OKC Diesel Repair | Body damage and touch up

Oklahoma City Diesel Repair talking about body damage, so the first level of damage is a dent or ding that did not scratch the paint, but just left a small small dent or small crease that can be repaired with paintless dent repair. I’Ll talk about the next level of damage, that is where something sharp or metallic fill against the side of your truck. It didn’t and it scratched it. It left a snake Reese chip, the paint all the way down to the metal, and but it still is a relatively small, Saved Baseball or a crease. That’S six inches or less, and let’s say in this example on OKC Diesel Repair that your truck is black and you’re trying to sign in on man. You know what what am I going to do here? I don’t really want to take it to the body shop. I really don’t want to have paint work done, I’m trying to maintain the value of my vehicle. I really don’t want to have to to lose my factory paint. I want to maintain my factory paint or what are you doing that situation? What’S a really good question, the answer? Is you take it to your paintless dent repair person and you have them remove all of the body, the dent the damage, the metal malformation, the abnormality in the metal? You get the metal straight back out for its perfect and but you still have this chip in the paint. What do you do about that on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair? Well, you can. There are guys that just do paint touch-up. They work mostly for automotive dealerships, but it is amazing what a quality paint touch-up person can do to make that spot, that can’t make that spot completely go away, but to the average guy that can cover up that chip or scratch to where it will not catch. Your eye, the problem, is the difference in the Finish catches your eye, and it draws you to that chip and draws you to that scratch. But if you indent, and sometimes that the scratcher, the damage is not all the way to the metal, there still paint nearly all pants. These days are two stage or three stage paints. They are a base coat which is the color and then a top coat, which is the clear, clear coat and a lot of times on a scratch. Just the clear-cut is damage. The color is still there, but it’s not shiny and glossy anymore because it was damaged by OKC Diesel Repair. So you can.

Your touch up. Guy can just go over that a scratch or ding with some clear coat, and you will hardly be able to see it now. Let’S say that this chip went all the way to the metal. There’S no color, there’s no clear coat. That’S all the way down your. In fact. It’S your concern. That’S just Bear exposed metal you’re concerned that it may rust. Well, it will Rust, if you leave it long enough in OKC Diesel Repair, but but really honestly usually takes a while it’s just a chip before it will actually start rusting and normally it will not lift like it will not act like a cancer to where It starts with little chip and then it spreads to where it starts more and more paint start chipping off as the moisture gets between the metal in the paint and lifts it, and then it flakes off. That does not that’s a very rare for that to happen. So, even if you don’t have a a touch-up person, you can go to an auto parts store most auto parts stores will sell, paint touch-up, it’s just a little bottle, has a brush in it and you just shake it up and you dab it on their carefully. It’S kind of like the ladies, that on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair that paint their nails, it’s similar to that type of a brush like a little nail brush and you Superior Paint code to your truck is recorded usually in the information sticker. The build sticker. That’S in the door jamb on the driver side, some of the General Motors trucks. There is a tag in the glove box, but that has all the options and paint codes in it, but most the time, the 10, the driver’s door jamb area you can get. The paint code go into your auto parts, store, give them the paint code and they can find a perfect match, usually very close to your paint color, the very reasonable in OKC Diesel Repair and I think, a little ball of touch of is 12 to Very Reasonable and after your Paintless Dent guy is done, you can touch it up yourself. If you don’t want to go to that trouble, you can find a paint, touch-up professional and have him touch. Probably going to cost you a hundred bucks. If you have that done by professional, but especially if it’s a little bit more damage that professional paintless dent repair person can do a great job and then make your vehicle look great again to wear almost it’s almost not noticeable like you have to look closely, but If you’re, if you didn’t, if you go through this process, you get the dent pulled out, you get the paint touched up and your vehicle is a also a normal color onOKC Diesel Repair You will not be able to tell if you have a really sensitive color like a pearl 3-stage, pearl white or at one of the lighter, l

ike a light blue metallic or some of these more sensitive colors. You will be able to tell more that that thing has been touched up specially on Pearl. Pearls cannot be brush touched you have to if you want to look really great you’re going to get that pan repainted, but most young blues or Reds or whites black brown green, most most colors can be sufficiently touched up to where it doesn’t catch a ride. You don’t see it in the way you know it’s there so definitely recommend for most things: most small damage on OKC Diesel Repair, a paintless dent repair person and a paint touch-up person or your to go to people versus The Body Shop. So let’s talk about the next level of damage, let’s say something really the same, backed into something and it’s a pretty significant debt. I had to push that panel in a couple of inches and it’s on a Bodyline and it’s it’s creased it. What’S the problem that you have now is that metal is heavily distorted? I mean it. Is your you’re not talking about a 8 golf ball-sized dead on the middle of a large panel like on a offender or the side of your bed, you’re talking about like on one of the Body Lines it did got crushed pushed in the sharp angle to it. The metal is stretched on OKC Diesel Repair This is not something that’s going to happen with a Paintless Dent person. This is going to require a body shop, professional someone who can straighten the metal out and then apply some body fillers and then sand it all out repaint the panel and then blend it on the next panels. The problem with nearly every color these days is when you can’t just paint a panel. Even when we have the paint code, it is nearly impossible to match that that paint code. So you have to repaint the whole panel Blended on to the next panel, and you know you, youth. It says it’s expensive to get it done, but it’s important to to go ahead and get it done right. The only other thing you can do inOKC Diesel Repair. This is let’s say you you back into something and you just cave in your tailgate.

Let’S say that you were hooking up to your gooseneck trailer. You forgot to put the tailgate down you weren’t, paying attention here watching in your your camera. Your rearview mirror camera and you just did just stood your brain. Just totally. Spaced out he’s not put the tailgate down and you back that tailgate up against gooseneck hitch on your trailer need is K that gate in that. That is the most depressing thing that can happen is when those types of accidents happen. But an option is to find this. This is actually kind of fun to see if you can find a tailgate off of a new vehicle on OKC Diesel Repair That is the exact same color as your vehicle. That’S got the same paint code. It’S got about the same year. It’S about the same age. I mean it hasn’t been out in the elements for ever like it’s, it hasn’t faded and I can you take to True truck side-by-side one’s been sitting outside all his life and one’s been in the garage. All his life for that paints going to be different, even though it’s the same paint code. She want to find one that hasn’t been faded, hasn’t been damaged, or maybe it can be polished out and and buffed out and and made to look good again. That is an awesome, find save you so much money if you can just find the right color of tailgate and it’s very easy to install and you don’t have all the down time at the body shop so finding another panel, the same color as a really good Option: