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When Oklahoma City Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about flooded vehicles, what are all the risks and what happens when a vehicle gets submerged in water, and why is that such a bad thing? Why can’t you simply drain the water out of it air it out? Let it dry out and change the fluids in it and put it back on the road and that’s a very good question. We’Re going to talk about that today. The recent hurricanes and flooding in Texas, George 500,000 vehicles that were damaged. What is a lot of vehicles and granite? There are varying degrees of damage, let’s say let’s say you have a Ford diesel pickup and you want to know on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair. What is the extent of the damage? Let’S say this: pickup was sitting in a parking lot and you could not move the truck. It was too late. The roads were flooded out around your vehicle and you had to leave it and the water came up to the bottom of the cap. So it did not get completely submerged. The water came up to the bottom of the cab, I’m not gay, but it did not go in side the cab it just came up to the bottom of the cab and the 4 wheel drive system the axles. Those were submerged for what’s a week and it took a week in a year. Your vehicle was stranded. You could not move it for a week, but you can tell from the water line on OKC Diesel Repair that it did not go above a certain level. The bottom of the cat came right up to the bottom of the cabinet and when you got to your vehicle, the carpet is dry. You know for sure that water did not get inside the cap. Okay. Well, that is a you know. If you were going to put levels on a flood vehicle, that would be a level 1, in other words, that some minor that vehicle did not sustained catastrophic damage. You a worst-case scenario in that situation, is you have to I’m so so much water? I say that there was an issue with the axle seals on OKC Diesel Repair and water got inside the axles and it sat there for a week and it was dirty, muddy water. You have dirty muddy water, that sat in side, your front, rear differentials and it got into your transfer case a little bit as well or bat. What is the worst case scenario in that situation?

I don’t care what anybody says that vehicle is not totaled. You will have people who claim try to claim that Vehicles totaled, but there is no way it’s total worst case scenario is he would have to rebuild both differentials and there’s no way, even at the transfer case, if it didn’t go into the cab transfer case is Not even completely submerged the axles would be completely submerged with transfer case would most likely just need a fluid service on OKC Diesel Repair. So you could get by worst case, rebuild the front differential, rebuild the rear differential. All new bearings gears Seals Everything they got all rusted up in there, which is unlikely that it would be that bad, but anyway, you’re looking at in a 03 Grand Prix for Grand Max on a 2030 50 60 ,000 truck. You know that’s nothing. So Dad is not a reason: a total vehicle there is a even even in that situation there is a 50 to 75 % chance that all it needs is fluid changes and you could get by with that, there’s a chance that it didn’t even get any moisture In side the axles, even sitting under water for a week on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair in there is a great possibility that there is nothing wrong with that vehicle. If the seals are good, the vents are in place. There is a very good chance that there is nothing wrong with it. You could literally hop in it and drive it. You would definitely want to take it to the repair shop and get the fluids checked. There is a very good chance that that fluid would come out of there clean fresh in without any moisture contamination. So in that situation, all you would be out of the diagnostic. Now I take that back even in that situation, even if there was no fluid contamination. I wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and, and then just change, I’m just to be sure on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair that you have clean, fresh four to five fluids there, so you could change. You could actually change all the components that touch the water. You know the front rear, differential, the transfer case and transmission that would really cover it, but that should be very adequate. I mean they’re. There is a very slight chance that your brakes might get rested up and I need some work, but even then that would be just very slight small remote chance that you would.

You would get any brake damage until it’s the thought about you and worst case scenario on your brake system. Okay, let’s say your truck set underwater for a week up to the bottom of the cap. Wheels axles were submerged. What should you do with that point? OKC Diesel Repair would recommend worst-case again. Worst-Case is replace the pads and rotors and flush flush, the brake fluid. If you have an older vehicle and one of the brake piston calipers boots a piston seals is damaged and you got water, you would have to replace the caliper. That would be worst worst case on your braking system. I am there again it most likely would not need anything. I’M in let’s say let’s say it was really muddy: water, okay, we’ll take it to the car wash and wash out the wash out the wheels wash off the axles now blow all the dirt. Out of the brakes and do a brake fluid flush, and that would be a good Baseline idea anyway. Cuz you’ve probably got more than 30,000 miles on that truck in Oklahoma City. Diesel Repair just go ahead and and flush the brake fluid, while you’re at it. Okay. Well, let’s say some surface rust buildup on those rotors and you had just replaced the but let’s let’s say you had just done a complete brake job on this vehicle two weeks before the flood and it has 400 miles on it. What would what should you do in that case and if the rotors were Rusty? Well, you would just take the rotors off. You wouldn’t even need the surface um we could just stuff up the surface, get the rust off so that the rest is not doesn’t get impacted into your brake pad material. Your friction material, this take you have your shop, take it all apart and clean it all up clean the rotors, make sure there’s no debris stuck in the brake pistons on OKC Diesel Repair and look at the past few Scuff, the pads clean everything up real Good Lube, the slides that would be a concern now that I think about it. The caliper slides, if the seals are not good on those and then get water in there and rest, and you would need to replace the slides or at least clean and lubricate, replace the seals, but braking system is made to withstand Water Granite. You know it’s not not right to sleep completely submerge those brakes and axles all the time, but they’re made to withstand a certain amount of moisture.

So what say you had to rebuild worst-case replace the brakes, replace the rotors when OKC Diesel Repair Frost, the Blake, brake, fluid flush, change, the differential fluids change, the transmission, fluid transfer case fluid, and I were talking. You know, six, seven Grand max. If that the rebuilding, that actual so a truck that I received water up to the bottom of the cab is not totaled, so I’m sure there’s lots of insurance agents out there right now. Looking at that and evaluating and making decisions based on how high the water gone up to taking the vehicle, the let’s talk about a car, let’s say a car was sitting in the parking lot and it just got water up to the bottom that you again the Bottom of the car it didn’t actually come inside the carpet is not wet and most cars that would barely cover the tires on OKC Diesel Repair, let’s say: you’re driving a diesel, Volkswagen Jetta. You know that car sits low to the ground. It has a diesel engine in it, it is diesel-powered and you are wanting to know it is it damaged? The answer is likely know if it just came up to the bottom of the car that car sit so low that it wouldn’t have even gotten into the brakes. It would not have gotten into the any of the axles any of the wheel hubs. Any of the wheel bearings do that car is going to be fine, you know just wash it off and in and go I mean, there’s there’s not anything that we could possibly get ruined if it did not get into the axle hubs.