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Today, on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, I’m going to talk about some of the different services that are needed on a diesel engine. We’Re going to start with the water pump. The water pump will talk about. What does the water pump? Do you may ask water pump? Does exactly what it says that pumps water? How do you make soil? I don’t have water in my engine, I have antifreeze, that’s correct. Antifreeze is mixed with water and it’s just become known as a water pump instead of an antifreeze pop, so it pumps the antifreeze through the engine through the thermostat through the hoses through the radiator back into the engine, the radiator cools. The antifreeze circulates back through the engine, gets heated back up, pulls the heat out of the engine and also provides heat inside the cab. The radiator cools the antifreeze, but they’re still it only me and cools at 200 degrees or so sore, still plenty of heat there to heat up the interior of your vehicle whenever you are driving in cold weather through the heater core. So one fan and radiator cools and the other one evaporator coil to use my heater core and fan blow warm air into the cabin of the vehicle and keeps you warm while the radiator keeps the engine cool. So cooling system does two things and it’s pretty neat. How that works so on OKC Diesel Repair the water pump is often an issue that has to be repaired in there are different types of water pump failures. It can leak from the gasket where the water pump mounts to the engine. It can link where the bearing is it rotates the off and most of the time the fan cooling fan is part of the water pump or the cooling fan mounts for the water pump, not always half the time used to be all the time the water pump Was turned in conjunction with the cooling fan these days? A lot of trucks have electric fans, though so she’s turned by a belt and sometimes turn by the timing gears depending on who makes the engine but the bearing the wrote the bearing that rotates. That shaft can go out and can become loose.

The seal internal seal can go out and cause water to leak or antifreeze to leak. So there’s several different things that can go on with the water pump. The majority of the time when a water pump fails that develops a leak. You start getting cooling outside of the engine on the ground, you’re saying that you’re smelling it and I’ll bring it in for service, so water pump replacement is one of the things that has to be replaced. Another component on many diesel engines is a vacuum pump and there’s also vacuum reservoirs called pods sometimes have to be replaced. Reason why a diesel engine has a vacuum pump is it is, does not produce vacuum to run your accessories like a gasoline engine does on OKC Diesel Repair you sometimes have to replace that vacuum pump. You’Ll notice that some sometimes the heat and air controls don’t work correctly. This is mostly on Vehicles. Older, older diesel vehicles from what’s a 2005 and older. The new ones are mostly electronic, and the braking system is mostly powered by Hydraulics. So power steering system Powers the brake system, so you don’t notice vacuum losses much, but there are a lot of things that a vacuum pump will do and sometimes they have to be replaced. Sometimes the reservoir developmentally can, I won’t hold back in because of the cracked vacuum Reservoir called a pod. Another issue that comes up as it’s called a high pressure oil pump. What do you make say? What is a high pressure? Oil pump high pressure oil pump on many engines? Many diesel engines actually fires the fuel injectors.

I know that sounds weird cuz. You think oil pump all that supplies oil pressure to the engine, or not talking about that. That particular will pop the pressure has to to fire a diesel injector off and has to be 3000 psi or more so it’s easier to achieve that through high pressure oil. So the lot of the manufacturers – Ford, international OKC Diesel Repair decided to use high pressure. Oil pump to fire the injectors, so you’ll get a Ford 6 liter engine in and it will not run at all war. It will not restart hot or if you have to use starting fluid to start at which we do not recommend. But it’s one of the ways you can test the truck fires off. It may have a high pressure oil pump. That is going bad once the vehicle is running. It can maintain enough pressure, turkey for your car running, but cannot make enough pressure to started cold. So high pressure oil pump, something that we do often replace, and that is something that you want to be sure that your diesel repair shop provides is a do. They do high-pressure oil pumps, generally speaking, there’s gaskets fittings in that oil system, as well often times when you replace a high pressure oil pump. There are other seals and gaskets fittings that need to be replaced. Just has a you’re taking it all apart. You may as well replace those parts as well so going to recommend replacing but high pressure oil pump oil, rail seals on OKC Diesel Repair. Another component that goes out is a cylinder head. Cylinder head will develop a crack or it will warp and cylinder head. Gaskets will leak that head has to be removed. It has to be tested if it test. Okay, you can resurface it and make the mounting surface true again to where it will firmly and evenly attached to the engine block and provide a seal. It is harder to get a diesel engine to seal, especially if you have tuners and extra turbo boost in high performance. It can blow out that head gasket seal. So that’s something that you want to be careful of when you’re, considering adding a tuner increasing the Boost is how strong is that engine?

You don’t want to blow a head gasket if you’ve already repair that upgraded the fasteners. You can’t get away with more boost on your diesel engine. The other problem, with speaking mostly about Ford 6 liter heads, is the the area where the injector says the injector cup. It can also leak around that leaks, coolant around it, so those have to be replaced. Often quit sealing properly related some debris in there it’s best just to replace them. If you’re going to all this trouble, do you know how to check the valves make sure the valves are good on OKC Diesel Repair? So those are a lot of things with regards to the heads cuz I mentioned previously. If you replace the heads or resurfacing Marie Parham, you need to upgrade the Fasteners. The head cylinder head bolts to good idea to upgrade to AARP, head bolts and studs do not stretch. I provide a more more reliable tension and I do not scratch overtime, so we recommend ARP head bolts and studs when you’re replacing cylinder heads, especially on a diesel engine, the increase pressure, increased boost and Company increased compression required to fire the diesel fuel in side. The diesel engine, the animal, also is best to. If you have the cylinder heads off go ahead and replace the valves in the valve seats valve stem seals Springs while you’re testing and why you have them off just go ahead and remanufacture the cylinder heads. Unless it’s you know, if it’s a super low mileage vehicle, you can get away with not doing that, but we recommend doing a header in remanufacturing the cylinder heads. Will you have them off if you’re doing the head gaskets the stay on the Ford 6 liter diesel engine in OKC Diesel Repair