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This content was written for Shepherd automotive

Here at Shepherd automotive, we treat you differently than in the other auto repair shop in Oklahoma. That is because so if you’re not just another number, you are an individual, specifically, I need to be met. That is why everything we do here is to serve our customers, clients, in future clients. Because if you need to find auto repair in Oklahoma City, you want to work with a team who knows what they’re doing, and is not going to delay the start of any services that you need. So if you are needing work done on your reliable and trustee family van, and gives a call today at (405) 843-8500.

Our employees here at Shepherd automotive that will treat you with utmost respect. That is because we are going to do unto others as they would do unto us. That means if we want to be treated with respect, we are also, allow you with that respect and trust that we would expect. We understand that you have important thing that you are trying to accomplish in life, and reliable transportation is a vital part of that. Because if you are trying to become vice president in your company, there are certain steps that you need to take before that. The downside to work early, and staying late, putting in a lot of hard work and effort. However helping you ever looked work on time, or even early if you do not have reliable transportation.

You need to find auto repair in Oklahoma City that will be able to use your budget wisely. We understand that everyone is working and living on a budget, and the services you receive it should not exceed your financial budget in any way. We exceed your financial budget purposely, then we fail as a Shepherd automotive expert. Every time you come to Shepherd automotive will be a complete and honest and reliable evaluation by our professionals. Or not… Trying upsell you on more needs and services because we want to make more money. That is not how our team at Shepherd automotive work.

However if there is an issue that we see with your vehicle, I could be taking care of now or later, we will give you are honest opinion. The value of the pros and cons of doing it now versus later, however if it can’t be put off they will just make you aware of the problem, maybe say hey this is one thing I would keep an eye on, looks like it will need to be replaced within a few months but if you start having more issues as they come back in and talk with us. That is a great example of how we would handle finding new problems or issues while we are currently solving another.That is the kind of service you recieve when you fin auto repair in Oklahoma city experts.

If you have any questions about the kind of for our technicians and mechanics can do, please go heading give the call at (405) 843-8500. By calling it you’re giving us the opportunity to help you help yourself. Because we provide you with the tools and resources to make a difference and a change, and it’s up to you to utilize them. If you’d like to see a very detailed list of all the services that we provide to you, form want her We always get it right, and I can promise you that without a shadow of a doubt, you will be satisfied with their services. However nobody is perfect, and there are going to be times where our mechanics, or is technicians make a mistake, however it happens very rarely, if you will do everything in our power to fix it.

Find auto repair in Oklahoma city | Vital services

This content was written for Shepherd automotive

Every time you come into Shepherd automotive you will find auto repair in Oklahoma City professionals, from to provide you with honest evaluations of your vehicle, in the work that needs to be done. We live in a time, and society where many people are focused on just making a greater financial gain, instead of helping out there friendly neighbor. We promise to stand behind of work, and we know that every time that you receive it, you will be satisfied, and the results you feel will last longer than a few months. However in case anything drastic happens like you get to a car accident, or you hit a stick or rock in the middle of the road in a damage is something we may have repair, we do offer a 24 month, or 24,000 mile warranty.

We take responsibility for our work, and we promise that when you find auto repair in Oklahoma City experts, the our mechanic will get it right the first time. However there are some instances where happens that we make a mistake, we do something incorrectly, however that is very rarely does that happen. In fact it’s probably like one in the thousands chance. However when we do make mistakes, we own up to it, take responsibility we don’t make you pay for mistake, fact we will fix it leave charge, and even give you a discount. Because no matter how good you are, or how long you’ve been in the business, mistakes are going to happen. It’s what you do about it that makes you stand out from the rest.

We invest in our staff members by encouraging them to regularly and test and their continuing education. Because the more education you have, the more solution to come up with. Because to be the best you always have to be improving your skills, knowledge, and experiences. We can just go to school lunch, and then expect be the greatest author of all time. After you go to school, you are continuously learning every day from other experts in the field, or from your experiences. That is how being a mechanic works as well. Because here at Shepherd automotive that we encourage our mechanics and service technicians to receive continual education and learn from others in the industry.

If you’d like to see some examples of our work, or even hear from the feedback and wonderful reviews that our clients have left us, go online to Upon online to our website, you will find that all the claims with an extremely satisfied with her services we have provided to them. That is because we took the time to listen, and actually hear and understand what their problems they were facing world. It is important that you have a company and 18 that is willing to do that, because when you find auto repair in Oklahoma City, it’s important that they are not only forlornly for you financially, but they need to care enough to understand how you feel.

Because and we know how you feel about your vehicle, provide services and recommendations to make sure it last longer, or to maybe encourage you that it’s time to sell the and move on to something better. Because depending on your needs, will really determine your success. Card, and in your life. If you have any questions, please call us immediately at (405) 843-8500. Went to call us, you will feel peaceful, and will be at ease because we know that you are in great hands.