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Today, on Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair we’re going to continue talking about flood-damaged Vehicles, concerns questions, things that you need to be looking for, be aware of. If you have been affected by this type of tragedy. The previously we’ve talked about two different levels. We talked about on the first level where the water does not come inside the vehicle just comes up to the bottom of the vehicle and affects the drive axles, Drive Line breaks. Secondly, we talked about the next level where it gets inside the cab, but is not submerge to it gets up a few inches inside the cab affects the carpeting, some of the wiring. In a few of the modules we’re going to talk about the next level, which is nearly will basically irreversible damage, it’s completely catastrophic if the water gets say up. Let’S say the water got up to the bottom of your windows. So at this point I water is completely throughout the vehicle. It is covering the seats it’s covering the center console covering everything except the top of the dash and the steering top of the steering wheel. But the steering wheel self is underwater, the engine is underwater. Every mechanical component is completely underwater at this point, and this is irreversible damage. Every computer, every module, 1995 % of the wiring harness at this point – is underwater. The engine is underwater, the engine has water inside it transmission. At this point, water has filled the transmission, the transfer case, the differentials through the vent tubes. Even if you have a 4 in 3 to 4 in inside the cab, there is still a chance at this point that your differentials would be okay, because the events off and run up higher than the bottom of the vehicle they. But when you have water simple feet of water in it is, it is catastrophic

. This vehicle you could steal. The other is a slight chance that the vehicle would dry out eventually clean out the engine. You can get the vehicle to start, but it would never function. Normally – and it would likely never start through the 1 or 2 % chance of the vehicle would even fire at this point, because water is in side the engine. It’S inside the fuel injection system, it inside every module, every wiring harness every connector on the specially. If it’s set for very long you’ll see people that will drive their vehicle through water and it may Splash up over the hood and get inside the cab a little bit. But it’s then that the engine Never Dies and it doesn’t have a chance to soak. And let’s say they drive through a river or something, and so it’s just a momentary wave of water that comes over the top of the hood. This is completely different from what we’re talking about on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair. This is completely different because it is just a momentary doesn’t have time to soak. It is essentially a wave doesn’t that the dash was not affected and didn’t get inside the engine. The everything is still functioning, but none of the didn’t have time to soak into the wiring harnesses on Oklahoma City. Diesel Repair, it was just the sensuality of a very momentary wave of water still is not recommended on a modern computer operated vehicle to drive through water. That deep, but it still possible on OKC Diesel Repair to survive a momentary wave of water that gets up to the bottom of your windows. But if it has sat for any any time at all, you’ll see YouTube videos of people, loading or unloading, a boat and for whatever reason the parking brake doesn’t hold or the ramp is slippery and it slides down into the water that is catastrophic. That vehicle is is completely submerged.

It’S totaled, especially if the vehicle is running on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair. If the engine is running sucks, water inside and we’ll go in through the air filter into the engine, while the engine is running because what is called hydrolock, essentially one or two of the cylinders fills up with water and while the engine is running and that pressure Benz, the rods breaks a piston break the crankshaft, because water is not compress like Ergo, so it stops the engine all of a sudden on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair and causes catastrophic engine failure cell. The airbag modules at this point are completely submerged the clock spring inside the steering column is ruined and be all the electronics in the dashboard are ruined the seat. Warmers, the airbags, Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair. Everything is catastrophic and you can drive the vehicle out and you can clean it up and it will look fine, but it is a paperweight, Oklahoma City. Diesel Repair does not recover from a Ford like this, so you may say what is this vehicle good for good question and what can you do? What is valuable on a flood-damaged vehicle? Well, basically, the only things the valuable is body parts sheet metal. The seats are ruined, the interior is ruined the engine transmission, all the drivetrain is ruined, but the all over rebuildable, all of the mechanical components are rebuildable. You could pull pull the engine out, pull it apart, clean it all up, put it back together and it would be the engine itself on Oklahoma City. Diesel Repair would be okay if you pulled it apart, freshen it up, replaced all the gaskets cleaned it out clean. The water and dirt and debris if it was running repair of the broken components and their rebuildable same way with the transmission and transfer case OKC Diesel Repair differentials are okay as well for rebuilt. So all the mechanical components are would-be rebuildable. All of the electronics are junk. You cannot repair the wiring harnesses. You cannot repair computer modules. So, basically, if you wanted to rebuild the mechanical components – and you could use this sheet metal off of it unless on OKC Diesel Repair it was salt water, you would not want to use those fenders. You know if it was a salt, water contamination, salt to set up in side the scenes inside the fenders and there’s no way to get that all out.

I suppose, if you took them off and wash them out power wash them out, you could make him work, but I would not want a vehicle. I would not want anybody parts installed on my vehicle on OKC Diesel Repair that have been exposed to Salt, but if that’s not the case and doors, fenders Corso pick up a tailgate Wheels. Obviously the tires are fine. The grill, the lights would not be acceptable. On OKC Diesel Repair especially if they’re hid, my all, you could put new bulbs in them and dry them out. You can probably use the housings, but not not in the electrical components on the lights and mirrors. I would not want to mirror that since emerged as have electric motors in them inOKC Diesel Repair, obviously the glass she could use the glass out of it, but will not recommend the lights any of the interior angle, electrical components basically rebuilt mechanical components. You could use the body parts bumpers, those would all be okay. The any of the trim pieces will be okay, plastic trim pieces. You could use those on OKC Diesel Repair in the event of a flood-damaged vehicle, but the main Electronics would not be usable at all, so it it’s definitely tragic to experience a flood. The changes, a lot of things with your vehicle. It’S irreparable damage if the water has been up to the windows, the power window motors are ruined all the components inside the doors, electric door, lock, actuators, again, electronic components and wiring. These are things to look for. If your suspect, your vehicle’s been flooded, you can pull the door panels. Look inside the doors, look for water lines, look underneath the carpet for dirt lot of things. You can look for on flood-damaged vehicles,