OKC Diesel Repair | Fall Maintenance

Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, as we go into winter, fall and winter. What are some things you should think about doing on your diesel pickup? Well, that’s a really good question. How long has it been since your cooling system was tested? How long has it been since you had your oil changed your tire checked your drive line, fluid serviced? Is your 4 wheel drive in good working order? Are you going to do you have some hunting strips? Are you getting ready to go hunting this fall? Are you going to be doing some Towing? Are you going to do you have any trips? What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you going to be going on a trip and Hauling some equipment? You know some utvs and ATVs, and things of this nature have you got some recreational vehicles you’re going to be transporting on OKC Diesel Repair you if you have not on your list, look in your cooling system if you’ve not serviced your cooling system. When I say service your cooling system, that means flush, your antifreeze, that means install a cleaner run and then flush. The old antifreeze out, bringing the new antifreeze in install a conditioner to make sure that cooling system is protected for winter driving. The it’s important to be sure that the antifreeze is capable of protecting your engine during cold weather. It’S also important that it protect your all of the metal components from corrosion. The anti gross of capabilities of the antifreeze need to be checked on OKC Diesel Repair. If you’ve not check that in a couple of years or changed it, we recommend flushing that cooling system. The other thing that’s important is tires you when we talk about falling winter, driving, the possibility of freezing precipitation and, depending on what part of the country that you live in Moraine you need to check those tires. Is the tread depth? What is your tread depth? Look like is the thread wearing even Lane. Do you need to possibly do a rotation and get an alignment you’re, not having even tire wear? Do you need to replace your tires in what traction drops off drastically after for 30 seconds? It’S been proven after test after test, even though the legal limit is two 30 seconds for 30 seconds is a time when you need to start evaluating. Do I need new tires on my Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair? So definitely the legal limit is two 30 seconds. If you have to 30 seconds or less, you need to replace your tires or, if they’re too old.

If they are approaching 9 to 10 years old, they’re, not safe, you need to get him off your vehicle. They cannot have what you going to have a blowout cause. An accident caused injuries, tire bolt, I may have plenty of tread, maybe on your old Jeep and you don’t drive it much, but you need to replace those tires if they’re approaching being ten years old – and there is a date on the tires you can tell when They were manufactured and you can replacing based on the date. You don’t have to guess all they are. They is required on every Tire sold. The United States at the date be provided so check. The dates on your Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair be sure the tires are not too old check the tread depth on him. You want to start thinking about replacing tires once the truck is getting below for 30 seconds and 3/32, especially to if you get pulled over and you have to 30 seconds or less. You can get a citation for faulty tires. So that’s another reason you don’t want to get a citation just for I’m not doing what you need to do anyway. Just adds to your expense, so go ahead and get those tires replaced. If you need to that’s a good idea where time you put on new tires to get your front end alignment checked, you don’t want to. If your front end is out of the line you’re just going to ruin, your new tires you’re going to reduce your fuel mileage and you were going to reduce the longevity of those tires on OKC Diesel Repair The other thing you should look at is brake fluid. How long has it been since your brake fluid has been serviced, brake fluid, collects moisture if you’re, let’s say you’re going to do some Mountain driving you’re going to the mountains and mountains have long steep declines? Are you coming back back down the mountains and you’re using your brakes? You don’t want to overheat your brakes and actually lose them contaminated old, brake fluid can actually boil, and at that point you you, you lose brake pressure, and this is this can be disastrous. So get that brake fluid changed if it’s old, it’s not doing its job, it’s also affecting the interlock brake control system on your diesel pickup, so get that brake fluid changed. If your brake pads checked tires and other thing you can do with tires, as you can install nitrogen on OKC Diesel Repair nitrogen creates, I am more stable air pressure and does not lose him. Every Tire loses air pressure over time, and it’s just the way it is.

If you have a spare tire on your vehicle and it hasn’t been checked in several years, it’s probably lost all its air pressure and nitrogen nitrogen does a better job. If not losing pressure overtime, then straight here, so make sure you have a good spare again. If it’s old, you need to replace your spare room, because when you need it, you need it. You don’t need to be out in the middle of nowhere and have a flat and then put your spare on, and then it blows out because it’s you know, 12 or 15 years old, OKC Diesel Repair. It’S important that you have your service proprietor check. Your spare be sure it has pressure in, it be sure, is up to date. It’S not too old, be sure it has tread. You know what you some people will he want to get new tires, will take one of the old tires and put on the spare rim, and you can do that if the diameters are the same and that’s actually a good idea, take the best tire and install It on the spare, when you get new tires that way you have that usually on most vehicles that are driven daily you’re replacing tires every three to four years or two to three years. Even so, you can get a fresh new retire put on that spare rim and it’s ready for you whenever you need it. Another thing is: if you have a onOKC Diesel Repair you have a lifted truck or you’ve installed, larger-diameter tires on it, and your spare is still the old original Factory Heights spare. No, it’s not going to work for a while. If you’ve got to a 30-inch, sparing you got 36 inch tires, are 35 inch tires. That’S not going to be good for your truck to drive it very long like that so recommended. If you switch to a large diameter Tire to go ahead and buy a spare that has the same diameter of the tires you have on the ground, if you’ve got larger than about 33 34 inch tires on your vehicle. It may be hard to get that spare to fit back up underneath the bed where it belongs. He may have to install a spare tire mount in the bed to keep your spare with you on OKC Diesel Repair, but it is absolute foolishness to head out on a trip and not have a good spare for your diesel pickup, and that applies to your Trailers, too, for that matter, be sure you have a good spare for any trailers that you head out across the country with not having a spare can make a inconvenience into a emergency.

You can be stuck on the middle of nowhere and and be vulnerable to people who have bad motives and bad intentions. I can see you as an opportunity there on the side of the road, and you don’t want to be stuck in that situation. So be sure you have good spares for your truck and a new trailer that you’re pulling the other thing for full is make sure that the windshield washer fluid that you install in September is going to be rated for the colder weather onOKC Diesel Repair. You want you, do not want your windshield washer fluid to be freezing when it gets down below 32 degrees. So winter mix insulation on your on the windshield washer fluid. If you have still have Summer Mix in there and you want to install some winter mix and run it run it a little bit to get the winter mix through the lines. If you have a cold front coming through in the weather’s, going to turn cool, make sure that all the lines have the winter mix when the windshield washer fluid in there, so the lines don’t freeze. Another thing is power. Steering fluid. Has your power steering system been serviced when it’s cold and you got old fluid in there that power it’s hard on that power steering system on OKC Diesel Repair to work properly. If you got old contaminated fluid, so get some fresh clean425 power steering fluid installed in your vehicle. Same thing applies to Driveline fluids, your transfer case your front and rear differentials need to be sure the levels are correct and that the the flu it is in good shape. You don’t want contaminated, especially moisture contaminated fluid in those components, especially if you park outside, if it gets really cold and fluid, gets thick if it’s not old and it does not protect those gears the way it should so keep fresh fluids get over the check to Check her out pressure, washer, fluid antifreeze transmission, fluid be sure all your fluids are up-to-date before you head out for winter driving.