OKC Diesel Repair | Finding a good Tech

Turn on OKC Diesel Repair, we’re going to talk about technicians and the. What are the differences in technicians? How do you know if you have a good technician? What are the some of the things that you can look for our questions you can ask when you are looking for a good diesel technician, repair technician to work on your vehicle, the first, the first thing as experience. Second thing is education. Third thing is certification, for thing, is character was talking about character first, what is what is our definition of good character? Character is hard-working honest treat people the way here. She would want to be treated on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair. What are some of the other things to look at tools? What kind of tools does this person have you? The volume and the quality of a technician’s tools, speaks to their experience and how serious they are about their job. If you have a technician, who has lots of very nice tools and tool boxes, they have been on the industrial while they have earned the ability to purchase quality tools. Therefore, they can do more work in less time and they are considered professional, a technician who states how good they are, but has not invested in tools on Oklahoma City. Diesel Repair is likely not going to be a good technician. There are good technicians who have been in the industry for a while and have not been able to invest in tools, but still are able to get a lot done with basic tools, but those are not the norm. They’Re the exception character is important. Tools are important. Education is important, will talk about different ways to get an education to work on a diesel pickup the couple different ways you can go to school. You can go to Vocational Technical Training.

Go through a diesel program with these programs is they focus primarily on semi trucks. They do not focus on pickups. The only really good training on pickups is through the dealers, Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair dealerships manufacturers. They offer training programs on the diesel pickups, but unless you’re a dealership technician, you do not have the ability to go through that type of training. The other way to get education is through Parts suppliers, Parts suppliers bring in professionals they put on classes, continuing education classes. It is still a good idea to go through a diesel program at the at the Vo-Tech, even though they do focus on Diesel’s. You do learn a lot that you can apply to working on a pickup in the certification that training diploma does help does demonstrate that you have the ability to study and learn and listen and pay attention and get the class and be a responsible person on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair. The next thing is certifications, ASC, the automotive service excellence. They are the one of the main governing bodies with you. If you will on certifying automotive repair technicians, people in the industry, certifications by ASE, are really really important. They are a respected name. I recognize organization that Tess and trains technicians on Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair, technician, training is important. Certification through ASC is very much desired. What’S involved in ASE certifications, that’s a really good question, ASE certifications or it’s a process of going to an ASE testing location, paying the fee going through the exams, and there are how many different certifications. There is a certification for brake and suspension. There is a certification for engine Diagnostics, engine repair Transmissions. There is a certification for alignment. There is just too many for diesel repair. There is just many different certifications that you can get on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, so the more certifications that you have, the more credibility that you bring to an employer: employers looking for character, certifications, experience tools, ability, skill, we’ll talk about skill.

Let’S say that you’ve gone through school, you have worked in the shop for a couple of years, you’ve been able to test for your certifications and you got number that’s another thing about the ASE certifications is you can just go down and take a test and get The certifications you have tests, we combination of knowledge being able to pass the test and also experience until you found someone who will let you work on OKC Diesel Repair in a shop for a minimum of two years. You cannot test and get your ASE certifications. So most shops will allow a person who is serious about being in the industry to come in and Apprentice under a Master Tech and get the experience they need to become certified. So that is how it works. The next thing we’re going to talk about is experience. How long should one before you’re comfortable letting someone work on your vehicle? How long? How many years of experience should you ask for on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair? That’S a really good question. The answer is the more the better, I would say at least a couple of years. 5 years is preferable, but a really good technician will pick up quickly. They will understand the basics, the Wonder stand the operation of the engine they will be able to. Since they understand how everything is working and what it’s supposed to do, it’s easier for them to troubleshoot, there are technicians out there that are just what we consider Parts Changers. They do not have the ability to diagnose. They do not have the ability to to figure to understand what is going on in the engine and they have a hard time figuring that out in providing an accurate diagnosis on OKC Diesel Repair. So it’s so there’s a full diagnostic and repair. Technician makes really good money because of the because of their ability, their character, their experience, their tools, they command large amounts of money, how’s the technician. It is a difficult job. There are so many variables how to technician has to pay attention to and be sure that they understand, and if checked, you cannot guess at what’s wrong with a vehicle.

You cannot guess what’s wrong with your diesel pickup. You have to know for sure what is wrong on OKC Diesel Repair before you turn in your diagnostic to the front office and have them sell work. It is a major disaster if you do not know for sure what you’re doing and you do not provide an accurate diagnosis. There are many tools to assist a technician in accurately diagnosing there’s a pair of formation. There are bulletin boards, there’s Google. There are many ways of getting more information and figure out exactly what is going on in creating an accurate diagnosis, so tools, time experience, training character does not necessarily mean that you have a top top notch. I’ll, stick and repair technician, there’s also work habits if you’re, Not organized if you don’t on OKC Diesel Repair, if you are not keeping your work area clean, putting your tools away, you do not work efficiently. If you allow distractions to interfere with your thought process, you can forget things. You can forget where you were those many things that you look for in a technician: skill, experience, training, certifications, character, you need a person, an individual that has all of these qualities, two to provide an accurate diagnosis and a good repair on your diesel pickup. So continue to look and search until you find a shop that has top-notch