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Folks if you’re looking for Oklahoma City Auto Repair and you’re having a hard time finding it you want to get right on down to the hour of her special Sheperd automotive wear to us you’re not just a number. We understand that you have important things you’re trying to accomplish in your life and your transportation is a vital part of that. We understand you have a budget and you need to spend your dollars wisely. That’s why every time you come to shepherd automotive you’ll get a complete and honest evaluation of your bike pro. you’ll be told what is important. And what doesn’t need to be done right this second. You don’t you won’t have the lowest price. But we do have the best value in town. We charge what we need to in order to perform a quality service. We can stand behind that and we save you money by doing the quality work and then giving you a generous warranty. You can save money by going to a cheaper shop but it will cost you more when you have to go get it done again because of an incorrect diagnosis poor workmanship part failure or they just can’t afford to stand behind their work. What we do to pre-purchase inspections is buy if you’re buying a used car. So if you want us to you know check out a new car or you know a car before you buy it. We’d love to do that right here at sherbert automotive.

And you know start that relationship with you to where you understand when you do need automotive service right here in Tulsa. That is not the cheapest but the best. You want to come to Sheperd automotive where Oklahoma City Auto Repair is truly defined by the great service that they give out right here. And if it’s your first time you’re going to get that first or change for one dollar. So I mean when you do need Oklahoma City Auto Repair it’s really a no brainer you want to get to the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist Sheppard automotive. You can call and make an appointment today at 405 8:43 80 500 or go to Facebook Twitter or you can check out some videos on the meoh of testimonials and just you know being in the shop and things we’ve worked on and things of that nature and you can kind of get a better feel for you know what we do here and why everyone is coming back time and time again to receive the great service that we have right here.

You know all our staff are regularly investing and continuing education. So that’s one great thing too is that they just keep working in a more automotive stuff and getting to know more about it and learning. And you know we that’s what we do as well here. We just continue to grow. We continue to you know work harder to be the best shop in Tulsa Oklahoma City and you know that’s why everyone has tried so hard to.

Make sure that you get the personalized service that you deserve right here at Shepherd automotives. If you haven’t had a chance to come down to 9:43 Broadway extension in Oklahoma City you really need to get down there at Sweet 101. Gaullist today 405 a four three eighty five hundred schedule an appointment where you just go to the Web site at Shepherd Automotive.com make an appointment that way. But if you need the auto repair please look no farther than the local Misi or repair specialist Sheperd automotive or we’re going to get you back on the road. Quicker faster.
With better peace of mind than you’ve ever received before. Right here Sheperd Automotive the Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialist.
Where we give you everything you need to get you back on the road where you don’t have to come back in and get a second inspection or a second opinion. You know you got the diagnosis right the first time you got it right here. Sheperd Automotive the number one auto repair specialist in the Oklahoma City area.