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Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, with talk about the components of an engine a diesel engine Foundation, is the crankshaft. The crankshaft is the rotating assembly at the center of the engine that connects everything together connected to the crankshaft is piston rods, piston rods, connect to the Pistons and the crankshaft is mounted inside of the block, and it is covered by the oil pan. On top of the block is the cylinder heads the cylinder heads contain the valves and valve the has also contain if it’s an overhead cam engine, which is most trucks today, and I have a camshaft on top of the cylinders, and all of that is connected with A timing chain and everything rotates and is connected. The problems that develop is the crankshaft main bearings get where, especially if the vehicle is not service correctly and the tolerances become too great and the crankshaft is not held firmly in place. It develops movement that lowers oil pressure and can even start to Rattle around and knock, and that is a very bad sign. If you ever hear that happening. The worst case scenario is, it can come a part to wear a rod. Piston Rod becomes disconnected from the crankshaft right on the compression stroke in fire stroke and it can actually blow the piston in the rod right through the side of the block. This is considered catastrophic failure on OKC Diesel Repair. So we don’t want you to get to that point. That’S why we recommended oil change every 5000 miles every every engine wears overtime and that bearing material become suspended in the oil and if you do not change the oil, it time increases the rate at which the bearing material is warm down. So it’s important to keep a fresh clean for to find diesel rated oil at the proper weight and side. Your engine and oil changes same expensive on a diesel motor approximately for an oil change, but it’s well worth it much much cheaper than doing a engine replacement. So the other thing that can happen is a piston can break. The Piston is around cylinder. Looking piece of metal Beyond it produces the power.

Has the fuel and air mixture explode on top of the Piston? It forces the Piston down there, five providing the power to rotate the crankshaft. The crankshaft is what connects to the transmission and provides the power to move the vehicle. The other thing that happens with the crankshaft is on the front of it. It connects to all of the accessories rotates, there’s a pulley on the front of the crankshaft that connects to through a belt to the alternator, the most of time, the water pump, the power steering pump, sometimes we’ll be a vacuum pump. Sometimes it’ll be a fan and the crankshaft provides the power to turn all of these components that run the various systems on your truck engine components on OKC Diesel Repair the next opponent we’re going to talk about is the cylinder head. Let’S talk about the bounce and what is a valve valve is a round piece of metal that closes and opens the camshaft provides. Power provides Leverage, The overpowers, the springs that hold the valves closed and the as the camshaft lobe rotates at provides, lift and left open. The valve allows fuel if it’s an intake valve allows fuel into the cylinder if it’s an exhaust valve it allows. The spent gases to Escape exhaust gases is the leftover product of the fuel and air mixture after they explode exhaust as what’s left over and said that as the exhaust valve opens, the Piston comes up to the top of the cylinder it pushes the exhaust out into Your exhaust pipe and out through the mouth her out to the tailpipe, so this process happens very quickly and if you have an 8-cylinder engine, there’s a cylinders producing power, Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair at a very fast rate.

A diesel engine is can be likened to a big air compressor. Turbocharger is pushing lots of air and through the engine the valves are opening and closing makes the combustion explosion is happening. The rotating mass of the crankshaft, the the valves, the connecting rods, the Pistons camshaft, the accessories, the flywheel the transmission. This is the rotating Mass says that mass rotates it produces. All these different kinds of things are all happening very quickly, extremely interesting, so a diesel engine does not have the the RPM capacity of a gasoline engine a turn. How much and a slower rate hey the average diesel engine will not sustained RPMs over 3500 revolutions per minute. The average gasoline engine just about any car can sustain revolutions per minute of 5502 6000 revolutions per minute. So almost gasoline engines are almost double the rotating capacity of a diesel engine Oklahoma City. Diesel Repair is different than gasoline. The diesel engine, because of the high compression, builds torque at a very low RPM, much lower than gasoline a gasoline engine build its peak torque and horsepower at around 5000 RPM. Unless it is a racing engine. Diesel engine build its peak power at approximately 2,000 RPM Peak torque 1800 to 2200 RPMs, build its peak torque and produces its peak horsepower in about 2500 RPMs to ,000 PM’s, so lot different animal, of course, more gears more shifting. That’S why, on a semi truck, you will have up to Neil 15 to gears lots of gears on a semi truck is cuz. They they just don’t have that white of an RPM range should have to keep shifting and keep you working out through the gears to go from a dead, stop to a to highway speeds. So other interesting thing about a diesel engine is, it does not have spark plugs the fuel and air mixture. Fires based on compression compression is so high.

Is that boost Fuel and air molecules, compress OKC Diesel Repair they all of a sudden the pressure. The pressure build heat all of a sudden that mixture explodes shows that piston back down and produces a tremendous amount of power. So it’s pretty neat, there’s not an ignition system on a diesel engine like there is in gasoline with the spark plugs and all that diesel engine does not have an ignition system. So that’s why it’s important to keep fresh oil in it. Keep it fresh air filter. Keep fresh fuel filters just have to keep all of those components clean. The fuel injection is different. The fuel injectors fire at a higher pressure than gasoline some of the modern gasoline engines different OKC Diesel Repair is because there essentially copying some of the diesel technology to try to get increased fuel mileage out of gasoline so more atomization of fuel and the diesel Engine is very good atomizing the fuel and they’re very efficient, very efficient burn, very efficient power, very efficient with the fuel and diesel engine on OKC Diesel Repair is very efficient, very powerful. That’S why you have to have a Turbocharger is to to make a lot of power as it compresses more fuel, more error. And then, when that piston comes up, there’s more volume of air to explode. When OKC Diesel Repair