OKC Subaru repair | Better quality services for you

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

If you’re looking for OKC Subaru repair, and you have had bad experiences with a lot of auto repair shops in the past, do not worry, because Shepherd Automotive is here to provide better quality services for you. In fact, it is with our technicians and auto repair mechanics that we are able to do so. Their highly trained, and wonderful people to work with. Not only them duty have all the proper certifications and licenses to do what they need to, that they are honest, kind, and hard-working.

So if you are ready to receive a better quality services, and higher quality us mechanics to what work on your vehicle, please to know that Shepherd Automotive is able to provide you with the OKC Subaru repair services you need. We are honored to serve you, and when you work come to us, we are ready to help you anyway we can create which is why we provide is such an extensive list of services for you. In fact, we can work on anything under the hood of your car, or for the exterior of your car.

If you have found yourself wondering I wish my mechanics would work faster, and stop calling and checking their phone, or talking to other technicians and mechanics in the shop, you will more than likely were at a horrible auto repair shop. So it’s time to put those memories in the past, and Luzon with a great auto repair shop like Shepherd Automotive. We only hire high-caliber people to provide you wonderful services every time. We are confident that every time you come to our auto repair shop, it will be treated with respect and kindness by our service technicians and mechanics.

They are gonna work hard to quickly diagnose the problem, that the making come up with a plan of action for your vehicle. So if you have given up on trying to find one full service providers such as Shepherd Automotive, don’t give up quite yet. Because they are located in Oklahoma City. In fact, they are one of the most highly recommended OKC Subaru repair service providers. And that you can even claiming your special offers and deals such as $25 off your next oil change, and a warranty that is good for 24,000 miles.

In addition to all of these wonderful services we are about to provide you, you will feel confident in knowing there is true value in our services. Clients we have worked with previously have been so kind as to leave it there reviews on our website, as well as provide testimonial videos. These it videos detail their experience with our auto mechanics, and working with Shepherd Automotive. Posted like to watch a few, just go online to shepherdautomotive.com and just take about 10 minutes sit down, and watch these videos. If you have any further questions that you need clarification on, or you would like to know more about how much our services cost please call us at (405) 843-8500.

OKC Subaru repair | Mechanics who know what they’re doing

This content was written for Shepherd Automotive

Typically, when you hire someone to provide you services, or you purchase a product from a retail shop, you often expect them to know what they’re doing. That is why, when you are standing here in a OKC Subaru repair shop, and it’s been 20 minutes and no one has offered to help you, and you are wondering what are they doing. After they finally get off their phones, these technicians and mechanics friendly and how they can help you. You just need a quick oil change, and they said that it will take about two hours. We really confused, because there is no other client waiting in mind, and they’re not currently working on anything.

You bring this concern up to them, and are questioning why it will take so long. They tell you that that is simply how long oil change takes, and sorry this is not anything they can do about it. After they are done, your bill comes to an extremely high, and outrageous price. You decide that you are never going there again. And so, as six months pass, and you need your oil changed again, you are gonna look for a better OKC Subaru repair shop, provide you a quick services, from mechanics you are helpful and friendly. You want to work with the company has great customer service, in provides you with high quality services.

That is why, when your neighbor tells you about Shepherd Automotive, and the OKC Subaru repair services they can provide, you feel like you have got a chance to work with a wonderful company who provides excellent customer service, an excellent services. So, you decided to stop by their auto repair shop, to see if they really stick to their word. You decide to call them up, to verify the hours they are open, and as soon as the phone call is answered you are greeted by a friendly receptionist. After discussing what kind of services that you need, you schedule an appointment with them. Before you hang up the phone, the receptionist help you that if you haven’t already, to go online to shepherdautomotive.com, and you can claim $25 off for your oil change.

Even though she didn’t need to do that, you thought that it was very kind and helpful that she made you aware of the current special that they are offering. She could’ve not told you about it, and earned more money. However, because she was kind and helpful, you get to receive wonderful specials from an auto mechanic who also happens to provide a 24,000 warranty for all vehicle owners.

Once you are there as Shepherd Automotive, you are greeted by a friendly mechanic, who introduces himself to you. You can already tell that this is going to be a better company than the last, because he looks professional, his uniform is clean, and he starts working right away. After he’s done, you go to make your payment, and you find that it is a fraction of the cost of what you thought it would be. With the you $25 off that you claimed on shepherdautomotive.com, he received a better deal. As you leave, the receptionist is that if you have any further questions you can always give them a call (405) 843-8500 and they would gladly answer them for you.