that mechanics who are honest, reliable, and can help you with any services from changing your oil, to rewiring in providing a much as electrical repairs, Shepherd Automotive is the one for you. Shepherd Automotive is one of the greatest auto repair shops and all of Oklahoma City. They work hard to try and provide you with outstanding services, with the company you can trust. We’ve had many wonderful clients of the years, we’ve been able to work hard for. We provided them convenient services every time.

In fact, not only are the use actual services that we provide convenient, but if you need to get to work, or if you need to pick up your child from school and you only have one working vehicle and it’s currently in the shop, we also have convenient services for you. For instance, you could that truly benefit from our free settling service. We can settle you to work, to pick up your child and then back to the repair shop if need be. However, are settling services are within reasonable distance. We also offer you a comfortable waiting room with couches and chairs that you will enjoy sitting in. These are not going to be be extremely uncomfortable chairs, where after five minutes your back and forth.

So it’s time to find auto repair in Oklahoma City, with honest mechanics and service technicians employed by Shepherd Automotive. We also provide you with prepurchase inspections. So if you would like to take your vehicle in, however you will not have time to wait there, you have to go to work, then you would like to pick it up, you can have a yet prepurchase service, and then a drop off your vehicle after-hours. If they, while you are getting things done, or it is in the night you will not have to worry about dropping your car off early in the morning before going into work.

When you find auto repair in Oklahoma City, and you find Shepherd Automotive if you find outstanding service providers. They can provide headlight restoration services fuel injection services they can provide a tuneup, or even filter service for your vehicle. They have a lot of experience working on many different vehicles. Shepherd Automotive has worked on trucks, cars, electrical cars Subarus etc. so it’s time to raise the bar with auto mechanic services, and provides you with technicians and mechanics to do a great job and to actually work hard and quickly so that you are in the now as quickly as possible.

This also helps cut down on the cost of labor. When you have a company who works slowly so that they can charge more, not only is that dishonest, that the new into paying more than he would have if you want to Shepherd Automotive. Shepherd Automotive will not do that to you, and we would like you to hear from many clients who been more than pleased with our services. You can find that their personal reviews by going online to If you have any further questions, would like to make those prepurchase inspections, because the call at (405) 843-8500.

Find auto repair in Oklahoma City | our knowledge becomes yours

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

Have you ever felt like you know completely nothing about your car, how works, and how to repair it? If you’ve ever felt and experienced with trying to find a service provider provided services for your vehicle that you can trust in you have been unsuccessful in that endeavor you’ll be pleased to know that Shepherd Automotive is here to save the day. Shepherd Automotive is one of the most highly recommended auto repair shops, and they will help you find auto repair in Oklahoma City for an affordable price, as well as services that you can actually benefit from. All of our mechanics and technicians are highly trained, so you know Shepherd Automotive will provide you with wonderful results.

Now when you first come to Shepherd Automotive, and you find auto repair in Oklahoma City, we offer you a claim up to $25 off your first oil change here at Shepherd Automotive. We want you to see the true value of our services, and experience wonderful savings, which is why we offer this to you. We also offer one of Oklahoma’s most amazing warranties around, which is a warranty for 24 months, or 24,000 miles. And I did take advantage of this wonderful deals and offers, you will see that not only is your vehicle safe and reliable, but it is well taken care of for many years to come.

When you work with such excellent technicians and mechanics when you find auto repair in Oklahoma City, you’ll soon find about our knowledge becomes yours. Because when you work with Shepherd Automotive, we not only provide you wonderful results in services, but we explain to what is happening. The keeping you in the loop, you are able to see how you can maintain and repair your vehicle when needed. This helps your vehicle to last longer, and can help you experience fuel efficiency, and safer driving every day.

Now whenever comes to purchasing any service, or any product, you want to make sure that it has great reviews. You want to make sure that clients have found it to be just as wonderful, as you hope it to the. Which is why if you go online to, you will find hundreds of Google reviews and personal testimony videos. These videos are from clients giving you their story on how Shepherd Automotive with the help them, other help them understand what was going on in their vehicle, and how they truly love their services. This can help you make your decision about whether you want to find auto repair through Shepherd Automotive, or go to another business.

Each you want to make sure that it will be a great fit for you before you purchase our services. So if you’d like to claim that $25 for your oil change, go online to we will have access to the forms you need. We also want you to feel comfortable and open to asking us any questions, or bringing up any concerns are worries that you have about your vehicle. Our number one priority is keeping you and your vehicle safe so please if the call at (405) 843-8500 today.