You can stop looking to find auto repair in Oklahoma City now because you found the best one. In fact, we are voted the best auto repair shop in OKC repair in Oklahoma City. We are also willing to offer you $25 off your first oil change. We believe that you can rely on us not only to repair your vehicle but also to save you money. To stop spending hours in your vehicle or trying to fix your car yourself. Instead, leave it to us the professionals. We are excited to help you fix your vehicle because we know how frustrating it is when your vehicle messes up on you.

Most of the time whenever someone brings their car into an auto shop it’s not because they want to it’s only because they have to. So you can find auto repair in Oklahoma City that’s gonna be honest you? That we understand that most people don’t bring it and they want to they have to like I said before we also understand that a lot of auto shops will lie to you and make you believe that you have to spend more money than you really need to. We can assure you here at Shepherd automotive that we will only be honest with you. We can also assure you that we will be friendly with you as well. We know that when every good auto shop sometimes the technicians can be rude, unprofessional, or just have a bad attitude, but we don’t want to do that to you at our shop.

Do you find auto repair in Oklahoma City because you’re having electrical problems with your vehicle? We know that a lot of automotive service shops don’t actually offer you electrical service repairs. We at Shepherd want to be well-rounded for your convenience, we don’t want you to have to constantly go to different shops for different services you need. Instead, we want to be able to offer you everything you need in more. That’s why if you go to our we have a list of all the different services we can offer you. One of the services is electrical system service. Or we can do a complete computer diagnostic and did you what you’re having with your vehicle. We can also do much more.

Some of the maintenance services we can help you with our transmission fluid service, engine oil change, brake fluid service, power steering fluid service, and much more listed on our website. We are excited because we know that you will not have to stress any longer because we have everything you as far as experience goes. We know that when you come with us you will have to worry about your vehicle not actually going repair. We are not only the repair shop where you have to worry about something breaking down right after you get it fixed. The reason being is because we guarantee our work.

So stop stressing any longer,, check us out today and get your $25 off your first oil change scheduled right now. If you call us at Shepherd’s number we have someone available to schedule you in today. You can also check out our we have more information about us and the services that we offer.

Are you stressed out and that’s where looking to find auto repair in Oklahoma City that can help relieve your stress? Will we believe at Shepherd automotive that we can help you with any repair that you need with your vehicle. We believe that we are not only the best that we have some of the best technicians that work for us too. In fact, we actually voted best auto shop in Oklahoma City. We have reasonable pricing, honest values, and friendly attitudes. We know that with a lot of automotive shops you can have to deal with people were not friendly, were rude, have a bad attitude, we want to do that to you here at Shepherd automotive. We want to be a shop where you enjoy coming to.

You can find auto repair in Oklahoma City because you need an oil change? We can offer you more than just an oil change. We can actually offer you $25 off your first oil change. I don’t know many other shops that offer you that. That’s an awesome deal. We care about our customers that we care about their needs as I was to do everything in our power to help our customers out. We know that a lot of automotive shops will also lie a lot of times about what you’re needing doing. That is why we at Shepherd believe it’s important, to be honest at all times. We will only recommend you fix the things that are necessary.

Are you looking to find auto repair in Oklahoma City because your brakes sound awful? Well, I know what that’s like. It’s honestly embarrassing because sometimes you can’t get to it right away. As I we want to help you fix your brakes at a reasonable price. So stop waiting, we know it can be inconvenient to have to fix your brakes but we assure you you will be satisfied that you chose us to fix your brakes. You will also be happy that you don’t hear that loud and have everyone looking at you in the street. We also fix other things such as time belts, heating and air, as well as water, and much more.

We know that I’m not a lot of automotive repair shops can offer you a variety of different services. We at Shepherd automotive want to be well-rounded for your convenience. That is why we even offer electrical system service. That’s right if you have an electrical issue with your vehicle that’s causing her lights not to work or whatever it may be we can help you. We can do a computer diagnostic to do you know what the issue is and then from there we can repair it for you. We also can do other things such as wiring repairs and engine controls as well as much more.

So go to our website we have a much more detailed list about all the services and maintenance we can offer you. You go to our website and click on services takes you directly to a link that I’ll give you that list. You can also call us at 405-843-8500 we have someone available to take your call.