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Today, on OKC Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about high performance, diesel engines, Performance, Diesel, racing, High Performance, Diesel power, we’re going to talk about the world of Performance Diesel and what all is going on in diesel power racing diesel-powered vehicles are becoming a mainstream product. In the world of drag racing, the reason why diesel power is different – it’s Unique in a lot of people are doing it a little more and more people are these days and it’s reliable. It’S tough when you set it up correctly on OKC Diesel Repair a diesel powered vehicle is sounds different acts different. The power is laid down differently and it’s really interesting. People are taking classic muscle, cars, Chevelles and Camaros 60s 70s, really in a year and removing the gasoline engines and installing diesel engines a lot of met, a guy who does Duramaxes and he’s using the Chevrolet Duramax engine and stalling it in the same muscle. Cars on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair – and it’s really interesting it you have to replace the whole sub frame and drivetrain half has to have a custom frame made to withstand the tremendous torque. Diesel engine produces a lot more torque than a gasoline engine. That’S power! It’S down low and it’s really just a whole new world. That’S very interesting, so is building a new chassie. The factory chassis goes away suspension the factory, the original engine, the original transmission original drive, shaft original rear differential, as well as all of the original mounts for like the rear differential. All of that has to be replaced and fabricated on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair to withstand the tremendous torque and horsepower that is available from a diesel high performance diesel turbo charged engine, a the main transmission.

That’S used with a General Motors Duramax engine which is actually made by Isuzu, is Allison. Allison makes transmissions for semi trucks that, when General Motors came out with the Duramax in 2001, they were able to get Allison to partner with them and build, and an amazingly, reliable and tough transmission to put behind that 6.6 liter turbo charged diesel Duramax engine Allison. If it has an Allison or an automatic transmission behind a Duramax on OKC Diesel Repair, it’s going to be an Allison automatic transmission and they are Factory very tough, but they have even more amazing ability to be built tough to withstand in a lot of power. If you, if you juice up your engine in in your truck, you can be rebuild the Allison automatic transmission and put high performance parts in it to understand the power. So so on these muscle cars. They build a new chassis and it’s and I have to strengthen the body because some of these muscle cars, particularly the Camaros on Oklahoma City Diesel, Repair in the late 60s, were a unibody meaning they had a chassis that bolted to the body in the front and Then the rear suspension bolted onto the body, it was not a full frame vehicle, so nobody has to be strengthened and fabric has to be a reinforcement added to the body to withstand the torque and so does just ripped apart and twisting half when you hammer down On the accelerator so you’re going to get into serious racing, it requires basically a full cage, basically a full to frame if you’re, just a casual driver.

You don’t have to do a full cage. You’Re not going to be completely honest. I sub 10-second quarter-mile power on OKC Diesel Repair. You don’t have to do a full roll cage and, if you’re going to be 11 12 second car in the quarter mile, you can beef up the chassis, beef up, the subframe and beef up the amounts for the rear, axle, the rear, driveshaft and differential unit beef Up the mounts on that put the stronger axles and gears in it and it will withstand that Diesel power, so the world of drag racing. There’S all kinds of high performance applications drag racing. There is pulling usually it’s done on dirt. You can on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, you can do a two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, pickup truck and there are different classes. Different power rating rated trucks in the two wheel, drive in the four wheel, drive classes and Duramax diesel engines and Ford Powerstroke in Dodge Cummings trucks. All do the sports pulling drag racing. Another thing about racing: if your drag racing, a factory pickup, you can erase a four-wheel, drive diesel pickup, and this is interesting because you can believe it. You can put the truck in 4-wheel drive on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair in you can race in 4-wheel drive. Instead of most race cars, having a rear wheel, drive just two wheels pulling a propelling the vehicle down the track, you can have four wheels if you have a four-wheel drive truck, and so you can put racing slicks on all four corners and that will provide additional Traction and you can put more power transfer more power to the ground without spending the wheels. If you have four wheel drive, so it’s a really interesting look for a four wheel. Drive truck usually have to lower it to race. It keep that weight lower to the ground, so you’ll see a lowered diesel pickup on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair that has been lowered and Scott special wheels on it. Special drivetrain special tires actually racing slicks, and I don’t have it on all four corners. Another Telltale sign is will see the exhaust speaking particularly on the Chevrolet Duramax.

You will see the exhaust sticking out the passenger front, fender Ulysse a hole cut in the fender in the exhaust sticking out right there. Instead of going back underneath the vehicle, I’m coming out the rear, like normal on a racing application, it’s okay to eliminate all the muffler and everything if it’s strictly an off-road racing type vehicle, you can just exhaust it straight out the fender and that allows you to Get more air in and more air out and on OKC Diesel Repair and that allows you to get more performance out of that diesel turbocharged engine. So, what’s involved in making this kind of power lots of modifications, modifications to the heads modifications to the turbo modifications to the intercooler and all of the piping of the piping is larger and it’s all design. The air intake system is different to get more air and fuel into the engine, and the exhaust modified to get more air out more exhaust out. In usually the turbo chargers are bigger or you double up the turbo chargers, and it’s makes an amazing amount of power. A larger injectors, bigger, injector pump and then lots of programming. All these engines are controlled by a computer and there’s lots of changes to the programming far as how much fuel and how much air accelerator pedal pressure and boost pressure is all modified. Swift, amazing, what all they can do with these High Performance, Diesel turbocharged engines in the world racing, and if you get your vehicle set up correctly, you have fewer breakdowns. You can make more passes on the drag strip and not tear stuff up, depending on how fast you want to go. So Diesel power is very involved in the world of High Performance Racing when it comes to diesel engines.