Oklahoma City Auto Repair | Get Back Behind the Wheel

If you need Oklahoma City or a parent you don’t know where to look at. Look right here at Shepherd automotive where we truly are passionate about giving the people in the area the best auto repair possible by just giving you the correct diagnosis upfront and just offering consistent service for clemency a repair each and every time you come in. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. So if you do know anyone looking for the repair and you cannot find a good repair shop please take a chance to come down here today and get the oil first oil change you receive here for $1 where they 24:20 out twenty four mile powertrain warranty. Where we are going to you know offer you that expert service every time you come in and truly you know allow you to have the peace of mind knowing you’ve got honest service and honest Oklahoma the auto repair. Every time you need it. So one of the things that we do do here is that we offer you know not only all the great many services such as B.G. maintenance services electrical services of all kind you know under the hood services under the car services and manufactures.
You know Fleet Services. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. We also offer a number of different can be used such as this free shuttle service if you come down here and get your car worked on you don’t have a way back to work. Gotcha. OK so we will give you a ride back to work. Automotive.
4 or 5 8 4 3 500 check us out. We have after hours drop off as well. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. So if you you know don’t get off work till later but you really need to get this auto repair done and don’t have a way to be able to drop it off in the morning as you may have to go to work too early or whatever the issue may be. We can solve it right here by the after hours drop off and give us a call during office hours. Do you have you on your lunch break or a different break or something of that nature. Sleep. Let us know what kind of car you have what you’re going to be dropping off and you know etcetera. We will make sure that we get you written down to be taken care of. And you know give you a call soon as the car is done and either bring it to you or give you a shuttle to come pick it up. You can get free Wi-Fi when you’re waiting here in the counter waiting in the we offer here. We also do pre-purchase inspections stuff you buy something are going to buy something and you want to get a inspection on it before you buy it then you’re going to get it come right down here and get the pre or post you know purchase inspection. Right here at your convenience. You know for free at.
Chevron Automotive we do a free headlight restoration service. So if you do need that convenient service we do have that. So we serve Chevrolet Ford Dodge and Sprint or gasoline diesel vehicles on the fleet service of any of those RHC you know techs have no problem with that they can do anything from an old James or complete engine or transmission replacement. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. So you know they we love our fleets and give you guys special pricing and re-empowered Parodi service so for all your gas and diesel fleet vehicle needs please come see us. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. You know we love to have the fleet service that’s you know that’s bread and butter here and that’s what we really strive to give you guys. You know better pricing and priority service because that’s what really matters to us here. You know manufacturers we service are Acura Honda Lexus. Nissan high and they key is Subaru Chevrolet GMC Cadillac Buick Chrysler Dodge Ford Lincoln Mercury. And like I said we stand behind our words.
Please if you ever had a chance to check out why Oklahoma the repair is so easy and there have been better than the ocal missed the repair specialist right here Sheperd automotive. You’ve got to come and check us out today. We love to be able to show you why we are so great here and why everyone is loving the wonderful service they’re receiving right here.