OKC Diesel Repair | Flood Damage Vehicles

On Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair work and continue to talk about flood-damaged Vehicles based on the recent events in Texas and Florida, the problem with a flood-damaged vehicle can be expensive. Let’S talk about on this issue, we’re going to talk about a vehicle. That’S been deeper water. It’S actually, let’s say that the flood waters came in side, the cab of your truck. Let’S say you ended up with only approximately 45 inches of water in your truck another words that covered the floor of the truck, but it did not other vehicles all the way. Submerged this is another level of flood damage on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair. So let’s talk about the components that would be affected by 4 to 5 inches of water in side, the cab. If you’re of your truck the looks like about the components that are involved at that level, the moisture contamination – so, of course they would include the the components we talked about last time. The differentials the brake system coming inside the vehicle, though that’s a whole, enters a whole new realm of damage. The first level of concern is the bacterial contamination of the carpet the carpet padding that has to come out it. It can be cleaned and disinfected, but that’s not the main concern is I let There are some electrical components that are affected at this point there is there all wiring harnesses that run underneath the carpet the there are. Some vehicles have computer modules underneath the carpet or underneath the seat. 45 in of water may not touch the seats. There’S usually you know six to eight inches of space between the floor and the seat, but often times they’re. There may be an electric motor on the seat that is affected, certainly the seat belt modules, airbag modules, airbag wiring harnesses those will be affected at that point. Normally, the main computers are not affected. At this point, the engine computer lot of the computers inside the dash are not affected at this point, but there is wiring harnesses and some modules that are affected. So, let’s talk about you know: can this vehicle be salvaged?

Can it be fixed on Oklahoma City Diesel? The the problem with moisture is that it Wicks it travels, doesn’t stay in one place. We will travel in side wiring harness. I can actually travel. You know. Every wire, copper wire is stranded in side of vehicle is not a solid. Copper, like it is in your home, an OKC Diesel Repair. The wires are stranded, copper, wrapped in rubberized plastic insulation, so I’m problem with a wiring harness is even if it looks dry on the outside. If it’s been underwater the actual moisture Kenwick up inside the copper strands of wire and it travels, it looks a your vehicle set in this type of water for a week, and so I had plenty of time for that water to travel through the wires and he Even in two components – computers modules that were not submerged taking a step back talking about moisture-wicking we’ve had some Vehicles. Both GM and Ford, rear glass has a problem with developing leaks. The the glass will lose it seal or maybe possibly a third brake light will lose a seal and when it rains, you’ll get moisture inside the cab and it will run down in side the back of the cab and a lot of times. You won’t notice this issue, you may notice a funny smell on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair inside your vehicle, but you know you figure. Well, I do know, there’s a a sandwich bag or a you know, a french fry up underneath the seat, but I can’t see. That’S probably all it is and you’re not aware for not paying attention to the timing of it. Let’S say you noticed, but only after it rained you start realizing, hey, there’s a pattern here, it’s not just after I go to Whataburger.

It’S lose more of a pattern on OKC Diesel Repair two after it rains and then the car sits for a couple of days. You notice the smell, that’s something you need to pay attention to: don’t ignore that that is a serious problem. Dealing used to be so, it’s no big deal. It’S just a little bit of moisture. You know it’s not going to hurt my vehicle, I’m not worried about. I don’t have the money to fix that or get that checked. You know if you own a computer controlled vehicle. You can’t afford not to get that checked and fixed OKC Diesel Repair.  Moisture contamination is serious business because what happens is the moisture Wicks up inside the wiring harnesses wakes up inside the computer modules that are under the seats in the seats under the carpet under the insulation, the wiring harnesses that underneath the the carpeting inside the vehicle? So you have to pay attention of those, so it is serious business. If you get moisture inside these harnesses cuz, you cannot clear it out and it may dry out eventually, but it can take a long time for that to dry if your wiring harness is filled with moisture OKC Diesel Repair, flood damage is something you have to Be very, very careful with no, you can the problem with this type of damages. What say you and you decided hey? I don’t want to make an insurance claim, I’m just going to pull my seats for my carpet. I’M going to dry everything out, put it back together and me and myself and I’m going to just going down the road. I don’t want to affect my insurance, you. I don’t blame you for that. That’S a valid concern, making a claim on your insurance. But what happens is let’s say you do that and you’re you don’t notice any issues with your vehicle LOL.

Do you know if they’re there is a chance that you’ll be fine, but there’s also a greater chance that, as that moisture contamination is in there on OKC Diesel Repair, you can have problems and they may not show up for 6 months. It may take 6 months for the corrosion to build up enough to where it’s going to affect your airbag system. Your power seats, your power windows, you’re, all of the different, your stereo system, only different electrical components inside that truck. So it’s it’s tough. You know it if you just use just right on the edge. You know if the water did not come inside the cab. You know I’d, say you’re golden once you get water inside your cab. Oh man, it’s just it’s just not good! So the you could try. It you know you could try on OKC Diesel Repair and drying it out and going on down the road, but chances are especially if you have like an hour or two or three or 05 or newer truck. It’S not going to be good for you just because there’s so many electrical components and they’re so sensitive, especially an airbag system. Airbag systems are very sensitive, and understandably so there there’s just a lot on the line and that system has to function perfectly. So you can dry your truck out, but there was a high-risk probability of further problems, further complications on the road that you know unless you have a it’s almost like, unless you’re willing to go to the trouble and expense of buying a wrecked vehicle on Oklahoma City. Do you to repair that has not had flood damage and you were going to switch out those components? That is really the only way to be sure that you will not have problems down the road is to replace the wiring harnesses all the modules again. You know the carpet carpet, padding can be cleaned, but the electrical system cannot be cleaned once it’s contaminated, it’s contaminated and we’re going to need to continue to either replace that vehicle or replace those components and get your vehicle back to a safe and reliable point of Being able to use it,