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Today, on OKC Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about exhaust, what are the different components of an exhaust system on your diesel pickup? The first component is the exhaust manifold. The manifold collects the exhaust out of each cylinder and guides it into the exhaust pipe. So if you have an 8-cylinder engine, there are two exhaust manifolds one on the left side. I want on the right and they each have four ports in them, that connect to the cylinder head and then the the manifold distributes the exhaust from each cylinder into one pipe and almost diesel pickups those two pipes combined into one larger pipe and then the exhaust System is guided out the rear of the vehicle, so there’s a lot of different components in the exhaust. The the white pipes are one of the how you described the pipes that combined into one that’s called a y-pipe the. If you have a 6 cylinder engine in the Cummings pick up you’re only going to have one exhaust pipe one exhaust manifold does. The cylinders are in a straight row that the exhaust manifold has six holes in it that connect to each cylinder and then one large opening that connects to the exhaust pipe. What are the semi trucks are only have 6 cylinders as well and said they Connect into one pipe on OKC Diesel Repair. The next component is going to be a essentially a catalytic converter or a diesel particulate filter depending on the age of the vehicle. This way this component works is it super, heats the exhaust gases and burns in the unspent fuel. The way the diesel particulate filter works on trucks that are 2,000 sees me, 2010, 11 and newer is it will be in general, actually inject additional fuel just for the purpose of heating up the diesel particulate filter, to want to say about eight or nine hundred degrees And maybe a thousand degrees and it burns super super, heats the exhaust gases and collects Bigfoot further refined, the Sutton collection. The next component would be a resonator purpose of the resonator is to reduce the noise a little bit more than the year.

The Cadillac converter or the diesel particulate filter and that feeds into a muffler and the muffler is what controls most of the sound. And then the muffler, the next to the tailpipe that goes out the back, usually over the rear, axle and out the right side of the back of the vehicle. Another component is on a lot of the trucks, is a the exhaust pipe tip on OKC Diesel Repair. The tip is honestly kind of a the way that manufacturers have met. Emissions controls and the a lot of the exhaust tips have a little open. Psiphon openings in a man actually siphons fresh air into the last 12in of the exhaust system, so that it essentially dilutes the exhaust gases in it passes an emissions test that way so have an interesting way. The lot of Manufacturers have met. Strict environmental standards is just with that exhaust tip, so there’s a lot of components in this exhaust system and the key to high performance diesel engines is to get a lot of air into a lot of air and fuel mixture out, and so the, if you have A race truck where it does not drive over the road say you are a drag, racer or a whole. You do. I’ve never heard of a tractor pull the. They also do that with diesel pickups 4 wheel, drive in 2 wheel drive trucks, so the if you have a race truck you’ll, see exhaust systems almost completely eliminated and the exhaust just coming straight off of how off the engine and there’s no Muffler. No Wi-fi. No catalytic converter, no DPF filter, none of that and so there’s absolutely zero restrictions and on a turbocharged engine, there’s even more more of a redirection of diesel exhaust gases that actually comes out of the exhaust manifold through the turbo and then back down to the diesel.

Particulate filter and, through the other, various components of a resonator, muffler and tailpipe, so the turbocharger is actually powered by the pressure of the exhaust and it will spend the trouble up pressurize the air going into the engine and create more boost pack more air and fuel Mixture into the cylinder secret, more power cell, so turbo engine has a little bit of a detour for the exhaust power and going through the turbo. So some of these, these race trucks, will have multiple turbos on them, go from one turbo to the next to the next, some of them having for turbochargers on and producing, ultimately, over 100 pounds of boost pounds per square inch of boost on a diesel engine, so OKC Diesel Repair we’re talking about exhaustion, exhaust systems and how they all work race, truck it’s legal to remove those emissions components. The Deep diesel particulate filter, the muffler, the tailpipe, does not legal to remove those components if you’re driving your truck on the street. So but what you can do is you can install larger diameter exhaust high performance, DPF high performance mufflers that will flow more air. You can go usually a stock diesel exhaust system is around it. Three three and a half inch exhaust diameter 3 popular to go to 4 inch ribbon 5 inch, exhaust and DPF and Muffler resonator combination in flow more exhaust out the tailpipe. So this increases the amount of air in fuel get through the engine and you have to have a special cold air induction to increase the air flow into the engine, see if you get more air out on OKC Diesel Repair so the diesel engine there are Lots of different components and exhaust system is no different, so there are a lot of different brands that are different manufacturers of aftermarket. You won’t find any Factory high performance exhaust systems is, are all aftermarket.

Manufacturers have to install an exhaust system that meets strict emissions standards and there are no high performance options. There are aftermarket companies on OKC Diesel Repair that do offer greater flow exhaust systems that you can use on the street on your everyday. For truck that, you do a lot of Towing and Hauling with your trying to get more power out of it, you can install a high performance exhaust system along with a high performance air intake system. You can also do injectors higher performance injectors. You can do reprogram. The computer to push more air in fuel through the engine once you’ve told the program what kind? What kind of exhaust that you have? And there are companies that do a great job of of still meeting emission standards, but allowing you to get more power and even fuel economy. Out of your truck just by making the engine Flow Free, rear air in and out, and it has to work less and still produce the same amount of power that you need for towing and Hauling and get better fuel economy. So lots of options when it comes to exhaust for DPF filters, resonators Mufflers y-pipes, don’t see it to off on a diesel running dual exhaust you’ll see also running Stacks in, like out the bed. Splitting one pipe in the two running backs out the bed to make it makes it look more like a semi truck, so there are several different configurations on exhaust systems that you can do on your truck to make it to your liking to your style. I’M not your preference on OKC Diesel Repair exhaust systems today. Thank you.