OKC Diesel Repair | Pre Purchase Inspection

Play on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about what you should do. If you want to purchase a used pickup, we recommend that you bring your perspective vehicle in for a pre-purchase inspection. You may ask me: why should I bring my truck in for a pre-purchase inspection on a diesel engine? Hey, the reason is there? Are the diesel pickup is very expensive to fix a very expensive to maintain and you want to get a professionals evaluation of that vehicle before you invest in it? There are many ways on a diesel engine that you can cover up his shoes and, if you bring it in for a pre-purchase inspection to Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, you can possibly avoid a lot of expense and pain in the neck suffering. If you let it affect it, when we can tell you for sure what all is going on, we may ask: Will what are you going to look at? That’S a really good question. We are going to look at multiple issues, we’re going to check multiple things when we do a pre-purchase inspection on your diesel engine diesel pickup. The first thing we’re going to do is perform a test drive or going to look for any warning indicators on the dash. Is there a check engine light on? Is there a maintenance? Do? Is there any kind of service due light on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, we’re going to look for those we’re going to Tesla, steering and suspension? Does a steering feel loose in the suspension feel loose or their rattles? Are there abnormal noises grinding sounds were going to check wheel, bearings, wheel hubs, we’re going to check exhaust systems for leaks, we’re going to listen to check the tires? Is there are the tires out of balance or the brakes? Are the brake rotors warped? Are they causing shaking and vibration when you’re getting off the highway and you step on the brake pedal? Does the whole truck Shake we’re going to check a lot of things on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, so recommend doing a pre-purchase inspection with a professional? And the next thing we’re going to do is pull the truck in put it on the left and start checking for oil leaks, we’re going to check for loose suspension parts for going to do a visual inspection of the exhaust system or going to inspect.

You join drive, shafts, wheel, bearings, wheel hubs. We’Re going to check tires for uneven where we’re going to check, tie rod ends for looseness we’re going to check, sway bar links, we’re going to check, come tie, rod, end links or going to check panhard bars or going to check for fluid condition of the front Differential if it’s four wheel drive the transfer case and the rear differential or going to check the condition of the drive shaft carrier bearings are going to look at U-joints we’re going to look at slip. Joints on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, I’m going to do a complete inspection top to bottom or going to look for evidence of previous repairs. Is there loose wiring? Is there loose fit Fasteners and fittings? Is there a? Is there additional silicone sticking out of a component? Is there fluid leaking? Is there bolts missing? Are there bolt broken off? Is there damage to the engine case? Is there a damage to any of the casings underneath there is there damage to? Has the truck been wrecked? Is there evidence of the truck hitting something you underneath is this is the frame damaged? Is there are the on OKC Diesel Repair we’re going to do a thorough inspection underneath the vehicle we’re going to look for mud? Is the truck super clean outside and get packed with mud? Has the truck been and is there water damage? Is there evidence that the the truck has been sunk in a pain somewhere we’re going to check fluid condition, we’re going to see if there’s water in any of these Driveline components, front differential transfer case rear differential, we’re going to look for Bennett Parts? We’Re going to look for rust on the body we’re going to look for wiring issues. Has there been a wire snagged by a piece of brush? Has the truck been driven around out in the field? Is there grass stuck up underneath there are? There is the slip joint loose, is the U joints or are they loose who’s? The is there any evidence that any fluids Services have been done? Is there evidence that the brakes have been worked on a replaced? Is there a problem with the brake calipers on OKC Diesel Repair? Is there a problem with the towing system? Is the hitch properly attached? Is it a factory hitch or an aftermarket hitch? Was it installed correctly? Is the trailer light wiring installed correctly? Does the trailer light do the trailer lights work? Are they producing the correct signals out the rear of the truck so that when you hook up your trailer or your trailer lights are going to work correctly? There are different ways to wire trailer lighting components.

We’Re going to check those on OKC Diesel Repair to see if the trailer wiring is correct, we’re going to look at the 4 wheel drive system. Does the 4 wheel drive engage when you engage the 4 wheel drive is a make abnormal noises? Does it disengage? The way it’s supposed to read, does it stick in four-wheel drive? Does it go into high in 4hi and 4lo too high means two wheel drive on the highway for high means four wheel drive on the highway for low means it switches into a lower gear so that you can climb a hill pull a stump out of the Ground or just go slower and pain, control ain’t do a controlled descent down a steep hill, we’re going to completely check the four-wheel drive system on OKC Diesel Repair and we’re going to see. If, if that, all works correctly, do the hubs and Gage automatically? Does it have automatic locking hubs on the front? Do they disengage the weather supposed to have they been serviced recently? Are the Seals good? Are the vacuum lines good? Are the differential vents secured properly? Are they there at all, sometimes we’ll find differential? Vents are completely missing and that’s a sign that we’ve got dirt in an oyster contamination getting into the differentials for the transfer case transfer case and the transmission have been systems that have to be properly attached. To that stalled are those lines Becky wants to. Those components. Are they broken? Are they worn out? Have they been cut? If you drive into some water and help someone out, are you going to get water into your drive line, components on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair? I know this is something that we want to check for we’re going to check the engine, I’m going to scan it for codes, and it is they’re stored issues in the vehicle, the onboard computer system. I want to know about that. We can do an electronic compression test if the engine is this playing Ritz. If it’s running rough for not running correctly, we can check the compression on the scan tool. Is it leaking oil anywhere? Is there evidence of repairs on the engine? Are there missing parts? Are some of the factory-installed components missing?

Has someone installed aftermarket parts and not done correctly? These are things on OKC Diesel Repair that you’re going to want to know about your perspective vehicle. Do you want to know if it has been properly maintained, we’re going to check for service history will actually look in the glove box. Is there any receipts on previous work? That’S been done and what has been done make notes of those repairs. If we find anything and does the engine run correctly, is it producing the correct amount of power? Does it have its original? What condition is the air filter in what condition are the fuel injectors and what condition is the turbocharger in? Is there evidence that it’s any of that has been tampered with the mission systems? Are they functioning correctly? These are things they are going to want to know when OKC Diesel Repair you’re going to want to see if the air conditioner works correctly, see if the power steering the braking system is working correctly, does the brake pedal produce the correct amount of pressure or Does it slipped to the floor when you test when you push on the brake pedal, does everything work? Does the windshield wipers all the lights? Does the all of the steering wheel controls? Does the stereo system does everything work inside the car, the power windows and power door locks in the keyless entry remote won’t? Does all that work for the seats torn up? Is there parts missing on the interior? Is the spare tire there is the jack and tools installed in the vehicle use roll things were going to check on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair to make sure that you buy a quarter vehicle