OKC Subaru Repair | Pre-purchase inspections
This content was written for Shepherd Automotive.

I believe that we have all had negative experiences when dealing with automotive repair shops. We’ve all been overcharged or lied to about certain issues with our vehicles that may have not ever even been present. This is a common theme that runs in many automotive shops throughout the United States of America. But, I’m here to tell you that the tides are changing as one company is trail blazing and revolutionizing the way that we view automotive repair shops and technicians. This company is Shepherd Automotive and they are by far the very best OKC Subaru repair shop in Oklahoma. They will go to great lengths to ensure that your vehicle is safe and up to code so you will be having piece of mind while on the road. You should never be worried about driving your car and this is exactly why Shepherd Automotive offers a 24 month or 24,000 mile nationwide warranty.

You will find another repair shop quite right Shepherd Automotive. They are an amazing group of technicians and the owner, Guy Shepherd has an impeccable reputation for treating his customers fairly and honestly. This is because when they started back in 2005, Guy Shepherd had the vision of creating a full-service automotive repair and service shop that would treat everyone with the highest amount of respect possible. He wanted a repair shop where people would send their mothers to and know that they would be getting the most transparent and honest service available. Yes, they are not the cheapest OKC Subaru repair and maintenance shop in Oklahoma City. But, they are the number one in quality and overall customer care repair shop around.

They offer so many different services to the client that you will be extremely amazed at what they will be able to accomplish in a short amount of time. They offer underhood services, electrical system services, convenient services, maintenance services, fleet service and under car services. Almost anything that you need assistance with on your vehicle, you can trust the professionals here at Shepherd Automotive. I believe they are the number one OKC Subaru repair shop in Oklahoma and they will treat you more fairly and honestly been Subaru dealership chemistry. They don’t overpay and get treated like trash, go to the very best here at Shepherd Automotive and they will treat you as you deserve to be created.

And Guy Shepherd, owner and operator of Shepherd Automotive truly values all of his clients and you are much much more than just a number to him. He truly strives to create long lasting relationships with all his clients at the understand that trust is a key pillar on which people choose and automotive repair shop. I trust my wife going to Shepherd Automotive will and I highly recommend them to friends and family. But don’t take my word for do a quick online search and you’ll see numerous five star reviews of people within the exact same thing as I am. This is because they truly do care and you will be seen the difference right after you walk in.

Please visit their website today at www.shepherdautomotive.com or give them a call at (405) 843-8500.

OKC Subaru Repair | Experienced techs
This content was written for Shepherd Automotive.

If your Subaru giving you issues right now? Super ends are very well-built vehicles, but she must maintain your service record and to keep your engine fluids topped off and felt. Look for Shepherd Automotive as they are your goto OKC Subaru repair shop our community. They been a staple here since they first opened back in 2005. Guy Shepherd had a vision of starting an automotive repair shop that values their clients and treat them with respect and honesty. He understood that people have a negative connotation associated with automotive technician and he is actively trying to break and correct that misnomer with technicians.

He promises to never misguide you or take advantage of you or a family member when it comes to maintenance and service on your vehicle. This is because he understands that long-lasting relationships should be built on trust and they will do nothing of that sort in order to jeopardize this trust. He is always going above and beyond to deliver the highest quality customer service around and you will be extremely happy with their overall service received from Shepherd Automotive. They are the number one OKC Subaru repair shop here in our backyard.

They are able to handle wide variety of different automotive services and maintenance for their clients including under the hood service, convenient services, maintenance services, electrical system services, fleet services and under car services. They will be able to do complete computer diagnostics in next to no time and you will save many hours and money by choosing Shepherd Automotive over in the dealership. To trust the professionals here at Shepherd Automotive to exceed all your expectations that you have and you will be loyal to this automotive shop for many years to come because of the way that they treat you.

Right now Shepherd Automotive is offering $25 off your very first oil change them. This is a no-brainer deal that all new customers need to take advantage of today. Please reach out to them at your earliest convenience to schedule your oil changed and they will be able to get you in and out and back on the road in no time. And as always they back all of their work with 24 month or 24,000 mile warranty. This includes parts and labor so rest assured knowing that your vehicle is being cared for while it striving on the road. This truly speaks volumes as it shows that the technicians stand behind their work and they have the warranty to prove it. This is truly a wonderful company to the have all your vehicle service here. You will be overall extremely happy in satisfied with Shepherd Automotive and you will recommend them to friends and family. Tom take my word for it, to a quick online search and read the numerous five star reviews left by ecstatic clients. They are the best in the business for your OKC Subaru repair needs.

If you’d like more information on how to take advantage of the $25 off for your first oil change with Shepherd Automotive please visit their website and you will also be able to see a full list of services that they are able to provide for your vehicle. You may schedule your first oil change online by filling out your name, number and a brief description. To visit their website visit www.shepherdautomotive.com or call them today at (405) 843-8500.