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Play on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair we’re going to continue talking about how water affects different Vehicles, flood damage. At things of this nature, we’re going to answer some questions on. Why you see, let’s see military vehicles, you see military vehicles driving through deep water. Well, why can’t? I drive my jacked-up pickup truck and you’ll see a military vehicle driving and almost the whole vehicle is completely submerged. How? How does that happen? How does that work? How is that possible? How my can they continue to drive in the water is over the engine over the controls over the steering wheel, they’re sitting in the water in them? How is that working on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair we’re going to answer those questions he would you have to keep in mind. A military vehicle is completely different from a consumer passenger vehicle was driven on the road. The purposes are completely different in a passenger vehicle driving on the roads in the United States today has to meet stringent safety and Emissions requirements. They have airbag systems all these electronic systems. Now we have Lane departure and automated cruise control things of this nature. A mission systems all of these things, a military vehicle – does not meet all those stringent work hope requirements. They are required to be simple, be easy to repair, Oklahoma City Diesel Repair. Who is talking about military vehicles? The military vehicles have to be simple, easy to repair able to be repaired in the field, able to withstand tremendous all kinds of different to rain, all kinds of different scenarios that got to be able to drive through water through mud over pavement down the highway across Fields, they’ve got to be able to do a lot of different things.

So what’s the difference, the difference is a military vehicle compared to a passenger vehicle is extremely simple. There are not all of these other systems that you’re going to have on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair. On a passenger vehicle, they are just Bare Bones, I mean there are no Comforts and they do have some seat belts, but you know that’s about it. The controls are there’s not that many computers. If there’s a computer in the military vehicle, it is triple seal. That’S in cased, the wiring harness have special sealed connections on them to withstand water. They they are built completely different, and that is how they were able to withstand deep water. The other thing that they do is they they build. That’S called a snorkel and air intake. You’Ll see the big military trucks or humpy’s on OKC Diesel Repair with what’s called a snorkel underwater snorkel circle, is a air intake that is high up on the vehicle. It’S it’s often even over the top of the cab. It is so high and that’s why they can drive in such deep water and keep running in any any engine. If you suck water into it, it’s it’s going to die it’s dead. If you sucking water, you’ve killed it, so they build these very elaborate. Sophisticated air intake systems that are completely sealed and very reliable, very high-quality. They don’t leak and they’re high so that you can drive through water and not get water into the engine. Now the exhaust onOKC Diesel Repair on these diesel engine diesel powered military vehicles, the exhaust doesn’t have to be above water because the air is pushing through the engine and out the exhaust that keeps the water out. Now it’s not advisable to park. Even a military vehicle in the water, because even with the N air intake snorkel above the water, the if that vehicle is parked in flood waters, the water can enter the engine through the exhaust. If you have a I’m sure a lot of all be honest, I don’t know a ton about military vehicles, but I know some of them are six cylinder engine, some of a brake cylinder engines on any either one of those engines on OKC Diesel Repair.

There’S no way you’re going to have all the valves closed. All the exhaust valves closed. So what that means is if that vehicle is sitting in flood water, the exhaust system fills up with water, it’s going to get into that engine and then, when you go to start it it’s going to turn over and it’s going to damage the rods valves Pistons. So even a military vehicle is not going to survive if it’s parked in the floodwaters. Just for that very reason, everything else would likely be. Okay, all the wiring engine controls components do all these things are likely going to be okay but water getting into the engine through the exhaust system on OKC Diesel Repair is not going to be survivable even for a military vehicle course. All they have to do is fix the engine and they’re back in business, but even a military vehicle is susceptible to deep flood waters. If it’s parked. However, let’s say you know: all these military vehicles have been in Texas and driving through these Waters and helping people. What what are they when they get back to their maintenance facilities? What’S going to happen to those? Are they just going to park them and walk away? Well, I hope not because even even these vehicles with all of their sophistication you when you’re driving through that kind of water, especially for extended periods of times, you were going to get moisture into those those Driveline components into those Transmissions into a lot of those components. On OKC Diesel Repair so it’s going to be important to drain those fluids and service those components. Those axles checked those brakes. Repack wheel, bearings check hubs and clean out the moisture contamination you they will survive that type of treatment. They will not survive it supposed to be. Kohl’S are pulled back into storage and parked, and let him sit for another year with moisture inside those contaminant union inside those axles and Driveline units you they will be ruined. They will rust on the moisture.

Will the build corrosion and you will be in a little bit super expensive to get those Vehicles back on the road? So when I get back from a flood rescue flood support back to their maintenance facilities on OKC Diesel Repair they’re going to want to change all the fluids engine oil transmission transfer case, I would even change the antifreeze brake fluid for a lot of those are Powered but they’re going to check those compressors those Airlines for their brake units power steering units differentials transfer case are going to need to repack the wheel, bearings grease all the grease certs when you, when you grease a U-joint. If there’s moisture contamination, the new grease will push the moisture out onOKC Diesel Repair. If you do not Grease the ball joints, U joints tie rod ends even those are going to have moisture contamination and get ruined if they sit so good idea to go through all those change. The filters it’s possible, the filters could get some moisture in them. Even the air filter and I would be checking those air intake systems, maybe the vehicle never went down, but the air intake had a slight leak at air filter, going to show evidence of that damage if it did get moisture so didn’t want to check that the Batteries, batteries could unlikely, but still could be on OKC Diesel Repair suspect or subject to some moisture contamination check. The battery acid levels, if you sellin that battery is completely full and there is, should be about a half inch air gap at the top of each cell. It’S not battery event allowed moisture in that battery could be compromised, and that will show up in after that vehicle sets a little bit so going to want to check the batteries on it check all the electrical connections. Those can corrode being exposed to a lot of water, moisture and electrical connections. Sometimes even those electric connections can fail. So those are things that that we’re going to want to check on those Vehicles come back from flood service.