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Are you needing to find auto repair in Oklahoma City because you’re needing maintenance on your vehicle? Are you looking to change out your brake fluid, oil change, transmission fluid, or anything else? We can do that for you here at our shepherd auto shop. In fact, we are even willing to be $25 off your first oil change. When you to get the best deals in the flow we believe we are the most reasonable pricing as well.

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Are you needing repairs done on your vehicle? Did your AC just stop working? We know all fresh and I can be when it’s summertime in your AC doesn’t work. You’re sweating you’re frustrated it’s high and then your receipt of the work, how awful is that? But we shepherd can take care of that for you not only your AC but we can also help you with your heater if that is not working in your car as well. We can also help fix time belts, water pumps, you name it we can fix it. We are confident that you would not regret investing your time at our shop.

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Are you looking to find auto repair in Oklahoma city because you are frustrated with having to do with your car? Is it hot and you have no AC and your sweating and you’re mad? Want to help you with that that is what we offer all kinds of repair maintenance is that you can choose from. We are an amazing company that cares about you. In fact, we are friendly and we are honest because we find those things to be valuable. Where also voted best auto repair shop in OKC in Oklahoma City’s equally confident that we would take care of your needs.

We looking to get a repair in the file to find auto repair in Oklahoma City? We are the perfect auto shop for you. We care and strive to be the best around. We believe that we have some of the best professionals to help you fix your car. If you need some repairs like fixing your brakes, fixing waterfronts, fixing time belts, fixing an AC unit that doesn’t work whatever it maybe we can help you. We believe we have some of the best-certified technicians that are experienced with anything you’re needing repair.

Do you need to find auto repair in Oklahoma city second changes your oil? We have different maintenance services that we can offer you as well as affordable pricing for you. In fact we willing to offer you $25 off your first oil change. We care about your needs and what it is that you are wanting them with your vehicle. We think honesty is important. We know that a lot of auto shops tell you to fix things that you really don’t even need a fix. Here you can trust that we are going to be always honest with you and tell you what you need to fix that is only necessary.

We believe to be the best we have to hire the best and that is why we have some of the best-certified technicians. We, not some auto shop repairs have guys that are unprofessional, bad attitude, rude, we only had a have to go to that here at the Shepherd Automotive. Customer service is very important to us and our customer’s happiness as well. We also care a lot about your safety and that is why we have so many different options in place to make sure your vehicle is up today and in its safest condition. Regardless of you having trouble with your brakes, needing brake fluid, or you’re needing an electrical system service we know we are qualified and experienced to help you fix your car. We don’t want you to keep having distress about a new march let us take care of the professionals.

So call today at 405-843-8500 we have someone available to take your call Monday through Friday. You can also get our we could check interviews in our testimonials of customers I have already used us. We believe that you will be satisfied with our services.