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Oklahoma City, Diesel, repair air conditioning system: what are the components in an air conditioning system on a diesel engine components are similar to gasoline or any other vehicle consist of a starts with a compressor connect. A two lines connected to a condenser condenser is behind the radiator FEMA lines go into the vehicle to an evaporator, and that system is cold controlled by either an orifice tube or an expansion valve, and the refrigerant Serena’s circulates through that system and the compressor pressurizes it Through the high side, the either the expansion valve or the orfice tube determine, is the break in the high in the low side and when the, when the refrigerant is passing through, is coming back down off. Of high pressure to low pressure is when the cooling happens. So the evaporator core is placed right after the Restriction device, either orifice tube or expansion valve, and The Cools right through that evaporator coil and then a fan blows through there to create blow cool air in side the cabin. So the sound simple. But there’s a lot going on. There’S different types of refrigerant original refrigerant was our 12th that was used for about 40 years and then in 1990 to 93. The government require the switch to a more environmentally friendly R134 and now – and I want to say, 2018-2019 – we’re going to go to 12:34. So another change is coming. It’S going to require more equipment and send me a lot more expensive on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair to fix your air conditioner. So why all the changes? Will the belief according to the environmental people, is that the refrigerant, when it is released into the atmosphere by an accident or some other Elite, the dude destroys the the ozone layer. What protects the earth from the sun, and so I try to make the system smaller and more efficient, make the patches way smaller to require less refrigerant and still accomplish the same amount of cooling, which is hard to do so. I continue to work out at work out at work at it, and a lot of the system of these days do not take that much refrigerant. Therefore, if there’s a leak on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, there’s not as much refrigerant released into the air, so why is it expensive to service these systems? We have to have a machine. You can’t just let the refrigerant out into the air. You have to recover it.

Your machine has to be certified certified that it’s not developing any leaks and the Machine has to test the system to make sure it doesn’t have any leaks. When does that, is it performed a vacuum test, Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair on that system, and it will what’s the first test. Is you pull a vacuum and you see if it’s going to hold vacuum and if it holds vacuum that passes the test, the machine will allow the system be filled. You fill it with the exact to dial into the machine, the exact amount of refrigerant and it feels the system, and then you can test the system to see if it going to work correctly. The system has the correct amount of refrigerant and it still is not working than either you have a defective compressor or you have a defective expansion device. So there’s several things several ways assistant developed a leak can get a damage to the condenser. If the vehicle gets in a front-end wreck, Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, it can cause a leak cause the refrigerant to leak out if the, if a line gets damaged and the coolant leaks out refrigerant, I should say, system will not build the correct amount of pressure and Will not cool the vehicle, so the compressors are expensive in the old days you could clean the condenser these days. The condenser passageways are too small and they cannot be cleaned when a compressor fails and distributes. Small particles of metal throughout the whole system actually has it in the process of failing it’s actually pumping metal throughout the system. OKC Diesel Repair is something that you have to fill look at when you’re talking about air conditioning systems. So the the problem comes when the pressures are not correct and the refrigerator is not circulating correctly through the evaporator in the condenser, and it does not cool, and so it blows. Hot air then makes you not very happy when it’s hot in your air conditioning is not building Cool Air. Keeping you cool so a lot of times and was also all of the lines were all they connect.

There are rubber seals that are out all this connection points for those lines get Disturbed. If you take something apart, I can develop a lynx. You always have to replace those connection O-rings on OKC Diesel Repair. Whenever you do anything to a system anytime, you deserve a system. You have to replace the seals cuz, they will not seal back if you just put it back together, so it’s everything you have to do when you service a system. If you have to flush the lines have to get all of that debris out, usually an evaporator core. Is you can clean those? You can flush the lines and get all of the debris out of those, and it’s really nice, because the evaporator core is inside the dash and it’s very difficult to get to very expensive to replace. So we are able to clean the evaporator and flush the lines that we are not able to clean the condenser, which is the part in front of the radiator and nothing you can do to prevent breakdowns on OKC Diesel Repair is to put a screen in front of the evaporator core and then that prevents bugs and debris and rocks from hitting the condenser, causing a leak causing it to build up with dust and grass and dirt helps keep all that out. So the beer flows freely through the condenser, because the condenser on the radiator and these days transmission, coolers power, steering coolers, there’s a lot of cooling going on in the front of that engine area. Lots of air has to flow through different components in OKC Diesel Repair to keep everything cool. So if you get any kind of dirt build-up, any kind of grass and debris build up in the air is not flowing correctly. Then the AC system is not going to work correctly if you’re cooling fan it’s another important component and when you’re sitting still you’re not driving on the highway or depending on that fan, to pull air across that condenser. There’S not air going across the condenser on OKC Diesel Repair. You are not going to have cool air. That’S why? Sometimes you know if your? If your truck is cooling going down the highway, but not cooling at a stoplight and we’re going to check that cooling fan to be sure it’s operational, so a cooling fan, is it a really important part of the air conditioning system pulling air across that condenser?

So if you have a screen from your condenser, you definitely will increase its service life and protect it from Rock beans as long as something doesn’t hit with a line underneath so other way. We test an air conditioning system is to install a die. It’S actually a fluorescent dye that you have a leak to install the die than you run. It run the system if it has a leak, and I will show up at the league point and we can detect it with our black light. It shows shows up really bright fluorescent what that special light OKC Diesel Repair. So another way we can test the system is to put under high pressure and you some soap and water, similar to Lucky wood with a tire be pressured up to about 150 lb and then so cold. The lines of connection connection points down with soap when your trigger bottle, he can a lot of times find a leak that it doesn’t show up with the machine. Sometimes, when the machine is pulling a vacuum, the vacuum effect will actually pull the leak together to where it’s not leaking. But when you put it under pressure, then it leaks. So is another way to test. An air conditioning system is with you putting it under pressure. So that a hundred fifty pounds of pressure is usually enough to find a leak in an air conditioning system, so First Alliance replace the compressor, replace the condenser, replace the expansion device, orifice tube and put it all back together and flush the lines and evacuate and recharge Installed I test retest to make sure you don’t have any leaks at that point on OKC Diesel Repair. You should be good to go at that point with your air conditioning system.