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OKC Diesel Repair talking about body damage we’re going to talk about more extensive body damage that requires a body shop. That’S saying we’re going to go to throw a couple of scenarios. One is you were in an accident. Let’S say you were driving through an intersection. Someone not you of course, cuz. You would never run a red light, but let’s say some other reason: you’re responsible driver, not you, someone else ran a red light and they smashed into the side of your truck and it just tore it up. Let’S say, you’ve got a lift and big tires and it it broke. One of your wheels broke the front wheelsmashed all the way, both doors and smashed in the bedside caught the rear axle at or the rear axle loose, and I broke up a axle mounting spring on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair. How do you decide and the Damage looks catastrophic? It looks completely not repairable. So how do you decide if you’re going to fix that truck or if you want to try to get it totaled and get get another truck to really good question insurance company will total a vehicle if it’s 80 % of the value or more? If you get the cost to repair, the damage is 80 %. It’S going to be considered a total total loss. So you is that something that you want. You want the vehicle, totaled, well Oklahoma, City, Diesel, Repair. You’Ve got a lot of decisions to make. Let’S say that you, you had just finished, updating older maintenance and used to just spent ,500 flush and all the fluids and you put brakes on it and you didn’t alignment in the end, this thing, which is Tip Top, but it’s got a hundred fifty thousand miles On it, the problem is you’re not going to get that that investment back and you’re going to get the same money out of your truck and that Joe Blow would get where he has never whacked his vehicle he’s never done any services on it. He just change the oil. Every ten to fifteen thousand miles doesn’t have a lift on it doesn’t have any tires. It’S just all stock. It is completely really Oklahoma. City Diesel Repair, two completely different Vehicles. Butter, the same year, same mileage, prom you’re, going to have is the insurance company is going to value your vehicle at the same amount they’re going to Value this other guys being so you’re going to have to try to fight for additional monies for the maintenance and Investment that you’ve done we’re going to hope that it’s not a total and it can be fixed correctly so that you can drive the value of your investment, your maintenance investment out.

The other problem that you have is, I want a insurance David title. You don’t want record him when doing a vehicle has been an accident, and the insurance company has brand of the title on OKC Diesel Repair You don’t want to Brand a title, because that will devalue your vehicle when you go to resell it in the other. They’Re going to pull a vehicle title history report and they’re going to see that accident on there and they’re going to say I love this thing was in an accident and you know I’ll give you ,000 less just because it was in an accident, so bus insurance Companies will take that into consideration. However, if your vehicle is more than about six to seven years old, they will not give you an allowance. They will consider that not enough difference in value to award you any cash. So it’s really most the time. It’S really good to go ahead and if you’ve invested in your vehicle to not total it on OKC Diesel Repair but to fix it and get it back on the road, but there will be certain situations where there’s nothing you can do about it. Then the damage is catastrophic, let’s say the frame is damaged, I’d say it was a rollover accident and the the top of the cab is caved in. Are those vehicles ever fix I’ll, say it’s a massive massive hail damage? I say it’s just hammered front to back. Every panel is just hammered and it’s well beyond a paintless dent repair type situation. What are you doing that situation? You can those Vehicles we repair. The answer is yes, they can still be repaired if that, if, if that truck is less than a year old and it’s it’s got five thousand miles on it and you just paid ,000 for it, and it’s got ,000 worth of damage for ,000 worth of damage. That insurance company is not going to Total it. You know they’re going to fix it. OKC Diesel Repair is going to fix the truck, and you may not like that. You may say man. I just bought this truck. It’S only got five thousand miles on it. I do not want, I want factory paint, I bought a new vehicle because I do not want a repaint on my brand new vehicle and that’s a problem because you’re not going to get it, you know it is. It is going to be fixed and it’s going to be given back to you you’re going to get it back, so it’s just so that point you’re going to decide if you want to sell it or not. So so, how do you find the Fusco at? Let’S say you’re in that situation: you got a six-month-old truck and it’s got major.

It’S got twenty-five ,000 worth of damage on it and you want to fix it. How do you find a good quality body shop? That’S a really good question body. Shops are a lot like repair shops on OKC Diesel Repair. You need to find a good, a locally-owned, independent Body Shop, someone who is not a big corporate E-Type place to where they’re going to have your best interest in mind. The problem with body shops is that the Big Chain body shops are a lot like they’re kind of in bed. So to speak with the insurance companies, insurance company say, Hey will send. You will make you a preferred service provider if you’ll give us discounts on the repairs, and I and I get it it’s business. You know it’s called volume discounts. The problem in those situations is the body shop. Managers. Loyalties are divided, they want to be the hero to the insurance company and they also want you to be happy. So you asked me if you can. You tell me this on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair? If you got someone who sending you lots and lots of business, you know it’s your loyalty going to be more to those people or more to mr. customer who’s never been in before, and his whole life needs a body shop about once. Every five to six years is it going to be more loyal to and the problem with the large chain Body Shop is he’s going to be loyal to the the insurance company. Frankly, so they’re going to tell you: oh yeah it’ll be awesome and we’ve got the best people and blah blah blah, but they will they can cut corners and a good, Independent, Auto Body Shop does not cut Corners. You know you are their primary concern. You are their customer, they want you back, they have they want it done correctly. They want it done the way they would want. Their vehicles done on OKC Diesel Repair and they’re, going to be more interested in paying attention to the details, making sure that everything is exactly back the way it should be the problem with you. If you don’t have any Automotive experience, you don’t know what you’re looking at you don’t know what you’re looking for and there can be damage underneath the surface that you would never see that that does not get fixed. You can affect you later on in the ownership of your vehicle and then once once, you’re in your truck is out of the shop and you’ve got it back.

It’S yours and if there’s an issue you know, there’s like a one-year liability Clause to wear anything resulting from the accident from one year until still cover. But let’s say it’s not fixed correctly. It’S two or three down two or three years down the road and another situation, pops up related to that accident with her. You know you’re on your own at that point onOKC Diesel Repair so you need a quality body, repair person who is going to be in your corner and take care of you and make sure that your vehicle is correct. I know if you’re going to trade it off after the accident, if you get it back, you’re, probably not that worried about it and if you’re going to keep it in the five or ten years, it’s important that vehicle be fixed correctly. We’Re talking from the metal work to the chassis to the mechanical air conditioning system usually gets damaged in a front-end Collision parking sensors, the oldest sensors in the bumpers, all those need to be repaired and working correctly, the airbag systems. There are a lot of systems that get damaged on OKC Diesel Repair in an accident that need to be put back correctly, so find a good independent repair shop get to know when talk to him. Let them give you an estimate, let them go to battle with you with the insurance company to get it repaired correctly and make sure that your vehicle is put back together. The way it should be from front to back the metal work, the paint work, the mechanic tool, the computers, the suspension, the tires, the brakes little wheels, wheels off and get damaged an accident, it’s an independent shop and really be the right way to go when you’re, Repairing body damage to your diesel pickup so be sure you find a good, reliable, independent Body Shop.