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Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about the different sizes of trucks and how you decide where to get your truck serviced. There are a wide variety of diesel medium duty trucks there are made by a lot of different manufacturers. Isuzu General Motors make some Ford, of course, falvo Freightliner Mercedes. A lot of these people make medium duty trucksso. How do you decide where you’re going to take your your diesel-powered diesel engine vehicle for repair? Well, it depends on the application. You can have a motorhome and recreational vehicle that has a cummings diesel engine and we work on pickups Dodge pickups that have a cummings diesel engine. So how do you know where to go for OKC Diesel Repair? It would make sense that we work on Cummings in a pickup and why shouldn’t we be able to work on a Cummings Engine in a motorhome. Same applies to a lot of other, and cummings makes a lot of different applications for their engines and the the bottom line. Is it comes down to the manufacturer of the upfitter, whoever is making the RV. Where was making the cabin chassis box truck? You can take a look at the International International makes a lot of medium duty trucks, and some of them are kind of small and the same way with a Ford you can have like a Ford f600 Ford F700 in a Ford f600 is very close on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair to the F-550. So what’s the difference, what is the difference between an F-550 on f600 or an F700? Well anything over. The answer is in the chassis rating. The chassis and an F-550 is rated at one and a half tons. So the – and it is also still based the 550 – is still based on the pickup cab and pick up chassis. When you get above that until the f600 F700, it goes to a what’s considered: a 2 ton chassis on Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair, and so that makes a difference. The chassis determines how the repair information is divided and there is a major dividing line between an F-550 and an f600 F700 you they. That is a considered medium duty and they don’t work release that information to General repair shops like myself. Unless we want to purchase a separate subscription for medium-duty repair information, so the what that means is we do not have access. That means there’s a whole different line of scan tools that are required to work on the medium-duty chassis for international or Sprinter or Freight liner.

There are a lot of different manufacturers, a lot of different scan tools required what and different repair information. So that’s why we’ve had customers with a Cummings straight 6 diesel engine, motorhome recreational vehicle, no call up in OKC Diesel Repair in little Sable. Can you work on my RV, you guys service my Dodge Cummings Power, pickup diesel pickup. Can you work on this motorhome as well cuz and I like to take all my stuff the same place and we actually tried that a couple times we tried you cuz. We want to make our customers happy and we tried to work on these RV Cummings powered RVs, and we couldn’t do it. We could not help Oklahoma City. Diesel Repair is different when it comes to the medium duty trucks same way with other manufacturers. There. A lot of foreign you, European manufacturers, laptop manufacturer, RV and put a Cummings Engine in it. We had one that we had never heard of before show up on our drive and the guy says: well, it’s got a Cummings Engine in a thought. You guys were diesel. Mechanics we are diesel, mechanics, we we we perform diesel engine repairs in a diesel. Engine repair is what we do. However, we cannot work on your truck. It was like a Peugeot or something something made in Europe and the guy couldn’t figure out. Why can’t you know how come it’s the same engine that they put in a Dodge pickup and we say yeah it is, but the controls are different. The computer is different OKC Diesel Repair has different computers, different scan tools that are required to service that particular vehicle and hand. This man was not happy, but he had to to pick it up and take it somewhere else. So there is a definite division in the industry when you’re talking about diesel repair, there are diesel pickups, there are medium duty trucks and then there are the semi trucks. The big trucks lot of shops will combine semi trucks and medium duty trucks, but not many people work on pickups and medium-duty and semi trucks. It’S just too different when you say well, if they’re all diesel-powered vehicles, that’s true, but the engines are very different.

The controls are different, the fuel injection systems are different turbochargers, it’s all different. Everything is bigger and heavier in a semi truck, obviously, and it’s much more difficult when you’re looking at OKC Diesel Repair to decide where to take your vehicle, we had a guy wanting us to just do a simple battery test on a semi truck same situation. Is so where you guys work on my dad’s diesel-powered pick up, and I will just do this actually stop by with his semi truck and said hey, I just need a battery test. Tell me to tell him sorry: we can’t do it and he couldn’t understand, and why can’t you just a simple battery test? Why can’t you guys test it? Well, we can’t test it because it takes a different tool. It’S a different system on a semi truck. Then does a pickup truck have to have a different battery tester different scan tools, Oklahoma City Diesel Repair is different when you’re talking about a semi truck or a medium duty truck or a diesel-powered pickup. So the these are a lot of things that you have to consider when you’re deciding. Where should I take my vehicle and there are actually shops that just specialize in the medium duty? Now they don’t work on the package. Trucks for UPS and FedEx work on a medium duty – and I was talking earlier F700 F700 – is a popular chassis for U-Haul trucks. So it’s the braking systems are different. I have 700 has an interesting. It’S like air over hydraulic braking system combination of two different styles when it comes to OKC Diesel Repair of a different styles of braking systems. A semi truck has a it’s all Air pneumatic powered braking system F700. Is, I don’t know what they were thinking? I guess it’s just the Best of Both Worlds: a hydraulic over air, so that’s just a whole different animal and we are not able to to work on that to accept that to a medium duty truck service center to get the brake system work on worked on. So it’s really different.

It’S interesting the medium duty trucks like your Internationals, Lowe’s delivery vehicles, your furniture, delivery trucks are those are international: let’s have to go into an international dealer or a special medium duty, truck service center that works on those trucks and has the scan tools and hand tools And the different testers that are required to work on a medium duty truck, so the emission systems are different. The emissions are just now starting to require DPF filters on a medium duty, truck and semi-truck this, or that in the last few years, used to the emissions requirements for different. If it was Abe of a certain weight, rating did not have to have diesel particulate filter on it. That you’ll see. If you know what you’re looking for you look underneath a Lowe’s delivery truck or a an international box truck right, U-Haul truck and you’ll see a weird-looking exhaust system in the exhaust pipe just doesn’t come back like it used to when Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair and dump Out behind the cab it? Actually, you can actually see how Luke’s around inside this DPF filter. Then it comes back out and dumps in about the same location behind the cab. So it’s so really interest. How do you Mission controls and how those are configured on the medium duty trucks and we would love to work on them eventually, but that’s just not something that we do at this time. So there’s a big difference between the pickup trucks, the medium duty, trucks and the semi trucks lot different systems and requires different tools. Do something that you have to be aware of. Recreational vehicles have to go to a different place than a pickup truck, so keep those in mind when you’re looking at OKC Diesel Repair and drive safe out there,