OKC Diesel Repair | Buying new or used

OKC Diesel Repair how do you decide if you should buy a new truck or buy a used truck and if you’re going to buy used truck and how many miles, how old these types of issues? How do you make this type of a decision when you’re going to purchase a diesel pickup? That is how I wrote a really good question. Cuz, you know when you buy a older used truck you you know. In the back your mind, there is a potential for breakdowns potential for needed repairs potential for needed maintenance. You probably are going to be investing in that vehicle, especially if you you don’t know that service history on it. You don’t know what kind of shape it’s in and what should you do? If you should, you buy a a new truck? Should I buy used truck and we’re going to talk about the different options there on OKC Diesel Repair when it comes to making a diesel pickup purchase decision, it depends a lot on the application, and what are you going to do with this truck? What do you need it to do? Are you going to? Is it going to be used everyday? Is it going to tow heavy? Is it going to be your family vehicle? He just want a little bigger truck to pull or pole for family events, and what all do you put all you trying to do with this vehicle? So those are really good questions that you need to ask before you start head out to make this purchase decision. The other thing you need to know is: what are your finances like? What do you have for cash? Are you wanting to pay cash for a vehicle, or are you going to borrow money and make payments on Oklahoma City Bistro repair generally, if you are, generally speaking from a financial point of view, buying something brand-new normally is not the way to go. However, lately the way the economy in the way things have changed, sometimes you can get a great deal on a brand-new pickup and sometimes the used truck Market. Let’S say: you’re, comparing a one or two year old, very low mileage truck versus buying a brand new one. Sometimes you can get a year and model you can get last year’s model. You can get at find a leftover truck that no one is purchased on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair and it’s it’s a great deal.

You can get a great deal on a brand new truck. I know a guy who bought a Dodge at 5 50 in there had been a dealership that had ordered 10 of these trucks identically specially configured for one of their really largely customers, and then the fleet customer cancelled the order after the trucks that already arrived, and So the dealership – and I I can’t imagine being in their shoes to wear you’re stuck with these specially configured very expensive, diesel-powered, pickups and the day because of the color because of the configuration of the dealer had to dress Glee discount these trucks on OKC Diesel Repair Repair to get some salt now they’ve been sitting on their lot and their original customer was not going to purchase them and they had to sell these trucks at a significant discount to get rid of them. And so my friend got a great deal because he didn’t care about the color. He just wanted a good truck and a good deal, and so he was able to purchase a brand new 5500 Dodge Cummings turbo diesel 4-wheel drive for less than he could have purchased a 1 or 2 year old truck with five or ten or twenty thousand miles. On it, so that’s another thing: you know consider all of your options when you’re looking to purchase a truck. If you are looking to go colder, let’s say you have a budget of ,000 on OKC Diesel Repair ,000 is a 10-year old truck. I mean it. Doesn’T get you a diesel pickup really hold its value, especially if it’s in good shape play a diesel normally or run two or three or four or five hundred thousand miles if it’s kept up and properly maintained. So that’s something you need to keep in mind if you, if you need a diesel pickup, you can drive them a long time and it’s really it’s worth investing in. Even if it’s an older truck but keep in mind that diesel maintenance and repair is more expensive than a gasoline truck. So have your budget in mind on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair have a budget in mind of what you want to spend on the initial purchase price and then also have a budget for repairs and maintenance.

It’S. It would not be unreasonable to plan on spending two or ,000 updating the maintenance on your truck if you purchase a truck that has a hundred a hundred or more thousand miles on it very normal to see diesel pickups with a hundred and fifty to two hundred Thousand miles on them for sale, they just run a long time and that’s a hundred fifty thousand miles on a well-maintained truck is less than half of its expected service life, especially if you run up and down the highway. All the time you can highway miles are really easy on OKC Diesel Repair pick up highway miles are really easy unless of course, you’re doing Heavy, Hauling or Towing, which is harder on the drivetrain and suspension. But if you’re just doing, let’s say you’re, hauling or Towing 2000 pounds or less now, that’s a very easy load for a diesel pickup, let’s say you’re pulling an RV RV trailer, that’s an easy load for a diesel pickup and I wouldn’t be afraid to purchase in A diesel pickup that had pulled an RV around the country generally, an RV owner, is very meticulous on their vehicle and their RV cuz they’re living in it, while they’re on vacation or possibly they’re, retired and driving around the country on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, and they Know, that’s they depend on that, so they keep the maintenance up, keep it in good shape. Now you can tell a lot about a use. Pick up this from the exterior. What is the paint like? What is the interior light? Does not have a lot of wear on it? What are the tires like and are there leaks underneath so a used truck is a good way to go. If, if you want to pay cash, it’s generally, even if you purchased a used truck and let’s say you purchased it for 10 to 20 thousand and then over the next five years, you spent another ,000 on it and that’s not unreasonable and you’re. Still out less and roulette say, on the other hand, on OKC Diesel Repair then you purchase a brand new truck and you driver for 5 years. You don’t have the repair costs. If you would only use truck, he would still have some maintenance expenses that you would not have repair cost of mom, but you would have you would pay, at least in that 5 years, that truck would lose at least on Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair, 22, ,000. In value purchased a brand new, so generally speaking, if you have a good repair shop that you trust, buying a quality used vehicle investing in a new still going to end up with less money less cash outlay, especially if you’re financing a brand new truck. You don’t have cash to spend on a brand new truck.

Do the interest alone, either you’re going to end up paying over the life of the loan is going to add up so on OKC Diesel Repair. You need to calculate the full cost of ownership. Interest amount, payment, amount, maintenance, amount, that’s going to include tires and everything else so, generally speaking, a used pickup purchasing a used pickup and in repairing and maintaining it over. All your cost of ownership is still going to be lower than if you bought a brand new truck. I make a bee out this unless you’re a big Fleet company – and you drive a lot of miles. Let’S say you: you buy brand-new trucks and you drive in a half a million miles. Well, that’s going to be a little bit different on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair. You can buy brand new trucks and have a really Stellar maintenance program and driving along time. It’S probably not worth it because you’re trying to keep your Fleet uniform, trying to keep your Fleet the same on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, it’s worth it to buy the same truck from the same Fleet salesman and every time develop that relationship and then have the truck Serviced by the same every time – and you end up having a lot less headache with your Fleet., Your cost of ownership is lower. Your maintenance costs are lower and you get more out of those trucks when you do an aggressive maintenance program and drive them consistently and take care of them. So two options by new buying used either way you’re going to have to invest in the maintenance and repairs on your trucks to keep that diesel engine trouble.