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Play on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about body work. What should you do when your truck has been an accident? What should you do when you’re out on your property working on fence and you back into the post and denture tailgate? What should you do when you are loading, something into the back, your truck and it slips and damages the side of your bedside? That’S a big dent in it. What are you do? How do you what it, what is the best way to repair that what’s the best way to approach it on and talked about several different options today, when it comes to Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair and concerning the body that condition of the body paint damage that may Occur first: let’s talk about the situation where you’re loading something in the bed and slips hits the side of the bed and puts a dent in it. What’S a it does not scratch the paint and just put the dent and let’s say it’s the size of a golf ball, or maybe even a baseball, not too deep, but it’s there. You see it looks like you’re, the guy that guy or gal that keeps your vehicle washed clean, shiny, no scratches, and this really bothers you a lot. You’Ve got a big dent in the side of your truck. What do you do about it? Well before you just Trot on down to your local dealership, you should check with a in this particular situation, check with a paintless dent repair person, OKC Diesel Repair recommends paintless dent repair. What is what is paintless dent? Repair paintless means that the body is repaired without doing sanding, priming body filler, painting clear coat and all of these steps Luther the fifty Dent is small enough. The damage is small enough that can be prepared with what is called painless.

This process involves getting behind on the backside of that panel and pushing it back out with special tools how like massaging the metal back into shape. Cuz it’s been bent out of shape. It’S got to be gently nudge to massage back into shape on Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair Wells. That done that’s a good question and there it takes a very special skill. Now you’ve probably seen the and the other gimmicks. I will just use a dry ice. You know, but did she get it really cold around the dead and then hit it with a suction cup? You put dry ice on it all around it and then hit the Middle with the dry ice. El pop that don’t write out have no problem. It’S easier! You can do it in your your own driveway, no problem, you can get the dents out and dry ice. Well, that’s not true you! It does not work that way. It is true that heat and cold do affect the body. It is true that you can manipulate the metal with hot and cool. You can even manipulated with a torch. If you know what you’re doing. Generally speaking on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, you cannot repair your truck on your own in your driveway, with some gimmick method. It’S best to go to a professional that does it every day, so a paintless, proper paintless, dent repair person will use special tools. I usually go in let’s, for example, or talking about your bedside most likely remove the taillight and go in and get into the between the inner Fender in the outer fender on a in the middle of those two panels. In that space, between a special tool, special Rod that he can apply, leverage and the vehicle has to be clean. If you ever watched a Paintless Dent person work, they use lights and they put the light of a certain angle. So reflects off. The paint has special angle, or they can see exactly the pressure on OKC Diesel Repair that they’re putting on that dent on that panel, and it is when, if you find a skilled Paintless Dent person, it is truly amazing a type of damage that these people Can eliminate – and it is still * gnashing – hail damage if they take enough time. I can repair, hail damage, repair, even danced on a crease in the body Sidelines or or on a hood. Let’S say something fell in the hood Struck it right on the body line. A good plan. Person can get that out.

The trick is doing it correctly and not damaging the paint. If you don’t massage the metal correctly on OKC Diesel Repair you will actually crack the paint, and you have to do it carefully and gently gradually, depending on the severity of the debt. But you can get it back out and after a quality, paintless dent repair person works on your vehicle. You’Ll, never know anything ever happened. I take all my vehicles about once a year paintless dent and get to the dings and door dings and stuff pulled out and it’s it is amazing the difference in the way you feel about your car and also the way it looks just getting a few door. Dings out highly recommend developing a relationship with a Paintless Dent person and keeping the dents out of your your vehicle. So let’s say you back to this example: on OKC Diesel Repair You have a dent in that your body side when you take it to the Paintless Dent guy. He says it’s it’s almost too severe, but let me see what I can do and let’s say he gets it. 90 % and you’ll have to be at a certain angle to see where the damage was only in certain light. It’S not perfect, but it’s really close. All that is worth doing it is. It leaves your factory paint intact. You don’t have any repainting done on your vehicle, any repaint, no matter how good they are. There are always signs. You can always find evidence that the vehicle has been painted and won OKC Diesel Repair in the future. If you’ve got it now, ,000 pick up and you want to be able to resell it and say now: it’s never been in an accident. It’S got all the original paint on it. Small paintless dent repair does not count towards the value in your vehicle when every every vehicle and if you drive it and use it enough, is going to get a dinner thing in it somewhere. So paintless dent repair does a lot of things. It saves you money. It’S a whole lot cheaper than having a repaint the panel repainted, its takes less time. It maintains the original factory paint and it helps maintain the value of your vehicle. So paintless dent repair is a excellent.

Definitely a first stop on getting your vehicle back. Looking the way it needs to and paintless dent repair is, is a first consideration on most, I will say well, not all but I’ll, most OKC Diesel Repair minor body damage, and then that includes on the roof, on the doors on the bedside on the tailgate. On the hood, even on the front does not apply to Bumpers bumpers, the metal is too thick and it there is no way to paintless dent repair. A bumper metal is too thick and it when it does not work the way it does on the body shemale. This does also apply to aluminum panels and aluminum panels can be worked. It’S a little bit. You got to have a higher skill skill level, but aluminum body panels in OKC Diesel Repair do qualify for paintless dent repair. The other course I need any Plastics. Those don’t work, but it’s just strictly the metal body panels on the cab for the bed for the tailgate or the front of the fenders or the hood, the a-pillars they can even get into the the pillars beside the windshield. Usually there are some areas like on a door where it has a side-impact bar. Let’S say the damages behind all those bars and it is not possible to get behind those impact, bars and repair paintless dent repair. So there are some situations in Oklahoma, City, Diesel, Repair or paintless. Dent repair is not going to be an option, but it is an option for most small areas: small damage, small areas that can even do a really good paintless dent repair person can do creases as well. Not do no, not a 6-foot crease, but let’s say it’s a 8 inch case for a 6 inch. Something fell against that cause decrease it’s highly likely that that pay, the most in person, will be able to help you with that crease. If it’s not too deep. So when it comes to minor damage on your diesel, pickup paintless dent repair is a really good option that you should consider to save time and money get your vehicle looking the way it should be, get it back on the road and back to tip top performance.