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This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

If you’re looking for some of the most honest mechanics OKC Shepherd Automotive have got them for you. Shepherd Automotive evolvement principle honesty, hard work, outstanding customer service, and integrity. That is how they are able to keep mechanic all of our clients need, especially when they break down, preparing for a long road trip, we need a little maintenance and repair work done on their vehicle. That is why Shepherd Automotive is one of the most highly recommended automotive companies to work with and all of Oklahoma City. They work hard for you, they are honest about what services you may need, and make their prices as affordable as possible.

That is exactly why mechanics OKC provider Shepherd Automotive are willing to offer you $25 off your first oil change with Shepherd Automotive. In fact, if you would like to claim that $25 today, go online to their very helpful website. And there is if one on the first webpage, where to provide your contact information, we can help you claim that $25. We also have some amazing solutions for warranties for many vehicle owners. In fact, the warranty that we offer all vehicle owners, it is a warranty for 24,000 miles driven, or for a period of 24 months.

So whether two years, or you given your vehicle for over 24,000 miles, you will have one fell help provide you affordable services, with excellent work done from mechanics OKC Shepherd Automotive employs. Now if you are wondering what kind of amazing services that Shepherd Automotive offers, I can tell you they offer every service ranging from under the third services for gasoline and diesel vehicles, as well as more than one maintenance, to convenient services such as after-hours drop off, a free shuttle service, to the electrical system services such as wiring repairs, and engine controls.

So if you are looking for the best mechanics and all of Oklahoma City, you will love anything. You want to provide you outstanding services, the are very prompt, efficient, and I can assure you that as soon as you are done working with our mechanics, and you will be able to have a safe reliable car. That really is our number one priority care Shepherd Automotive. You want to make sure that whether you are driving on the highway, or some backroads, you have a safe reliable vehicle ticket you to and from work, to pick up your kids, and to run errands.

Now if you do have any questions about what services we provide, or how you can schedule an appointment to have someone work on your engine, or maybe some electrical services like engine controls, wiring repairs, please call Shepherd Automotive at (405) 843-8500. If you’d also like to claim that $25 so that you can have an oil change in your car, so that it will be running more smoothly, go online to, if you provide us with us a little bit of information we can send you that redeemable offer.

Mechanics OKC | redeemable offers

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

If you’ve been looking at your car, and you know that something is definitely wrong, but you just have no idea what it is, you need a reliable company, or mechanics OKC can provide. We really don’t have to drive out of your way to receive reliable service, and that is what you had to do in the past. For now, you try find a service provider that is closer to you, to save on time, and gas spent driving back and forth. That is why many of our clients have left Shepherd Automotive, is because convenient, it’s affordable, and our mechanics offer excellent services every day.

So if you’re not quite sure what’s wrong with your vehicle, or mechanics OKC provides for Shepherd Automotive it can do a quick rundown and maintenance check of your vehicle. This maintenance cycle will go through everything in the engine, to be air-conditioning the fuel injector, transmission etc. you’ll then be able to make notes, and make a proper diagnosis and get to the root of the problem. From there, we will discuss with you what we found in your vehicle, there may be is something that are more relevant or need to be taken care of immediately, while some may be able to wait farther down the road. However, we went make sure that we keep you in the loop at all times, see know what services we recommend and provide, as well as how much it may cost for you.

And while you’re there, you may as well take advantage of these $25 week is used to apply to your first oil change. Having regular oil changes every three months or every few thousand miles is very important for your engine, and for your car to run smoothly. The oil for your engine act as water, and keep it running we all day every day. So if you haven’t change your oil in a while, you’ve been noticing that your mileage has decreased, your car may smell funny, or exhaust black fumes, this could all be signs that your oil in your vehicle needs to be changed, or that it’s running extremely low. So if that’s the case, just go online to our so that you are able to claim that $25 offer.

The come to having excellent mechanics OKC is the city for you. Shepherd Automotive has been there for many years, which means that they’ve been able to bring the wonderful services to Oklahoma City for years. All of their clients have left their services because they are very helpful, honest, and of their prices for affordable for the average family. However, we don’t want you to just hear that from us, we want you to hear how wonderful we were and how helpful you were from our previous clients themselves. That is exactly why I encourage you to go online to so that you are able to see what dreams are made of, and how have helped every vehicle owner achieve theirs.

These Google reviews and quick testimonial videos can be very beneficial and help you understand how our process works. And you can find that by going online to, anything like to schedule an appointment. Just dial (405) 843-8500.