OKC Diesel Repair | Shop Building Configuration

OKC Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about your shop building the setup of your equipment, the configuration of the shop building and the different options that you have for that very popular design as where you have an Overhead Door Trevor eBay. And this requires lots of doors, but it’s very accessible. So, basically, you would have a long rectangular building and you would have Overhead Doors lining both sides to where you could just drive straight into your bae on either side and the babies are facing each other in the midwest. He would want to have your doors facing north and south on OKC Diesel Repair so that you get that breeze coming through your building in the summer to keep your building Cool. If You facing the other direction, you’re not going to get a lot of Breeze through there and it’s going to be super hot unless you want the air conditioner building. This is a very popular design, keeps your square footage down the sides of your building and yet increases the accessibility. Yes, you can argue that overhead doors are expensive and it’s hard to keep the building hated in the winter, because there’s always a door open here there, but it’s a very popular design. You’Ll see it in honestly, most shop buildings are designed this way on Oklahoma City. So what are some of the the equipment that you’re going to want in that shop building will in the winter course you want to be able to keep the doors down in the end part of repairing diesel pickups, as you have to run them, and you can’t Have the doors down and be exhaust running inside the building? So you have to have a way to get the exhaust out of the building. You either need to hook he’s going to have exhaust pipes that you attach to the exhaust pipe of the vehicle, and you have holes in your doors that you hook the hoses up to to work its pumping exhaust outside directly from the vehicle. This is pretty normal if you have the previously mentioned configuration, or every technician has an overhead door on OKC Diesel Repair.

The other way to get exhaust of your building is an exhaust, a management system that consists of a large powerful fan, motor connected to a duct work, and the ductwork has a hose that comes down. This is all, and in the rafters of your building, all this duct work, then it has hoses that drop down and eats Bay, and then you can hook the hose onto your eats vehicle, that’s parked in your Bay and then the that large fan actually pulls the Exhaust, not only does the vehicle push the exhaust and the system within that large fan is, is pulling sear getting on Oklahoma City Diesel, Repair, you’re, getting the vehicle pushing it cost and then you’re getting the large fan pulling the exhaust out of your building. This is the best way you can get your technicians to use. That system take the time to hook up the hoses, and course then there’s the problem of all these Myriad of different exhaust tips that we have these days and getting the right adapter for your hose. The hook on tell the different exhaust tips so that you can have a good connection between the vehicle exhaust and your exhaust hose so that it’s not leaking exhaust inside your building. It’S probably not realistic to think that you can get 100 % seal on that connection, but you should get 90 95 98 % seal so that you’re not getting exhaust inside your building on OKC Diesel Repair. You need to always have constant ventilation. Even if you have a good exhaust system in your building there’s always you always need to have a reasonable amount of air transfer in and out of the building, even in the winter, just to keep fresh air in there. For the technicians, and that does require oversized HVAC heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems, it’s a lot different sizing, a hater or an air conditioner recharge, an air conditioner shop for a a shop automotive shop versus like an office building and office building. You have much less you. You have fewer doors, shower doors, opening much less air transfer from the inside and outside you eat.

All your Overhead Doors have a certain amount of leak on OKC Diesel Repair. They leak a certain amount of hair and it’s important to keep that in mind. When your heating and air contractor to understand the air transfer from the inside and outside around those overhead doors, so it’s going to require at a very robust heating and air system, especially if you’re an air condition at most shops are not air-conditioned. But they say that an air condition shop is your: your technicians are able to produce greater results just because they’re, not they don’t have the heat fatigue. So a shop owner on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair is advice to try to structure the business in a way that you can afford to to do an air-conditioned building and its it’s really hard to do. But you can be done and you do. You are able to retain good technicians, a lot of people like to work in side in the year and avoid the elements. So I know it’s a good idea to try to try to air conditioner building. If you can, let’s talk about another structure, another set up instead of a long narrow building with just enough room for two rows of cars, Point facing each other, with tool boxes in the middle and overhead doors for each Bay there’s another design, and that’s why you’ll See it most of the dealerships, and that is a wider building. That has and has an overhead door on each end, so basically to overhead doors and they with a center aisle, and you basically drive in through the overhead door on the end of the building. And then you turn into your and it’s really that’s a good way to go to the benefits of this is: do you have fewer overhead doors and and you’re able to keep your building sealed up tighter on OKC Diesel Repair? And it’s a it’s a really. It’S wet, so you have quite an energy savings. You have much less Overhead Door maintenance in this configuration. You do have more square footage, though, and if you’re working on a lot of large trucks, it’s going to be difficult to get those turned in maneuvered and side that type of a building, unless it is really good. So I have to keep that in mind when you’re building a building on OKC Diesel Repair you’re going to need to keep in mind the type of vehicle keep in mind.

You’Re, a heating and air general cost just operating cost and then also the cost of the initial installation of those units, so the other benefit of the Center Drive I’ll and the overhead doors on each end is you have to see it it’s harder for your alignment? Rack, like another words, you may want to make your own an Air Conditional door for the alignment rack unless you have a a large Iowa and you can turn in to the aligner okay. But it says it’s important to think about your exhaust Management on Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair, that’s important to think about your your heating and air conditioning cost. It’S important to consider just the original built cost and concrete cost and in a square footage management taxes that you pay on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair for the different size buildings. But it should. It really comes down to a matter of preference and what is your particular preference? Do you have outside area if you’re going to do the door for every technician on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair you’ve got to have more outside space to where you can have more driveway and you’re, going to pour more concrete than the guy? Who just have to has two doors on a chin you’re going to pour more concrete outside on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair, but you’re going to have more more access? So there’s upsides and downsides to each configuration? And that’s going to be the decision that you have to make when you go to build your shop for repairing diesel pickups on Oklahoma City, Diesel Repair, so either a center on Laura outside driveway is going to be the way to go.