OKC Diesel Repair | Towing Your Truck

TheOKC Diesel Repair we’re going to talk about transporting your vehicle if it has going down, and it was not running. What do you need to do to get it transported to your repair facility? What are your options and what is important that A Towing professional know about a your pickup? We are truck we’re going to talk about more medium duty trucks, like the Ford F-350, 450 550 saying you got a big service Bet On It. It is not like you can’t just throw it up on a normal Wrecker. In fact, if you have a truck that bag, it’s not going on a record you’re going to have to be Towing it usually by the front end on Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair, you’re, going to have to just tow hook up one end of it to a heavy-duty Wrecker and one end of it is going to have to roll on the ground, and that works fine as long as you. The reason it went down is not because of a Driveline issue. If you got a wheel bearing issue where the tires are all blown out on it, that’s going to be harder for you’re, towing, professional to transport that vehicle so or let’s say that you are you don’t want to pay to have it towed, you don’t want to Hire professional you want to drag it with a chain or a heavy tow, strap has used to say well, I’m not that far away from where I’m trying to get to can. I just drag it with a row for a chain and the answer to that on OKC Diesel Repair is maybe there are some things that you have to keep in mind, and one of them is the transmission. If you have an automatic transmission, you cannot tow that very far without the engine running. If they start transmission, fluid pump is not pumping and you’re rotating that drive shaft. You can actually cause transmission damage because it’s not getting lubricated so Towing professional.

If they’re going very far and they will actually disconnect the drive shaft so that the stair hooking the front up to the truck and the back wheels, which is normally where most of the weight is on a larger truck on OKC Diesel Repair, you will see The rear wheels specially if there are dual rear wheels, will see those on the ground on the weight. A lot of the way of the vehicle on the front end is suspended and attached to the wrecker usually buy a wheel, lift these days or if it’s a bigger truck they’ll, simply hook onto the front axle and into it. That way, that’s a really reliable! That’S the way you’ll see semis Toes by the front axle. So if you have a manual transmission, you don’t have to worry about this, but automatic transmission. You have to disconnect the rear drive shaft if you’re going further than a few miles, or let’s say that you have a four-wheel, drive vehicle and Q. You can disconnect. You can put the transfer case into neutral on Oklahoma City Diesel Repair and you can tow it that way that doesn’t hurt it. You can transfer case in neutral that allows the drive shaft to spend freely the wheels to turn freely and you can drag it with a row for a chain down to your local independent repair service center. That way, and he won’t do any damage if you have an automatic transmission and it’s two wheel, drive and you’re going to go very more than a few miles. When I say few are saying no to 234 miles, you can get by with just hooking a rope on it in dragging it over there, but the best thing is to either have the vehicle running were Towing. It with C have a drivetrain issue and in the engine will still start it’s not overheating. You can put it in neutral in OKC Diesel Repair and you can tow it that way. Just with the engine running that way, you have power steering power brakes. While you are the person in the back, that is keeping the the tension on the Rope or the chain so that you don’t do damage to your vehicle were the vehicle of of the person that is telling you so that’s ideal.

If you can run the engine a lot of times that you can’t the other problem with Towing it with a chain, as you don’t have any power brakes or power, steering if the engine is not running, so that’s something that you’re going to have to really be Careful of again and also on the what type of roads and, if you’re, towing with a chain on OKC Diesel Repair there is no way you can get up on the highway. Or did he have to take side streets and go slow and use your hazard lights to notify those around you that you are in a trouble situation, and I need to avoid look out for you, so the less than three or four miles you can drag it With the Rope over to your service center, more than that, unless you disconnect the drive, shaft are going to do damage or, if you have a wheel, bearing issue where the wheels will not roll and sustain the weight of the vehicle. You’Re going to be forced to call a wrecker service, Wrecker Service can also do it from the rear if they have a heavy enough Recker and you have a correct serviceman body on your Oklahoma City, Diesel repair truck you can tow from the rear. We’Ve had some shuttle buses were they I hooked on the rear, bumper actually bent. The bumper was not designed to withstand the weight of the vehicle. So that’s something that you have to be careful of. Usually, the best way is to tow it from the front with a wheel, lift or lift mounted to the front axle the solid front axle, that’s going to be the best way to tow it and then disconnect the drive shaft it’s on most Vehicles. It’S not hard to disconnect the drive, shaft, there’s usually for bolts, and you can be disconnected you’ll want to mow service or Towing. Professionals will have a way to secure bungee cords or wire rope way to secure that drive shaft. Underneath the vehicle problem with pulling the drive shaft out is it can cause the transmission fluid to leak out on Oklahoma City Diesel, so keep that drive shaft plugged into the transmission tied up, so it doesn’t fall out or or getting away or hit the rear differential Yo cuz, it’s turning, keep it up all the way. I love you, don’t have to worry about the transmission or damaging the transmission most tow companies. If they towed vehicle that way, they will insist on disconnecting the drive shaft, because there is absolutely no way that they can damage the drivetrain and be liable for a damaged transmission or something along these lines. You know any kind of damage or tow companies have to be very careful of damage.

You can also on OKC Diesel Repair if it’s not too far from the repair facility, and you have a vehicle that has a push bar on. It usually needs to be aligned with a rubber and have to remove the receiver hitch ball out of the rear of your truck. We’Ve seen that done too. If you have a push vehicle like an old police car, something that has a push bar on the front of it and that’s a really good way to get a vehicle. That’S just so you know a mile or so a very short distance away from your repair facility. You can also push it from the back if it’s equipped with a large steel bumper, it’s heavy duty enough to where you can push with a rubber, lined push bar on a push vehicle. You can also use an old Tire on OKC Diesel Repair. There several ways that you can safely push a vehicle we use around the lot. We have a forklift with a an old Tire on it and it protects the vehicle that you’re pushing also protects the forklift when you, when you push against the bumper of a truck, be careful everything lines up and that you don’t scratch anything and that you don’t Do anything, but it can be done, you’ll have to remove the receiver hitch so that it doesn’t get in the way and you you don’t want a receiver hitch jamming through the grill on your push vehicle. If you’re going to push it with. You know something. Instead of using a chain or rope, so those are good options again. If you’re going just a few miles, you can put the vehicle in neutral, not running and just manhandled the steering on OKC Diesel Repair and you still have service brakes. You just have to push harder on the brake pedal, but you’ll have to get a feel for that. If you’re going to be able to do it, just have your whoever is pushing or pulling you move you a few feet and step on the brakes in to see how it feels you don’t want to get out on a public road and realize that you don’t Have any brake pressure or the Bills play the stuff that vehicle so test that you know going slow before you? Try to transport that vehicle without a wrecker, the safest way to move a vehicle is always with a professional, always with a I record, even if it is the right weight rating for your vehicle. A good professional, Towing Company will always know what is the correct unit to move your vehicle once you tell them what it is and they see it on Oklahoma City, Diesel, Repair,