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Today, on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about another accessory that you can add to your pickup over the weekend, I was looking at side by side, UTV’s utility terrain vehicles, it’s a basically a very large 4-wheeler Nana’s room for either two or four passengers And is becoming a very popular recreational vehicle in the United States, one of the things that is interesting because of this trend with ATV’s and UTV’s. How are you transporting you know? How do you get from your house or storage now too, we’re going to ride they’re, not legal on the public, roads, Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, going to talk about options for hauling, your UTV or ATV or snowmobile, or any other number of jet skis at Center, and That is installing a rack on your pickup Joe diesel pickup. It’S pretty neat! If you don’t want to pull a trailer, you don’t have to pull the trailer. If you want to haul your UTV on the back, your truck, you can install a really cool rack system and there’s lots of different configurations. The most basic is you remove your toolbox and it’s like a bed extension. Unless you have an 8 foot bed on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, you and your just hauling like an ATV, it will not fit in the bed most of these UTV’s or 10 feet long. So, even if you have an 8-foot bad, it will not fit inside the bed, but you can just do a Bed Extender and the new TVs are narrow enough to fit in side most pick up meds and you can drive right up in there with a Bed Extender UTV is going to stick out back of the bed, but if you have, I bet extender than you. Can I haul it in that way? It’S actually taking up all your bed space. The next Style is a. It goes up on top of the bed and even depending on the configuration that can just end up over the top of the Cabin Oklahoma City Diesel Repair.

So it’s another really cool option. There different designs, different styles, different materials summer, made out of aluminum summer, made out of steel. Some just have four legs that extend down to the bottom of the bed on the problem with these is it’s a lot of pressure to some at one point, and I can actually break your bed. I can actually cause metal fatigue and ruin the pickup bed. The best kinds are ones that have rails that go the full length of your bed and distribute the weight evenly on the bed floor on your OKC Diesel Repair so because you can imagine it looks precarious having this UTV and what the front wheels up over the top of the back of your cab and the back wheels sitting up over the top of your bed. I’M in this thing sticks up a long way up into the air catches. A lot of air is going to be definitely be when dry hits pretty simple to load unload with the ramp system that are available summer, better than others. Some of the ones made out of aluminum look kind of Whimsy with a little questionable, some of the steel ones that I saw they actually attached to the. If you have a gooseneck hitch, you would have to have a gooseneck hitch that actually attached to the bowl, and it’s pretty neat keep some chips that bad extension from flipping up when you put pressure on the back of it on OKC Diesel Repair. So there are quite a few different options: summer made out of angle, steel, that is welded. Some are bent tubular round tubular Steel summer angle or Square tube aluminum, the ones there are some that it’s just basically like a platform that goes on top of your bed and actually are air and water, not airtight, but watertight, repel water, and you can keep your Bed dry and put your snowmobile or jet ski up on top of the this platform that goes up over your bed or four wheelers too and they’re just a solid. I usually aluminum material there a little wider and they stick out over the edge on Oklahoma City. Diesel Repair of the bedside, so you would have to have trailer towing mirrors to use some of these platform style bed cargo platforms, but really really amazing, all the different applications. There are some that are even hydraulic, tore. The whole platform will hydraulic. Electric powered Hydraulics will actually lay the platform out behind your vehicle on the ground and then you can drive your UTV or ATV or jet ski or Summerville on OKC Diesel Repair.

You can drive it up onto the platform and then it will actually lift hydraulically. The whole platform up and in the right position up over the top of your bed. So it’s for those of you who don’t like pulling a trailer who are going into areas that are tight. Words can’t really pull a trailer or turn around or things of this nature this these. This is a really good option to install a bed mounted carrier. You just have to decide on the different types. You know what time is good for you summer, just a straight ramp. That goes, you know. Basically, it’s just like a straight. I rant onOKC Diesel Repair that that an angle over the tailgate up over the bed top of the bed. These to me, I don’t know if I like that a lot it seems like it would be a little more vulnerable to your tie. Downs failed losing the vehicle, the ones that are flat over the bed, and then they ramp up over the top of the cab and again have a little flat area. Those look to me appear to me to be a little safer and amazingly, a lot of different manufacturers that are getting into this cuz. It’S really popular the nice thing, if you’re just using a UTV as the platforms are not wider than your truck. Your truck is wide enough, so you don’t have on OKC Diesel Repair. You don’t have this platform extending out over your bedside. You know 12 in, like some of them do so you wouldn’t have to have your trailer towing mirrors extended to be able to see around, but the load on the back of your vehicle. So a lot of different options: they’re pretty expensive tune up for ,000. Just for this rack system to me, you can get a trailer on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair for quite a bit less and you can get a really nice trailer for 2 p.m. for that kind of money, but you may not want it trailer.

You may want to just no, maybe we weren’t that investment to not have to pull a trailer on OKC Diesel Repair that’s going to be your decision, but I really need some of them have lights on them. The options are endless, the ones that actually cover the bed and sin keep it dry. They have lights on the bottom so that you can flip the switch and see inside your bed and and access your gear and tools and whatever else you have in there. But job for those of you who don’t like pulling a trailer, it’s it’s a really good option and you may have to add load-leveling suspension depending on how heavy your UTV is or how heavy the ATVs are a regular ATV. You can actually get two of those up on these platforms. You can only get one UTV cuz they’re larger on OKC Diesel Repair. So do your research look at your budget again, if you don’t mind pulling the trailer, you can get a really nice UTV trailer for a thousand bucks. These bed system started that and go up significantly depending on the style that you want so hold on your toys. There are lots of options when it comes to your diesel, pickup and the sky is almost the limit, but you should check out these racks. They look cool, definitely had a lot of hype. You know if you got to you to be up over the top of your cab here you got to know you’re you’re, getting where you need to be careful of clearance issues but Revere options and make a decision on how you’re going to haul your UTV