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Clinton, Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, we’re going to talk about Factory, scheduled maintenance and safety issues, safety inspections. What is what is Factory scheduled maintenance mean. That’S a really a really good question. The factory scheduled maintenance is the maintenance at the manufacturer, recommends to keep your vehicle trouble. Free and fun to drive the the factory scheduled maintenance, sometimes is included in the owner’s manual that it’s always available at your dealership or Independent, Auto Repair Shop soap. We recommend checking on the factory scheduled maintenance, but honestly, in our opinion, as a independent, auto repair shop, the factory scheduled maintenance is sometimes inadequate. If you can drive the truck diesel pickup when OKC Diesel Repair you can easily drive at 100000 miles, was basically oil changes brakes and filters and tires if you, if you want to drive that truck two and three and four five hundred thousand miles, you have To service every fluid every 30000 miles, and I will, when I say every fluid – I mean transmission, fluid differential, fluid transfer case, fluid antifreeze, brake fluid power. Steering you want to claim you my flush, the injectors regular on OKC Diesel Repair. You want to service the air conditioner evaporator core. You want to keep it clean. You don’t want to let and debris, especially with the work truck, build up on that evaporator core cause, an issue with that. Restricting you, as you drive, that truck and blow air through it dirt sticks to it, cuz it’s wet and then that can build up and restrict airflow. It’S a lot easier once a year and a half has to an evaporator service, or we claim that and don’t let that dirt build-up until it’s completely plugged. So the important to do scheduled maintenance and the ideal service schedule on most Vehicles is every 30000 miles and every 15 to 20 thousand miles on flushing your fuel injectors on OKC Diesel Repair so you may think will that sounds really aggressive and expensive? Well, I’m going to ask you okay: well, what are your goals? Well, I want to I work my truck hard and I need it to last me. 10 years I just bought a brand new and I paid ,000 for it. Okay and I must say, okay. Well, let’s spend depending on how much you drive, but let’s spend a thousand to ,500 on every 30000 miles and compared to the cost to the truck.

That’S not that much money. It may seem like a lot of money, but it’s not what’s expensive is replacing trucks getting a note fitted getting them outfitted getting your equipment installed, that’s expensive and then taking the depreciation. If you can buy at the truck almost new and service it aggressively on OKC Diesel Repair you can drive the long time and not have a lot of issues even with all the emission controls and keep those working correctly and serviced and clean keep the engine Running officially producing the power that you need, you can run that thing a long time and I will provide you good service, but you do have to maintain it. The other days are over where you guys could have used these trucks and not change the oil. In your run and dirty air filters – and you not change any fluids, and if you do that to a truck by a hundred thousand miles of things, a piece of junk and you just need to throw it away and push it out in the pasture and dig A hole and bury it, and if you want to, if you want to buy something good and take care of it and drive a long time, bring it in to OKC Diesel Repair and let us service at flush that transmission fluid flush. That cooling system install clean425 fluid power steering systems in the brake fluid. You know that braking system is doing a lot of work. There’S a lot of heat buildup in those brakes and in that power steering system. Paris steering system is power in your power brakes. You need a service that, for the DEF, fluid heats up all those heat cycles and wear and tear that fluid breaks down it quits doing its job. He could text quits, protecting those components, it’s carrying debris and actually turns into an abrasive like a blasting type solution. If you prematurely wear out all those different components in the differentials, if you have a truck and do a lot of Heavy Hauling that differential does a lot of work produces a lot of heat and you need to service that differential, fluid on Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair And keep that clean fluid that synthetic fresh 425 fluid in that differential, so that at that flick and stand up to those heat cycle, stand up to that hauling and towing that you’re doing with it and keep it. Keep that keep those gears and bearings in good shape and we’re rebuilding a differential is expensive and not to mention your down time.

I feel this come in for a differential service on stall, clean fortified, synthetic fluid and you’ll be on your way to keep your truck in good shape. Doesn’T do a lot of good to start servicing it after it? Someone out, you need to start early in its life when it’s still in good shape if it hasn’t worked hard and it’s got 200,000 miles on it. Price still have some good service life in it and you can start servicing at you can buy used truck that hasn’t been worked hard, it’s been worked hard and it’s worn out. Don’T bother just buy something else: OKC Diesel Repair. We try to give you the best advice on your factory scheduled maintenance services, so we aren’t wearing your court we’re trying to help you do what you do. Keep your costs down and keep your vehicles running along time. So we’re going to also talk about the safety inspections side of things depending on where you live, and if you are an over-the-road, let’s say: you’re a hotshot driver and you got a 40-foot gooseneck on behind your Duramax, where your Ford Powerstroke or your Dodge Cummings dually. Pickup and you drive all over the country, you got to be. Certified inspected, your equipment has to meet. Certifications and there’s a lot to that on Oklahoma City. Diesel Repair you’ve got to know. Obviously your lights have to work. There are very specific things when it comes to the attachment of the trailer to your vehicle. The way the lighting cable is connected. The way the safety chains are connected, the death of your tread on your tires, the brakes, the the lighting, has to be correct. In a certain way, the tag has to be displayed correctly. You have to have the correct lights. You have to have their correct attachment points for the equipment that U-Haul or if you’re, hauling cars or whatever you has to be the load has to be properly secured. You can get very expensive tickets and the weight has to be a certain. I can only cannot exceed a certain amount of weight depend on how many tires and how many axles you have on the ground on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair. So is lot of things you have to pay attention to when you are a a. Certified over there over the road delivery driver on your diesel pickup,

so the I don’t have all of those certifications or all that information right here, but that information on everything that You have to do is readily available, so you can make good money being an over-the-road driver, doing your factory scheduled maintenance, keeping your equipment in top shape, keeping those injectors clean and fluids clean. Keeping that ol changed. It’S important also to we didn’t mention this on Factory scheduled maintenance, but filters filters are crucial. Air filters, oil filters, fuel filters on water trucks. Now you have cabin filters again filtering the air going into the cabin that you breathe is important. So if you’re an over-the-road driver, you should keep extra lights on hand anyway, I like to go out or get damaged or snow rock hits it in. If you have a basic assortment of Lights, you can install that and there at the rest, stop and you can avoid an expensive ticket any light that is not working. You are asking to receive a citation for faulty equipment and they don’t mess around with that stuff. We can keep extra lights, keep fuses and keep those on board in your toolbox with your tools, you should have a basic set of tools if you’re an over-the-road driver, keeping your maintenance up to date on OKC Diesel Repair and keep that extra equipment with you. You should know a few basic things about the truck about your vehicle, so that you stay on top of it and keep it in good shape. So keep your fluids clean. Keep your filters clean! Keep your lights working, keep your safety chains hooked up and keep that truck a long time. Keep the outside, keep it washed and waxed, keep it looking nice and you will keep the value up. Even if that truck has 300,000 miles is still going to be worth good money if you’ve done, if you have all the maintenance records, if it still looks nice and you can still get some good money on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, if you do, your factory scheduled Maintenance and take care of your truck the way you should keep it safe and reliable.