Folks next time you need Oklahoma City to repair please get the auto repair specialist right here at Shepherd automotive where we truly strive to make it our goal to set ourself apart from all the other Oklahoma City or repair in the area by just offering consistent honest service each and every time you come in and you can truly see a testament to that by going to shepherd and checking out our comprehensive Web site and seeing why everyone is truly. You know happy about the experience that they receive right here. Shepherd automotive time and time and again they you know keep coming back telling their friends about it. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. And the great service that they received right here Shepherd automotive folks that this is truly our passion. I mean you know this is why we enjoy doing this kind of thing is because we understand what it’s like to be the person on the other end of that car. And you know taking your car to a shop and not knowing what’s wrong with it and kind of you know just crossing your fingers and hoping they don’t charge you no more than what the car is worth. You know so we understand that you do have a live with things that you want to accomplish in your transportation is a big part of that. And so we want to be able to get you back on the road as quick and easy as possible with that piece of mind knowing that you did receive the best service the first time around so you don’t have to second guess or you know that you have to get another opinion by someone.

I mean you know we’re going to give you that peace of mind the first time you come in knowing that we did everything we could to get you that proper service that proper evaluation so that you weren’t going to be sitting there waiting and wondering you know what’s going on and how you’re going to get home that day you’re going to be able to get home right here at Shepherd automotive where we also will give you any kind of shuttle service as long as it’s a reasonable distance. Back to your house. You know we do want to be able to be the go to Oklahoma City Auto Repair specialists in the area and that’s why we are so. You know behind Oklahoma City our repair industry and have tried so hard to be the number one choice for Oklahoma City or repair by all these people around the area. You know that’s just our passion we love given perf you know great auto repair here and we love giving people that. Ability to be able to get down when they need to get down and get to where they need to go. And we truly love cars here and what we do and the people that do work here they’re A.S.C. certified. They can all involved in continuing their education. So that’s one thing they really you know hold hindsight esteem here and we we’ve tried them for you know and and let them know you know how proud we are of them by how we treat them and that you know in turn I think is expressed towards our customers.

And it’s just really a wonderful relationship that we have with our employees and then in turn with the customers that we service right here at Shepherd automotive. So if you ever had a chance to go online to shepherd on and check out the Web site just give us a call right here at 405 for a three eighty five hundred. Or go to 9:43 Broadway extension suite 101 and check us out right there in person where anytime you come in for the first time you’re going to get take advantage of a one dollar oil change which is a great way to you know check out the company and get and get involved and kind of see the people that we actually have working for us. Oklahoma City Auto Repair. You can start to kind of gain those actual relationships with them and that’s really what it’s about folks is being able to gain that relationship. So any time you have a problem you know you can come down here and get that consistent service whenever you need it you know and if you can receive that here and you get that peace of mind and knowing that we’re the best ones for you and the number one choice of home city at in the area then we have men successful at our job.