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Play on OKC Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about the evolution of fuel injection on a diesel engine. The original diesel engines were mechanical fuel injected know what this means is that there is a mechanical pump, that’s driven usually by the engine timing chain or timing. Gears – and it is has to be timed perfectly with the camshafts and crankshaft and all the other time and components so that it precisely fires each injectoras right before the compression stroke. So, in other words, the fuel is injected into the cylinder right as the Piston is coming up to creep impression. The system was was very reliable on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair heads work. Well, for many many years I mean the original diesel engines were in had to be injected because of the high pressure required to disperse student to atomize the fuel enough to where it would burn explode Under Pressure. So I don’t know the exact original date of the one the first diesel engine was made, but it was back in the early nineteen-hundreds somewhere most there were a lot new industrial Marine tractor-trailer. The first semi trucks had diesel engines, agricultural most tractors have diesel engines. You know from way back on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, so so the way that works is there is a injection pump that is controlled, I’m by the timing chain or timing gears. Some of them don’t have a train at all, and it’s actually a gear that meshes with gears for camshaft crankshaft install a ride along with the other gears, and then there is a there are mechanical or excuse me, metal fuel lines that go from the injection run Up to each injector, most of these engine, we’re talking about is like a straight-6 type engine.

So all the injectors are right there in a row, and the injection pump is on the side of the engine and it’s pretty simple to run the metal injection lines. Have them custom made to fit Pikachu injector and then the injector is installed and the cylinder head and it injects the fuel just to write the original diesel engines or injected into the not directly into the combustion chamber, been into the intake runner, and so it was Basically, right behind the intake valve you would have the fuel injector is. The original injectors were not made on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair to to withstand the direct combustion forces. So so these you’ll see mechanical fuel injection even today on some tractors, Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair, you’ll. Still see some mechanical fuel injection on water be like Kubota Tractors are still mechanically injected. It’S just a very when that system is working correctly at Super reliable works and long long time, many hours of many hours of reliability and just a really good design. So what what’s changed in the world of diesel fuel injection? That’S a really good question: it has become electronic the snow longer. A mechanical pump actually controlled electronically on a lot of the the newer engines – and this is this – is different, so the fuel runs from the fuel tank to the injection pump to the injectors and they’re controlled electronically. The computer controls when each injector fires in that it’s not a mechanical thing anymore. The OKC Diesel Repair in high pressure pump builds the pressure, but then the injectors are electronically fired by the computer at precisely the right time.

So this gives the computer the ability to control more put more fuel in a hold injector obrum open, longer farther injector more times and a different times in the compression stroke and allows them to a lot of things so more complicated, more Electronics, not nearly as simple As an old, completely mechanical diesel engine, the worst thing about one of the old engines on OKC Diesel Repair was, if you got air in it, it was sometimes it took a while to get that blood out of a diesel engine does not like it. When you run out of fuel super sensitive to air in the lines they do not fire, the injectors do not work. It’S. It’S can be a pain. If you that’s, why you do not want to run your diesel engine low on fuel, you run out of fuel and you’re asking for trouble, so it’s nice to work on the old systems. The they also did that on gasoline engines, like the first Corvette. The can’t was mechanical fuel injected in the fifties – big stuff back then to have a fuel injected engine in your Corvette and they Noosa as pretty good system. I may want to work. It works good on OKC Diesel Repair but they didn’t build it for a lot of years, just because of the reliability. It was not, as it was not as simple as the old carbureted engines, and it was more sophisticated, require more maintenance and with more finicky but a diesel engine. Mechanical fuel injection news, very reliable and was not designed that way for many many years. The newer engines, though, or controlled by computers and still have obviously have fuel lines going to each injector, but the mechanical pump just bills the pressure it doesn’t accept the timing on when he change actor is supposed to fire, that’s all determined by the ECM or engine Computer on the computer runs a lot of different sensors and sensors on the crankshaft sensors on the camshaft temperature sensors. There’S so many things that go into reproduction of the combustion process and it especially with the emission systems on the diesel engines.

Today, it requires more precise control of everything going on to create the most efficient burn possible, not have leftover Fuel and create the Max on that power. The big change is Ben direct-injection, the last few years. This means on Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair that the injector is mounted directly into the combustion chamber. It’S no longer behind the valve, it’s actually in the cylinder and fighting for space with the valves inside the head top of the cylinder. So why did they go to direct injection to very good question? A reason behind that is again: creating cleaner burn, more control, they up the pressure. Some of the itemization is great, actually get a cleaner burning process when they feel is injected directly into the cylinder. So it really is a good thing on Oklahoma City, Diesel, repair, direct fuel injection and direct Electronics fuel injection in your diesel engine and creates more power, better fuel economy, lower emissions, more torque, more horsepower. The downside is that the one you do not have fuel in your intake system – you don’t have anything to clean a fuel is actual so a clean, clean carbon off the backside of the valves. So the downside is, you have to do more maintenance. You have to do fuel induction services or you fog, a chemical into the air intake and it cleans all the carbon buildup off of the intake. Runners intake manifold, the back of the valves, and it keeps your engine running efficiently on OKC Diesel Repair To keep your fuel mileage up here, emissions down and your power and torque up keep the engine running efficiently, burning fuel efficiently. Also, the old the quality of your oil affects this. To as it allows old oil allows combustion products past the Rings new candidates, the oil, and so you want to keep fresh, clean, 425 Doyle and range of this will also help keep the keep the carbon buildup keep your engine running more efficiently when you are keeping It a serviced and running your direct injection diesel engine on OKC Diesel Repair. Keep it running officially, keep your oil changed to keep it in good shape.