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On Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about braking systems and what all the components are that go on in a braking system. The system starts, of course, with the brake pedal, the brake pedal as what you push on it with your foot, and it connects to the brake master. Cylinder master cylinder is what distributes pressure to the rest of the braking system. The next component in the brake system is the analog brake unit. The analog brake module consists of two parts. The electrical side of it which is essentially a computer and then the mechanical side of it, and it has a mechanical Pistons that can control brake pressure to the individual Wheels. All four wheels can be controlled individually for most modern Alec break units Rihanna. The the next component is the brake caliper. The caliper is what applies the pressure to the brake pads and then the pads connect to the brake rotor and the rotor connects to the wheel hub and the Hub connects to the wheels. So the all of the the system on pickups is controlled by brake pressure and the pressure is distributed by brake. Fluid brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that does not compress nearly at all very low compression rate on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair. The reason for that is brake pressure has to be controlled very closely for you to be able to have very sensitive control over your brakes. So let’s talk about what kinds of issues that we see on diesel pickups when it comes to a braking system. The differences between a diesel, pickup and car is basically everything is just bigger, bigger pads, bigger rotors, rear caliper. Everything is bigger than the other thing that other component that I forgot to mention is brake power. Booster, the brake booster connect between the brake pedal and the brake master cylinder, and it makes it easier. It multiplies the pressure that you apply with your foot to the braking system.

That makes it easier. You don’t have to push this hard with your foot to create the amount of pressure that’s needed to stop the vehicle, so older, most people these days, don’t remember a car being made without power brakes that used to and the fifties and sixties and even into the Seventies, there would be cars that did not have power brakes and they were hard to stop. We had to really put a lot of pressure to Deerfoot to get it to stop and say a brake booster really is helpful in stopping the vehicle and apply enough pressure to the pads and rotors to do. OKC Diesel Repair. Braking systems are very important. The trucks are manufactured in your using were talking about the diesel pickup we’re talking about a three-quarter ton, one ton ton of quarter ton of half as the ones that we talked about, and that starts with addiction, X, designation of 2500, 3500, 4500 or 5500. The braking components increase depending on the weight rating of your truck, and so the braking system is designed to stop the vehicle at maximum weight and excuse me towing capacity, so the brakes when you’re driving your truck around empty. That breaks have really a relatively easy time. If you only drive down the highway – and you don’t tell we’re all very much – your brake pads will last a long time, OKC Diesel Repair is another thing that you would consider when looking at your braking system the so it’s pretty amazing the braking system, the Modern braking systems and how well they work. It’S a well-known fact that people overload their vehicles and even if you have a truck, that’s rated to tow new 10 to 20 thousand pounds, people can exceed that. And then you have a problem with your trailer brakes and then the truck is responsible solely to stop at that load and, amazingly those brakes on a lot of these trucks will do it sometime. I’M not even complain too much about it so on diesel, pickups, Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, it is important to do a complete inspection on your braking system. We are looking for things like brake pad wear how much brake pad friction. Material is left on that brake pads for going to look at brake rotors we’re going to check for warpage in.

Are there a wart? Warping means the surface becomes uneven and as the rotor rotates through the caliper, it applies uneven pressure on that rotor and it creates a vibration transfers vibration into the car. Can you feel that you can even feel it in the brake pedal to wear the car or the truck will start shaking as you apply the brakes? So this is not safe. If you have that type of a issue when you’re getting off the highway and your car starts shaking as you apply the brakes, you need to get that vehicle into OKC Diesel Repair and get your braking system checked. Especially if you are a fleet vehicle Fleet Service Company, it’s important to get those brakes checked. So the next thing we’re going to look at it as we’re going to examine the brake calipers were going to look for leaks, fluid leaks, damaged, piston boots or going to check brake lines. There are rubber lines that connect the metal lines to the calipers, loud suspension, to move and not break the brake line, the rubber lines that connect with each wheel, so building inspectors brake lines and be sure that they are not cracked or kinked. We found one the other day on OKC Diesel Repair, that the caliper have been incorrectly installed, caliper and rotated 360°, and they had kinked the brake line. So that is a major! No! No you do not. You have to be sure when you reinstall a brake caliper that you do not fruit twist the brake line and restrict break flow. It’S very dangerous! So that’s why you always want to have a certified professional work on your vehicle. You were talking about OKC Diesel Repair, so next time we’re going to look at it as the brake lines and make sure none of the lines are damaged. I very rarely in this day and age, do you see a problem with a brake line at see? How much the vehicle’s been driven in an area that has a lot of salt exposure?

You can get a break line that Russ out, but most of the time metal lines are okay and spect. The anti-lock brake unit we’re going to be sure that there are no codes stored in the computer, something that could damage the. I love the braking system. So if there are no codes, no analog break or brake lights coming on the dash and we’re going to assume that everything is okay with that. Normally, if anything is wrong, it will indicate a code on OKC Diesel Repair. The next thing we’re going to inspect is the brake master cylinder or going to be sure that the pedal you have a firm pedal. If you come up to a stop and your pedal goes all the way down or goes down than it normally does it’s an indication, your brake master cylinder is developing a problem. They can bypass and not apply the correct pressure. Allow fluid to actually slip by the brake piston inside it and create an unsafe breaking situation. So if you feel, if you ever noticed a difference in your pedal height or the pedal pressure, feels different, you recommend getting your truck into OKC Diesel Repair as soon as possible. You have your braking system checked. The next thing we’re going to check is the brake booster or most of the brake boosters on a diesel. Pickup are going to be hydraulic, the power for the boosters generator from the power steering pump and we’re going to inspect and make sure there are no leaks and we’re going to test it for operation. Be sure it’s applying the correct amount of boost. When you apply pressure to the pedal, the other thing that’s super important is to keep clean, fluid Forester brake fluid every two years or 30,000 miles, keep fresh, clean, fortified brake fluid in your system as well as flushing the power steering system, so that you have fresh Fluid in the boosting side on OKC Diesel Repair