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Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair talking about on-site Diagnostic and repairs. Now what why wouldn’t you have a mobile mechanic come and service and repair your vehicle on site or when you save the time and the hassle of transporting your vehicles over to it? Why, wouldn’t you just have someone come out to your facility change, your oil, prepare your vehicles, and why wouldn’t you do that? Why wouldn’t you just have one guy come out there with his truck and service? Your hopefully was talking about that OKC Diesel Repair or a lot of options when it comes to your Fleet Service, we’re going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of on-site mobile service. Let’S talk about the upside first! Well, it’s convenient. It is same time. You don’t have to have your personnel transporting vehicles, you don’t have to the idea behind it is that you have less down time if you can find a really highly skilled and well-equipped Mobile Mechanic. It’S something that you could consider, but my pain is not a good option. A fuck about continue talking about the upside, the convenience, OKC Diesel Repair is the downtime the bees of having someone to come to your facility. It really that is the only upside. The downside is it’s more expensive and often times the mobile guy does not have all of the tools, and there is no way a mobile guy can can drive around in a truck with the same amount of tools that you would have in a well-equipped shop. And there is no way that a mobile on-site mechanic can stock Parts, have the right parts and he could probably do an oil change. An air filter service fuel filter services do if he has Tire equipment, he can do tire services, but it is not going to be a good idea if you need an injector replacement or a turbo replacement.

Major repairs to have him do OKC Diesel Repair. In your parking lot, it’s just how to know. I don’t know whether you got while he has that engine apart you have dirt blowing into your motor. You have Parts getting lost, you have a few gets interrupted. It’S out in the elements moisture can get inside your engine and that’s just the the ability for a mobile service guy to I get the job done correctly. Find the right parts happen to have the right parts on his truck is is very low when it comes to repairs, FNX, best value building, you say on OKC Diesel Repair. Why don’t? I just have this guy? Do my oil changes in air filter, Replacements and Patch my tires and then when I hit brakes while I’ll just take it to me and my shop? Well, I can see how that logic would make sense. But what happens? Is the mobile guy gets used to just doing maintenance and he’s not really checking all the things he he’s not equipped to do transmission fluid Services Beyond out on your driveway he’s not going to be toting 55 gallon drums of transmission fluid around he’s likely not going To have a fuel induction be able to service your fuel injectors, and so what happens? Is you end up doing no 25, 30 % of the maintenance that needs to be done on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair in all you’re doing is changing oil and patching tires, and oil and fuel filters, which is still get me wrong. Those are super important, but you’re, not servicing differential fluids and and power steering and brake fluid and fuel injectors and transmissions in antifreeze, you’re, not servicing those components and so you’re just waiting on those systems to break because you’re with what you just said was okay. Well, when it breaks I’ll just take it somewhere else and I’ll take it to a shop. That’S just not a good program. You it’s better to have a Master Tech, you doing a quick inspection on your vehicle, every oil change and go get it in. So I get up on a lift in a mobile guy, does not have a lift and he cannot get your vehicle up in the air and we can examine your vehicle with a lift up in the air on OKC Diesel Repair much more effectively than it Is on the ground when you get a better look underneath the vehicle you get a better inspection of the chassis in the components of the other thing. Is the mobile guys not going to be interested in even inspecting other components that he’s not servicing?

Now, there’s no benefit for him to check suspension parts benefit for him to check these other issues because he’s not repairing anyway. He doesn’t want to find work for someone else. So you know, you may think you’re saving money, but she you in the end it’s going to cost you more because your vehicle is going to be down more and makes the overall cost of ownership is going to be up because you’re back to I’m going to Drive this thing Until It Breaks and then I’ll get it fixed and repairs are expensive. On OKC Diesel Repair you have to calculate the cost of repairs. You have to calculate the cost of that vehicle being down. It’S not making you money when it’s sitting in a shop. So the time you supposedly saved by getting a Mobile Oil Change is offset by expensive down time of major repairs, because it’s extremely difficult for a mobile guy to properly service and he’s just trying to get that thing back on the road. Could it get the oil changed? You know if you do have them come out for a wheel bearing or something like that he’s just going to do the wheel bearing and then move on and not going to do everything that really needs to be done. So we are not really saving money on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair when you do a mobile service guy. In the end, your overall cost of ownership is going to be higher and you’re not going to get the mileage the service life out of your vehicle. If you would, if you were having it serviced at a professional, full service, auto repair facility, your oil changes and filters and injector services, tire services alignments in Mobile guy can’t do alignments. Third, they can tell you they’re doing alignment they’re not being done correctly. No way. You can Hall of the alignment equipment out there near Granite, there’s guys that have tires and they do Mobile Tires, but they cannot do an alignment, and that is not the correct way. When you put on a new set of tires on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, you need to check the alignment. Every vehicle needs an alignment every two years or more at least usually every two years. You need to do an alignment alignment gets off just from hitting potholes and you just general driving the suspension settles over time. So whenever you put new tires on need alignment, so if you got a guy on your parking lot, putting your tires on if it’s not getting Alliance, your tires are not going to last same way.

Doing a chassis repair you. Yet you have him replacing ball joints and tie rod ends new. He may be doing a tape, measure alignment. He may be telling you yeah, I going to win this when I’m done, and but he is not, he is no way you can do it correctly. So there’s another thing: when you’re looking at Oklahoma City Diesel Repair to consider when you’re talking about hiring a mobile mechanic, so there is a short-term savings, short-term savings and time and hassle, but the long-term costs are fire. So, if you’re, a boy, if you’re a fleet manager with a long-term mindset – and I drive your vehicles along time – you need to fire your mobile mechanic and take it to a certified shop. It’S your oil changes, get everything done there, your wiper blades, your light replacement. Your tires fixed and replaced your alignments, your injectors, your major repairs, your water pumps and get everything done at a certified shop and the other issue with a mobile mechanic on Oklahoma City. Diesel Repair is the environmental hazards. You got a guy out there in your parking lot draining oil spilling oil. Is that really do you really want that environmental liability? If there’s a major oil spill out in your parking lot – and someone sees that and environmental Authority sees that you know they’re not going to be happy about that. So you need to consider that risk as well now you’re the liabilities that guy gets hurt in your parking lot. Something happens when he gets hurt underneath a vehicle in your parking lot you’re liable for that. So a lot to consider when you look at all the different aspects of mobile service versus taking it to a certified Oklahoma City, diesel repair shop, a lot of things for the fleet manager consider and make a informed, educated, proper decision.